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Chequered Flag: What Happened Again Miss?

Danny and Dave spoke to each other in friendly tones and polite words, each man respecting the other’s words. Gone were the harsh words and angry tones they had shared less than half an hour before. They were talking like friends, Danny was still not telling Dave everything but he was giving him enough of a run down about his private life to keep Dave’s mind at ease, even if Dave’s main reason for wanting it at ease was the team rather than the driver.

“So what are you going to do?” Dave asked.

“I honestly don’t know Dave, as I told you I still love her, but she still hasn’t been completely honest with me and that’s hard.” Danny replied.

“Are you going to be ok for Sands?” Dave quickly moved onto business, he was asking Danny if he thought he’d be ready to race in second race of the series are the Sands Towers circuit for which practise started in six days.

“Yeah of course I’ll be fine. Look mate, I’ll admit that bitch reporter upset me a bit, not as much as it might have once, but she still got to me, but she didn’t drive to me to the edge. As far as I’m concerned once this bullshit with the law suit is settled she will be forgotten. I’m here to race, Dave not fuck around and we’ll win round two just like we won race one.”

“Well maybe not like race one, lets try and do it without the damage and without the fine.”

“Fine?” It was at that moment as Danny asked the one word question he realised what Dave was referring to. “Oh that! What was the outcome?”

“Three grand and a do not do it again or it will be tripled and you’ll be suspended.” Dave replied.

“Fucking hell, three grand for saying fuck? what a joke!”

“Unfortunately they aren’t joking, we gotta wear this and I’m suppose to tell you that you’re not allowed to swear on national TV.”

Dave was of course referring to Danny’s incident during the first race where he was in the pits and he swore over the microphone which was then picked up by the live telecast and broadcast across the country. The TV station got fined for airing it and they passed their own penalty on the the racing organisation and they passed on a fine of more than double that onto the driver. The driver’s team usually paid such fines and the teams had argued with the organisation for years that if the TV stations wanted priority access to all the live feeds they should be responsible for censoring anything they broadcast but the organisation didn’t care they’d signed their lucrative contracts.

“Well I’ll consider myself told, I promise I wont do it again Daddy!” Danny said with a smirk.

“If only I could believe you!” Dave replied.

Two hours later Danny was sitting in his office running through emails, paper work and other mundane tasks that the rest of the world doesn’t often see as a part of a motor sport, when his phone beeped. He reached forward and hit the speaker button to answer the phone without picking up the receiver.

“Danny speaking.” He knew how to answer an office phone when he wasn’t sure who was on the other end.

“Danny, it’s Dave. Please come to my office immediately.”

Dave’s polite tone indicated to Danny that whatever he was being called for was probably official and that Dave might have had company when he put the call forward. He agreed and told Dave that he’d be there momentarily.

Danny walked into Dave’s office he could see the two chairs on the opposite side of the table were taken by the female reporter who was suing him and someone else he didn’t know so he stepped passed them and stood next to Dave.

“Glad you could join us Danny,” Dave started. “You know Helen Holsworth,” Danny nodded, “and this is her lawyer. Sorry what was your name again,” Dave turned to the lawyer, “Barb Dwyer?”

“Barbara O’Dwyer, please Mr. Danielson.” The lawyer responded in a stern tone. “Now can we get on with this apology, Miss Holsworth is a busy person and the fact that she is not actually pushing for a public apology, should indicate to you how fair she is being with this whole situation.”

“Ahh yes the apology, I think Danny was getting to that.” Dave started. When Danny first heard Dave’s mispronunciation of the lawyers name he was thinking that Dave was treating the meeting as a bit of a joke, but suddenly he was not so sure. “Let me assure you we are taking this very seriously. Danny too understands that your client is being very reasonable by only asking for a simply apology for his behaviour.”

“Let’s not make light of the situation Mr. Danielson, what this man did was deplorable.” Barbara looked at Danny as is he was a turd on the bottom of her shoe, “Miss Holsworth could take this to court and make an embarrassing public display of Mr. Holmes, but she’s chosen not to.”

Danny could feel his rage increasing, he couldn’t figure out what Dave was doing feeding him to the wolves like he was. Dave had seen the video that proved him innocent yet even as Danny went to speak Dave put his hand in front of him in a gesture to stop him from entering the conversation.

“Yes I understand just how reasonable she is being forgoing all that publicity for a simple apology that no one but the four of us will hear.” Dave said remaining calm.

“And the interview.” Barbara responded with quickly.

“What interview?” Danny finally got a word in before anyone else spoke.

The look on Barbara’s face was one many lawyers get when they know they’ve baited the final hook and are about to reel their catch in. “Hasn’t Mr. Danielson told you?” Danny said nothing despite the lawyer looking directly at him. “No, he hasn’t. I’m not really surprised given your reaction yesterday which has led us too all this.”

“What’s she talking about Dave?” Danny said addressing his boss directly as if no one else was in the room. Dave said nothing, he didn’t have a chance Helen stepped in before anyone else could.

“He’s agreed that as well as an apology you’re going to give me a full and open interview. No walls, no secrets, any question I want and you’ll be doing it or this law suit stands.” Helen said smugly as if all her Christmases had come at once.

Barbara reached out and put her right hand on Helen’s arm in a gesture to remind her who was supposed to be doing the talking. “She’s right Mr. Holmes, it’s all there in the briefing that Mr, Danielson has on his desk.” She pointed at a piece of paper.

“She’s right Danny, it’s all laid out neatly right here.” Dave picked up some papers and handed them to Danny.

“And you agreed to this?” Danny asked Dave. “You agreed to such ridiculous terms instead of…”

“Hang on Danny, settle down, don’t say anything you’ll regret.”

“Listen to your boss Danny, this is a very good deal.” The lawyer seemed to be getting as smug as Helen and Danny was really getting pissed off.

Danny started to say something but Dave beat him too it and talked over him, it took everything for Danny to stop and not talk louder but he did it and let Dave continue.

“There is just one thing I am not entirely clear on.” Dave said.

“And what is that Mr. Danielson?” Barbara replied.

Dave said nothing he simply clicked his mouse button and turned the computer screen towards the lawyer and the reporter and let it play. Barbara firstly tried to interrupt and ask what was going on but Dave put his finger to his mouth hushing her up, then pointed at the screen.

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