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The Pirate Captain: Time For A Drink

The Revenger and the Privateer were sitting together after a mighty battle with the beast Leviathan. The big squid had fought hard with it’s flaying sucker covered tentacles before it sank down to the depths of the ocean from where it had come.

No pirate crew in history had ever survived to tell the tale of a battle with the mighty beast yet both the good captain and Captain Bildgepoole stood on the decks of their ships as they drifted together on the glass like ocean, not only had they survived, the beast had fled!

“They nah goin’ t’ believe we beat th’ beast ‘n lived t’ tell ’tis tale.” Captain Bildgepoole said across the deck to the good captain of the Privateer.

“That be thar problem, 400 buccaneers battled th’ beast, 400 buccaneers are still alive t’ tell th’ tale, 400 buccaneers will live t’ fight th’ beast another day. Anyone nah believin’ that be welcome t’ prove us wrong!” The good captain replied.

It had been decided not long after the beast had disappeared below the surface, the passing storm had disappeared and the water returned to it’s glass like finish that neither ship would hang around to see if Leviathan was to return. They were low on ammunitions, both cannonballs and gun powder and to take on another battle with what they had would surely end in their demise. Instead it was decided they would return to port, regroup and consider their next battle.

Due to the currents and the way the oceans flowed the crew had themselves a four day journey to return to port. It would be slow enough at the best of times but with the high seas, strengthening winter rains and strong winds slowing them down even more they were in for an arduous journey and they knew it.

The two ships set off sailing towards the west into the setting sun. They started off sailing side by side, scooting around Leviathan’s battleground giving it a wide enough birth that should it rise as they passed they would not be within reach of it’s lengthy tentacles. It was overkill no doubt but aboard both ships any crewman that wasn’t directly involved in making the ships move stood rigid against the port side gunwale looking for any movement in the glass top water, but none was seen.

Well clear of the battle the good captain of the Privateer ordered his crew to pull back and let the Revenge take the lead.

They sailed in formation for the entire night and the best part of the following day, the distance between the two big ships varying but never getting greater than ten boat lengths and never once out of each others sights. They rode the high waves, fought hard against the winds and pushed forward into the driving rain but it wasn’t until the sun was over the yard arm that captain Bildgepoole saw the signal from the Privateer’s crows nest and dropped the speed of his own ship allowing the Privateer to catch up.

Again the ships came together sitting atop of the dark blue ocean, the water was choppy and the wind constant but the two ships were able to get close enough to each other for the two captains to talk.

“I know o’ a tavern nah far from here, where we can get some mighty fine ale. ’tis nah marked on any maps but ’tis frequented by many.” the good captain said to his counterpart.

“We ‘ave stores o’ ale, if ye ‘ave run out we can brin’ some up from below.” Captain Bildgepoole replied.

“Ah but we nah ‘ave ale like this, this ale be better than th’ Huntmaster’s brew itself. Those be in th’ know, know it as th’ Famous Ol’ Spiced.”

“Where be this tavern?”

The good captain pointed towards the land mass on their starboard side, “In th’ bay between those two rocky outcrops.”

“Well lead us t’ port cap’n.”

As the crews of the two mighty ships tied off and secured to the jetty moorings their excitement was easy to see. Most of them would not know of the tavern they were heading to, some may have heard of the legend, but all were excited to be getting off the ships and looking for a few drinks.

“I once met a smugglin’ scallywag, would always boast about th’ doubloons he made. Sold his wares here ‘n thar ‘n tasted every drop from Prussia t’ Spain. But thar be ne’er a tipple t’ topple th’ taste o’ th’ Famous Ol’ Spiced we be about t’ be tastin’.” The good pirate said to his Revenge counterpart.

Captain Bildgepoole looked at the good captain and replied. “Pour me a slug o’ it!”

“I once saw a pirate he were all battered, bruised ‘n bloody. He fallen afoul o’ his cap’n when he’d been caught between th’ bedsheets wit’ th’ skippers beauty. He was lucky t’ walk ‘way wit’ his life yet when he arrived all he wanted was a jug o’ that Famous Ol’ Spiced.”

“Throw me a mug o’ it!” Captain Bildgepoole said in a tone reminiscent of a tune.

With the ships secured, the fair maiden joined her good captain and the new captain on the jetty. “The crew be ready captains.” she said.

A skeleton crew had been selected to remain on board the ships, they would be relieved every hour and a new crew of pirates put in their place, all crew members would get their chance of a tipple of that Famous Ol’ Spice before the night was through.

As the crew of two hundred men made their way into the bar the good captain walked straight up the bar tender. The bar tender stood seven feet tall if he was an inch, an old salty from long ago, it was easy to see.

“Aye me ole salt, me ‘n me crew here will be wants a tipple o’ yer finest.” The good captain said proudly.

“’Tis has been a long time me ol’ Rummenhaggle.” The captain’s name was known throughout. “Sin’ me a sermon ‘n pay me me price. ‘N I’ll give ye a jug o’ that Famous Ol’ Spiced.”

The crew were primed and ready.

Oh, pour me a slug o’ it
Throw me a mug o’ it
Brin’ me a jug o’ that Famous Ol’ Spiced

They sung loudly as the first drinks were poured behind the bar.

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  1. Ahoy, mateys! A bloody good story.☠️

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