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A weekend ditty

Holy shit, it’s been more than a week
Since I posted something for your critique
It was deliberate and it was not just luck
Although there was a high dose of ‘don’t give a fuck’

Damn now it appears instead of a story
You get something from the lav-a-tory
Hey speaking of dunnies that gives me an idea
I’m sure this will leave you with dyspnea

(ok that wasn’t a great rhyme, so shoot me)

Here’s a little ditty about a girl in the bog
Honestly she wasn’t just being a bog hog
She got stuck there checking her mail
I bet she’s thankful she wasn’t sitting on a pail

Her legs got numb and her feet got sore
But her email thankfully was not a bore
Her back got stiff but she was full of wit
And our girl was happy to give a shit.

A knock at the door, “Are you okay?”
“Sure I am, I’m just searching ebay!”
“Well get off the bog, you are on work time.”
“Hey Mr. Bossman, is shittin’ a crime?”

“The crime is definitely not in the act
The crime is the air, and that is a fact!
The rubbish dump a mere three towns over
Have tied to their nose three pounds of clover.”

“And why do you think I am searching the net?
I’m searching for something that will lessen the threat.
But the haze that’s in here is effecting the view
And it’s making it hard to search for V.I.Poo!”

For those of you that don’t know this product has only just been released in this country, its first airing was in a commercial break in the show Australian Ninja Warrior and apparently the Twitteratti went into overdrive like only SJW’s can. I first saw it during an commercial break in the Ellen Show and honestly thought it was a pisstake of hers, but low and behold you American’s have been embarrassed by your devil donuts for longer than we have. So anyone willing to throw up a review?


  1. Holy shit, what is this, I think you’re in a hell of a crisis.
    Your rhyming is amazing as usual, but your topic is quite unusual.
    You need to go into time-out a vacation, or a love boat destination
    Don’t follow us Americans, we’re full of shit, we mostly just pray it will pass in a bit. (Eeewww)

    See what you caused …. you better delete this later…

  2. You must be an older granny then. : )

  3. Lol …. I’m sorry, you’re right, shaming waterfowl is much better.
    Tipsy is making me sleepy, and it’s not even 11:00. Please have a good day. Stay cozy and warm.

  4. I did see that commercial, also thought it was a comedy thing, however a very poor one. Maybe Trumps behind it!

    • It’s actually brilliant marketing, it’s catchy and people are talking about it. I’d be pleased with myself if I came up with it, even more so knowing now that it’s an American ad and actually works across multiple markets.

      • Not catchy in the way you’d want see it again . Remember the top ad? That was pushing it. This is just disgusting.

        • No but it’s catchy in that you know exactly what it’s for, every time it does come on you’ll remember what it’s for and what is in the ad, you’ll remember terms like ‘devils doughnuts’ and if you’re ever embarrassed by what you leave you’ll think about it when the time comes. There is very few ads that work across so many boundaries, we may speak similar languages but there is very few advertising campaigns that cross the ocean and work in both countries, even massive ad giants like Coke and McDonalds can’t manage it. They haven’t even changed the american ad to work here and it’s creating them a mass amount of chatter. It’s creative, original and plays on the fact that a large amount of people are too embarrassed to crap in public and just as many can’t laugh at it.

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