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The guy next door

When I logged on to this morning I noticed the number of the beast staring at me.

666 published posts, there is quite a few more deleted, hidden and unpublished posts but those numbers aren’t included in the on screen tally so therefore the I’m not counting them.

So what does that mean? I think it means the devil has taken over my blog.

Chances are not every one of my three million readers will recognise it because to them the devil may have already been here but something has changed.

There has been a bit of a swing in the way I’ve written the stories that are currently on here some may not notice it over the next few weeks as things currently unpublished make it to published status but that’s cool the change is evident in my mind and it’s kind of strange when I look back at it.

You wont know it’s happening but I’m going to change your minds and twist your thoughts until they agree with mine. It’s going to be a mind trip and you wont even realise it.

So what’s the point of this post?

Well it’s post number 667, the neighbour the beast, you’ve got to expect some strangeness.

(oh and it’s Sunday night here and Sunday night is one of the slowest nights for me so it seems pointless wasting a good post 😛 )

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