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The River

bad poetry

See the house between the hills
In it lives a dispenser of pills
A man entrusted to ease your pain
He’s got the pills to alter your brain

If what ails you is but a cough or cold
He’ll fix you quick and add to his bill fold
Don’t worry if it’s not more than a sneeze
He’ll be happy just to shoot the breeze.

Public health, won’t cost you a dime
But don’t expect the quack to run on time
Triple bookings just to get in and see him
Knows how to play the government system

But that is not this guy’s only flaw
The doctor has surely got one more
The guy is not overly choosy
Cause this flaw is a fucken doozy

See the doctor owns himself that farm
That in itself is no cause for alarm
It’s what he does, while no one is looking
That would stop the patients from a-booking

On a farm there is always waste
It doesn’t always get correctly placed
Rubbish is often buried in a hole
Not buried as deep as the coal

Things get broken, things get burnt
But lessons they aren’t always learnt
Buildings crumble, buildings fall
Down comes roof and down comes wall

The problem is that not all burns
And asbestos causes major concerns
Rules for disposal, rules for it to be stored
But the good doctor thinks rules can be ignored

See the river running clean and clear
Try to forget what is buried near
Fibres in the water course
Water run off straight from the source

Waters that service near and far
River cuts through farms like a scar
Is it a bad thing I don’t know
Whatever the case, the river does flow.


  1. This one hit close to home for me. My Auntie, who recently died, had an unusual blood cancer that she faught several years. What makes it sad is that as rare as it is, there are three other women in her rural county who have it too. It is devastating to think the family land she loved so deeply was managed in such a way it probably poisoned her. Very, very sad. : (

  2. If you know for sure, isn’t there a health department or something similar that could check it out? This type of waste disposal should no longer be permitted, especially in farm lands.

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