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Chequered Flag: Smile, You’re On Candid Camera

Having not long ago been reamed out by the team manager for supposedly physically and verbally assaulting an annoying reporter Danny knew where to get the answers to prove his innocence and he made a bee line directly to it.

Although Danny wasn’t sure exactly how much of the building was covered by the CCTV cameras his hopes were answered when he approached Brad Sheppard, Force Ten’s IT guru. Not only was the conference room where the interviews took place the day before covered by the cameras but Brad could call up the footage needed nearly as quickly as Danny could request it.

As an image of the empty Force Ten conference room appeared on the large LCD screen in front of the keyboard Brad spoke. “What time frame are we looking for mate?”

“Umm, I guess it was between 11:30 and 12 yesterday morning. Interviews started at 10 and I’m pretty sure I was out of this place pretty close to lunch time.” Danny replied.

Brad clicked his mouse a few times and the images on the screen changed, “Ok, this is 11:13am, too early no doubt.”

“Yep, that was the third interview,” Danny said recognising the scene immediately.

“Ok, hang on a second.” another click of the mouse, the screen changed and he said. “Ok 11:28am.”

“Keep going it’s the next interviewer.” Danny responded happily.


A single click and the screen change to an picture of Danny walking towards the door.

“Stop there! Go back about a minute, just to where I’m sitting down.”

“Ok, but what are we looking for?” Brad asked.

“You watch the damn video and tell me. Have we got sound?” Danny asked feeling both angry that Dave didn’t think about the video and happy that he, himself did.

Brad did as he asked, “Yeah sound’s on.” Brad replied and watched the video.

Although the sound was barely needed to see exactly what had happened Danny was glad for it. The three of them watched as the interviewer asked the questions and then pushed for Danny’s reaction to her accusations.

“Fuck man, that’s gotta suck. Where the hell does she get off?” Brad asked.

“Keep watching.” Danny responded.

They watched and listened as the storm in a tea cup brewed and slowly started to spill over the edge. While Rick had been given the run down of the interview by Danny on the phone even he was shocked to see the lengths the stupid reporter had gone to try and get Danny to dish the dirt on his wife. The video went on all three of them riveted to the screen to see what happened next, Danny of course knew what happened but even his mind wanted to reassure itself he was right.

After Danny walked out of the interview room Brad paused the video. “Is there any more?”

“Na, but you can watch it to make sure if you want.”

“No need man, I believe you. What was with that bitch?” Brad asked

“Just another shitty tabloid reporter hell bent on ruining other peoples lives because her own is so boring and pointless.” Danny said. “Listen mate, I need an honest opinion.”

“Yeah sure!”

“Do you see anything on that video that I did wrong? Anything I did that could get me in trouble?” Danny asked.

“No, she was asking the questions and crossed the line. You told her so but shit man you didn’t even swear at her. If it had been me I’d have told her to go and fuck herself with a sledge hammer!”

“That’s the problem!” Danny replied before explaining to Brad what had gone down in Dave’s office.

“What the fuck is Dave’s problem? He ought to know we’ve got CCTV in the conference room, why didn’t he just come and ask for it himself?

“You know what Dave’s like,” Rick stated. “He loves to play his stupid games, probably figures if Danny was serious about clearing his name he should be the one doing the work not Dave.”

“Rick’s got a point,” Danny said. “Dave’s a good bloke, and a reasonable boss at times but there are other times he’s a downright shit. Trying to get me all enraged and sort the issue out myself rather than him doing it is true to form.”

“Well that’s better than thinking that your own boss chooses to believe a useless tabloid reporter over his own team I guess.” Brad added.

“Can you do me a copy of that on disc, or USB stick or something?” Danny asked.

“Yeah sure, I can email it to Dave as well if you like.” Brad replied.

“Nah, just in case the prick is sitting there watching his email. I want to hand it to him and see the look on his face as he watches it for the first time.” Danny said.

“Why do you actually expect him to apologise?” Rick asked with a grin on his face.

“Yeah as if!” Danny replied. “But it will wipe wipe the smug look of his face.”

As Brad ratted through his desk drawers and pulled out a USB stick Danny asked him run the video five or ten minutes past the bit where he stormed out of the room. Brad agreed as he opened the packaging around the brand new USB stick and inserted it into his computer.

“Thanks man! I owe you a beer!” Danny said as Brad handed him the USB stick.

“No worries mate, any time! Wish we had a camera in Dave’s office to see his face when you make him watch this.”

On their way back through the hallways and corridors Rick said, “I’d love to be there to give you moral support and to see the look on Dave’s face but I think this is something you need to do yourself.”

“Yeah mate, no point both us of getting in Dave’s bad books.” Danny replied.

“What are you planning? Should I get security on stand by?”

Danny laughed. “Nah mate, I’m not going to loose my cool. I’m a little pissed at his methods but I really don’t think he believed the woman, it was just easier to ride me this morning that it was to do anything else.”

“And you’re supposedly the one with anger issues!”

“Yeah well let’s see what happens!”

A minute later the two friends separated, Rick off to the workshop and Danny into Dave’s office.

He entered without knocking, it wasn’t quiet storming in but because Dave was on the phone he didn’t look overly impressed. Dave waved at Danny to leave the office but Danny ignored the gesture and sat down in the chair on the opposite side of the desk to his team manager.

“Lonny, I’m going to have to go, someone here can’t take a fucking hint!” Dave spoke into the phone, his words indicating it probably wasn’t a business call.

Several seconds later the phone landed in the cradle with a small crash and Dave’s voice filled the room, because Danny had left the door open more than a few people in the office could hear Dave ask what the fuck Danny thought he was doing storming into his office unannounced.

“Watch the video!” Danny said sliding the USB stick across the desk.

“What the hell is this?”

“Watch it and see!” Danny replied as he lounged back in the chair.

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  1. Liked it, hero proved innocent. Well done.

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