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Chequered Flag: Told Ya So!

Danny was lazing back in the chair at his team bosses desk, he was one step away from putting his feet up on Dave’s desk he was that relaxed. He’d just interrupted his boss on the phone and refused to leave when requested, the look on his face was one of smugness and he didn’t care.

“You’ve just stormed in here, interrupted me on the phone, ignored a request to leave and you expect me to just do as you ask?” Dave said across the desk.

“After you reaming me out and taking that bitch reporters side I figured me storming in here with the evidence you should have known existed was just desserts.” Danny responded.

Danny knew he was pushing his luck talking to his team manger like he was but at the end of the day Dave was an employee just like him and his title didn’t give him the right to talk to others like he’d spoken to Danny less than thirty minutes before. Despite what Dave might have though Danny wasn’t losing his cool, he was somewhat angry but he words were forceful not controlled by rage.

“Excuse me?” Dave responded angrily.

“Look Dave, lets cut the pissing contest. I understand you’re a bit pissy with me but I’m not going to sit back and let you talk to me like that just because you’re team manger.”

“I’ll…” Dave tried to interrupt but Danny refused to let him.

“Listen Dave, I respect you for what you do for the team, but fuck me mate, even if you forgot about the cameras in the conference room the way you talked to me was shitty. Sure it’s your tough love way of making people do things for themselves but honestly the way you go about it sucks and I’m not going to take it, especially not over something like this.”

Instead of making comments about what Danny had handed him Dave decided to go on the defensive again. “I don’t need to put up with this bullshit from you Danny, you know you’re replaceable!”

“Dave, cut the crap, we’re all replaceable and the two of us butting heads is not getting us anywhere. I’m not asking you to apologise for being an over bearing dick, just like I’m not apologising for not backing down but we are friends lets not forget that.”

Being spoken to in such short, accurate terms did annoy Dave but even he could see Danny was right. Rather than admit that and apologise Dave moved the conversation on. “So what’s on this?” he said holding up the USB stick.

“Video footage from the conference room yesterday. Did you actually forget that we had cameras in there?”

Dave ignored the question and both the men in the room knew the truth immediately without it being spoken. Dave reached towards his desktop computer and plugged the USB stick into the port available. With a few clicks of his mouse he had the video up on the screen.

“Turn your sound up, if it isn’t already!” Danny said politely.

Not needing to watch the video again Danny sat back in the seat and focused on Dave’s face as the video played. Whether Dave actually believed the reporter’s story or not Dave could tell that as the video played on Dave’s reaction changed from one of suspicion, to one of question, to one of annoyance. Danny had spent long enough around Dave to know that the annoyance wasn’t aimed at him rather at the annoying reporter who was obviously wasting everyone’s time including Dave’s.

Danny listened to the video play, he heard himself get up from the chair and head towards the door telling the reporter that if she printed any of her lies she’d hear from their legal department. Although Danny had seen the images in Brad’s office and was obviously a first hand witness to what happened hearing it again he was still proud of himself for not losing his cool in the way he once would have.

“What the fuck is that woman playing at?” Dave said as the video finished.

“I really don’t know.” Danny replied.

“These fucking tabloid reporters all ought to be drowned in a pit of their own shit. It’s not reporting, it’s writing fairy tales.”

“I don’t really know why we bother with the tabloid shit to be honest, it’s not like motor sport relies on tabloid journalism to survive, it’s survived years without it. I know the magazines are hanging around the pits like a bad smell and I hope like hell they never take over from the other reporters who actually help the sport but we don’t need to feed them.” Danny said before adding, “Damn, even Fittzy wont talk to these gutter dwelling shit eaters now days and if he wont, no one here should be authorising them interviews.”

“I agree, I’ll go and have a talk to publicity and tell them not to authorise any tabloid journos interviews from now on. I’m also going to organise a press release and get IT to put something on our website explaining that we are no longer talking to tabloid magazines who just want to print bullshit and start rumours.”

“You might want to word it a bit better than that mate!” Danny said with a smile.

The signs of any temper had gone from both men’s faces since the video had finished playing.

“Yeah I’ll let legal to word it. I’ll be showing them this video and talking to them once we finish here anyway.”

“Finish here?” Danny thought, “what else does he have in mind?” But Danny didn’t have to wait long to find out.

“Ok so I’m going to ask this once, tell me as much or as little as you want but I need to ask.”

Danny figured he knew what it was Danny wanted to ask. “You want to know about me and Tracey?”

Dave nodded. “Yeah but only because I am worried about you and don’t want things effecting your driving.”

“You’re compassion is heart warming!” Danny said with a smile.

“You know what I mean!”

“Yeah, I know. Look I have to be honest, I still love her and I do want her back but there is a lot of water under that bridge and I don’t know if I can accept it.”

Dave and Danny spoke like friends, signs of the anger that was between them less than ten minutes earlier all but gone.

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  1. Ok, onward and upward. When are we reading the big reveal? What he did. What she did. What the reporter knew. What did Dave have for breakfast? Runny eggs?

    • Dave isn’t a main character he can eat what he likes.

      As for the reveal I have no idea, however you’re convinced Danny’s a hero and Tracey is evil so maybe I don’t need to write about what happened and just concentrate on the racing part of the story.

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