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Desert Rescue: Movie Star

Coffee was poured and sitting on the table in mugs, Nick and I were sitting next to each other on chairs and he had just keyed in the locking code of his mobile phone to show me something he seemed a bit coy about.

I can’t say I was overly surprised when I saw the background picture of his mobile phone screen, I knew he’d taken the photo about twelve months earlier, I just didn’t know he’d used it on the screen of his phone.

“What’s that doing there? I thought we agreed to delete that picture.” I said pointing at the picture of me sitting on my arse on the tilted tray of the Beast.

What the picture didn’t show was that a moment before the picture I was standing at the top of the tray near the winch and a moment after the picture I was sitting on my backside on the dirt at the bottom of the tilted tray. I’m sure you can guess what happened between the two moments I described and I’m not going to tell you what it was that led up to those moments because there are some things a girl needs to keep secret. However one thing I will say is that Nick did do a damn good job in catching the moment. Of course I never told him that because whenever I saw the picture I was too busy telling him to delete the thing or threatening him with whatever I could, but he didn’t need my praise.

“I don’t remember agreeing to delete the picture. I remember you threatening bodily harm upon an officer of the law which is a crime.” Nick said to me with a smile and he tapped the screen a few times.

“It’s a crime to take pictures of someone in a compromising position and use them for your own advantage too!” I replied.

“I’m an officer of the law, would you like to report this crime you speak of?”

“What’s the point? You coppers are all corrupt and you’ll probably expect me to pay you off.” I said both of us knowing that I was joking.

“Even you Miss Moneybags, couldn’t afford my bribery rates.”

“Yeah right, as if I don’t know your currency. One bottle of Bundy and you’ll drop all the charges against me.”

As I might have told you before Nick had many redeeming features, but even the perfect bloke has a few failings and Nick’s ability to down Bundeberg Rum like it was water was one of those. Don’t get me wrong I’m a true blue Aussie, I support Aussie made and I support everything about Australia but I really struggle to support Bundeberg Rum. I’m not a big rum drinker at the best of times, I much prefer beer or bourbon, but if I do partake in some rum I’d rather a tipple of Captain Morgan or slug of Kraken.

“One bottle? How cheap do you think I am?”

“Do you really want me to answer that?” I said answering a question with a question. Throughout our silly conversation Nick was tapping his phone screen keeping it alive and stopping it going back to the screen saver. “So was there something else you wanted to show me? Or was that it?”

“Nope, that was it. I just wanted to remind you I still had that photo.” Nick said as I playfully thumped his arm. “I could charge you for that Missy!” he said with a smile as he flicked through the screens and opened the internet browser on his phone.

As I might have told you before our internet, even mobile internet is scratchy at best, when it works it works quite well but too often we suffer either complete or partial drop outs. To see Nick opening Youtube was not something too out of the ordinary he often had video links sent to him from his city counterparts that he felt the need to share, what was surprising was that it worked almost immediately.

Before typing anything in the search box he looked at me and said. “You need to promise not to shoot the messenger!”

“What are you talking about? Why am I going to need to shoot you?”

“There is a video on here which I didn’t take, obviously, but I’m pretty sure everyone in town has seen it.”

“So what’s new?” A decent Youtube video didn’t take long to go viral in a town like Halls where the population was so small. “What’s going on Nick? Just show me the video.”

Nick typed “Dean’s Elvire River Rescue” into the search bar. My stomach dropped slightly as an image of the Beast appeared on the screen of the phone. Now you might think that being on youtube isn’t a big thing but honestly it’s the first time I’ve ever appeared on it and to add to the surprise I wasn’t consulted about the video being posted.

Nick hit the play button and on the screen I watched myself rescue the Larsen family from the Elvire river. The recording appeared to have been done by one of the kids as they stood on the river bank and watched everything we did. It wasn’t one of my more glamorous rescues but it also wasn’t a bad rescue. There was no sound and I was glad to see that comments had been turned off. It wasn’t that I was worried about internet wankers with no real idea of what was going on but for the Larsen’s sake they didn’t need armchair experts picking on any part of the video.

“Overall not a bad debut performance.” I said when the video finished and noticed that nearly thirty thousand people had watched the clip. I still wasn’t entirely happy that I had become a ‘youtube sensation’ but I wasn’t unhappy either.

“Seems to me the all rough and tough desert rescue chick has a soft heart after all.” Nick said to me closing off the video and putting his phone down. “Did the kids know about the mistake and that’s why there is no sound?”

“Huh? What are you talking about?” I asked.

“You might have been able to hide it from the family but I can see you pointing out to Anders that he hasn’t got the hubs locked.” Nick said.

“Yeah so?”

“You hid the hubs from the family because you didn’t want to embarrass Anders.”

“I didn’t know I was being filmed.” I said.

“You still did an honourable thing Dean and I congratulate you for it!”

“Awe thanks Nick.”

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  1. Dean as a movie star; I love it! ❤️ I enjoy your banter writing, but she wasn’t bribing him with the right stuff…
    Fun chapter. How did it feel to you?

    • Took you long enough to comment, sheesh I nearly had to go to bed 😛

      What should she be bribing him with? Go on tell me 😛

      Planning the idea from what I was given was interesting. I didn’t want to stick to the full idea as given because I didn’t think it fitted the character and her location, but the basics of the idea did when I reworked them. Even during the writing I wasn’t sure I was going to pull it off the way I did but I am kind of happy with the way it came out.

      • Oh yes, I forget you are such a good sleeper, I’m sorry to keep you up late.
        I think the chapter fit nicely with the characters. Great job. Maybe she needs to snatch his phone and find something …..
        Bribery comes in lots of forms… food, favors, or she can let her hips talk for her?
        I liked the chapter. : )

        • It’s ok I was only joking, not even midnight here.

          What are you talking about? Dean doesn’t do things like that, she’s an innocent girl 😛

          I can’t remember exactly what is in store for Dean, although I did just finish an episode, but there is a few surprises in store for other stories.

  2. Twoo wuv? Maybe? Whatever, I just love both characters.

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