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A Poem A Day Keeps The Viewers At Bay

Black Angus

Psycho the Black Angus

There was a game we used to play
On a farm so far away
Four kids in any weather
Four kids who should’ve known better

Was just a game of innocent fun
But there was some mess when we was done
In the paddock next to the homestead
The pivotal role played by the hay shed

Two on the ground and two on the roof.
The strategy was bold but not fool proof
For those upstairs ammunition was hard to accrue
This is best described in a song about Kung Fu

🎵🎶 Cue Music 🎶🎵

Everybody was cow shit fighting 💩
Those pats came fast as lightning
On the roof it was a little bit frightening
Ducking and weaving with expert timing

They were funky smelling pats all funky and brown
They were throwing them up we were piffing them down
Like a stinking toxic fart and everybody knew their part
One wrong step becomes a slip and a dislocated hip

Everybody was cow shit fighting
Those pats came fast as lightning
On the roof it was a little bit frightening
Ducking and weaving with expert timing

There was one copped on the chin and it had some sting
Then came one that was the slops, aimed for the chops
We took a bow and made a stand, cow shit spread and fanned
Fun and games we couldn’t skip, the shed was covered in cow shit


Everybody was cow shit fighting
Those pats came fast as lightning
On the roof it was a little bit frightening
Ducking and weaving with expert timing



  1. So, this is what you’ve been up to.

    Not going to lie, it’s shitty. But in a good way.

    • Takes a long time to come up with something so shitty 🙂

      The throne wasn’t built in a day 🙂

      • The iron throne, or the porcelain throne?

        • Well I guess it depends which one is more comfortable. It’s winter here, is iron colder than porcelain?

          • You may have to experiment. It’s summer here, so everything has that weird, uncomfortable moistness to it.

            • I’m not sure where to find an iron throne. We have some public amenities down town that utilise stainless steel thrones but I’m sure iron and stainless steel would perform differently.

              • You might be right.

                Either way it will be colder than a well digger’s ass.

                • I’m not sure what you get up to in winter but I am going to have to take you word for that one. Do you know many well diggers?

                  • Nope. Just a saying — like saying “colder than a witch’s titty”

                    • I’m going to find a witch and see if that is true.

                    • Only if you find a well digger.

                    • Not likely around here — we have nasty sulfur water.

                    • Wait till someone finds a use for sulfur and then you’ll get the environmentalists screaming it’s a natural resource that must be left in the ground.

                    • Well, rationality has never been a strong point with the sjw crowd… or any extremist crowd.

                      As witnessed by the trans in the military craziness… from both sides. I’ve seen dyed in the wool death threats on FB from the sjw crowd if you pose rational reasons why trans people shouldn’t be in the military, and the right win bible thumpers are out In force, thumping on their bibles.

                      And I’m over here like, I know someone who got thrown out for sleep walking. Another friend discharged because he wasnt a morning person. Being able to serve isn’t a right. They want the best of the best. S.O. couldn’t join because of allergies. I know another who couldn’t join because his sternum wasn’t shaped right. Another couldn’t join because he had a bad mark on his credit.

                      To be in the military, your shit needs to be the epitome of together… and to be honest, having a gender identity crisis is having your shit not together.

                    • What if they aren’t having a crisis? 😛 I think it’s the wrong attitude, they may as well start out with them fucked in the head because that’s how many of them come home.

                      The funniest SJW thing I’ve seen all week is in response to a road rage attack that went viral here. Four guys got out at a set of lights and proceeded to beat the shit out of each other holding up the whole intersection.

                      FB lit up with dumb fucks sharing the meme “Aussie hero’s taking out the trash” which is a play on the meme that went around a few months ago which suggested true aussies wanted to remove the “foreign trash” from the country, which given we are a nation of immigrants is pretty rich.

                      Apart from the fact that no one them were actually heroes, they all got the shit beaten out of them to various degrees and they were all of foreign descent. But the “proud aussies” who make profound statements like “If you don’t like it leave!” or “Our Country Our rules!” were straight onto it and able to conclude that the two asian looking guys were removing our country’s trash!

                    • Jeez… people suck…

                      Sometimes the internet gives me hope…

                      But most of the time it makes it easier to hate complete strangers.

                    • Yep. memes can be funny but they have also created a whole new bunch of arseholes who think it’s ok to be racist, sexist, homophobics providing they do it by claiming they are also nationalists protecting our country.

  2. I agree with the above comments. Let’s have all the world leaders play the game you mentioned and see who wins! They do it, especially mine, dishing it out, let’s see if he could actually take it ” in the flesh”!

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