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A question for the females

Recharge Me

Recharge Me

So I have a question
It’s a question I’m asking all my female readers
It’s question about fashion

We all know blokes have no idea about fashion
Well unless they have frizzy little beards and matching man buns
I have neither so therefore was a little stumped

I was wandering about the shopping centre the other day
Not our usual shipping centre
Like most shopping centres clothes shops out number anything else
And the majority of those are women’s clothes shops.
Although I think bearded, man buns might shop there as well.

Anyway I was wandering down one wing
And suddenly found myself walking past a shop that had me in shock
Now don’t get me wrong I’m no prude
I don’t mind how people dress, I’ll laugh at anyone
But this shop still had me wondering.
I’d never considered the need for such a shop
I had never crossed my mind.

So, my female readers, here is the conundrum
A conundrum I’m yet to have answered
But since it was a shop for females
I figured one of you must know

What exactly does a shop sell
When their name is BJ fashions
An since when has there been a dress code?


  1. I am such a sucker…. haha …,
    At least it didn’t say BJ’s Supply. : /

  2. Or, BJ’s Feed Supply…. (that’s a rural girl’s favorite place.)

  3. Haha… I probably wouldn’t want to be seen carrying a bag from that shop! There was a store in Orlando area called ‘Dick Farmers’ I used to bust a gut laughing and wondered how the hell anyone got away with that name on a sign…

  4. I looked at their site on FB. Clothing is terrible? Looks like something a drag queen might wear at a club. If that’s what you meant, otherwise I’m in the dark. I know, as usual….

  5. Or:

    Are you ten?

  6. Men.! Of course there’s a dress code. Have you learnt nothing.? Slutty, neon, hooker clothes are all the rage these days as porn across the world entices men’s fantasies with images of pleasurable repasses with a girl dressed as if she shops in the local thrift shop. Nekid is no longer the new dressed. Nekid is so yesterday… 😉 😀 Leather is always optionable.

    • The way I read that is that the fashion is only needed for the introduction, kind of like going for an interview for a job as a life guard. You dress up for the greeting but after that underwear will do.

      Maybe I should have taken a closer look at the people in the shop…or better yet stood at the door and laughed at anyone exiting.

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