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Chequered Flag: All Is Not What It Seems.

Danny had just had an unpleasant meeting with Dave, his team manager. Dave had called him out while most of the team were milling around the coffee machine getting their first of shift heart starter. It wasn’t that Danny wasn’t completely annoyed by Dave’s methods, he wasn’t even worried about the tone in which Dave spoke because everyone copped a bit of Dave every now and again but he was annoyed with the topic of conversation.

It was a good thing he wasn’t already annoyed when he walked into Dave’s office because what ensured once the door was shut was nothing short of anger worthy. The reporter who only the day before had pressed Danny for information about his private life with Tracey and as good as threatened to print whatever lies she had if Danny didn’t talk to her, had slapped an abuse lawsuit on Danny.

Danny knew it was a direct response to his own legal team threatening to sue her if she printed any lies or rumours about Danny and the team and wasn’t overly surprised by the return fire. What he was surprised by was the fact that the reporter’s law suit specifically listed both verbal and physical abuse. He had a past history of anger issues but he was fairly sure while he might have raised his voice there was no verbal abuse and there was definitely no physical abuse.

However the biggest problem for Danny at the time was that Dave seemed to be taking the side of the annoying reporter. Danny knew that Dave was in part playing devil’s advocate and his words were an attempt to get Danny to tell his side of the story but the team manager’s attitude still annoyed Danny.

Although Danny was trying his best not to lose his cool at Dave he had let a few choice words fly in direct retaliation to what Dave had said, but it was until Danny was nearly the end of his speech that he realised his anger at the situation was clouding even his own judgement as well.

“Fuck the witnesses, we don’t need them.” Danny said as he turned, opened the door to Dave’s office and walked out.

“Where are you going, we can’t ignore this Danny!” he heard Dave call as he left his office and headed straight down to see Brad Sheppard.

Although pretty much everyone in this day and age who has ever owned a computer thinks they are an IT expert Danny didn’t see things that way. He knew his way around a computer, even knew how to pull one apart and rebuilt it but when it came to making a computer work for the user and not just play games Danny only trusted the experts and Brad Sheppard was one of those.

Brad was the head of the IT department at Force Ten Race Engineering and very little happened electronically at the workshop that Brad didn’t know about and if anyone had the answers Danny needed it was him.

“What’s going on Danny?” Rick asked as they crossed paths, Danny storming towards Brad’s office.

“That fucking bitch reporter from yesterday is suing me for assault!” He said in a voice loud enough that he knew he’d be apologising for later given the number of people who could hear it, but such things could wait.

“You’re kidding? What the hell is she trying for?”

“I don’t know but I need to talk to Brad.”

Rick followed Danny, not because he thought Danny needed the support, although having been on the receiving end of one of Dave’s tough love sessions before he figured support wasn’t a bad thing, but because he was interested to see what his friend was up too.

Like most computer departments the IT department of Force Ten Race Engineering was stashed away in a dark, cave like corner of the building and it took nearly two full minutes to negotiate the hallways and corridors before he got where he was going. Danny didn’t even announce his presence with a knock, he just pushed the door handle down and stormed into the room.

“Hey! What the fuck? Oops…I mean, oh, it’s you Danny. What the fuck? Don’t you like my door?”

Brad was sitting at his desk, three large computer screens lit up the darkened room and apart from a few lights, both flashing and solid, on the server racks there was no other lights in the room. Why Brad sat in the dark like he was could have been answered any number of a thousand ways, because that’s how many excuses he had for it when people asked. But the truth was he just liked working in the dark, he seemed to get more work and better quality work done in the glow of monitors rather than a bank of fluorescent lights on the roof.

“Huh?” Danny replied not thinking about what Brad was saying.

“The way you slammed that door open I thought it must have done something to you and you hated it?”

“Yeah, nah, man I need your help!” Danny said in a confused tone.

“Yeah no worries. What’s up mate?” Brad looked around Danny at Rick. “Has one of the computers down on the floor crashed or something?”

“Nah it’s nothing like that. I need a different kind of help.”

“Sure, tell me what it is, if I can help I will.”

“We’ve got security everywhere around here don’t we?” Danny asked.

“Yeah, but most of it is handled by Sentinel.” Brad replied referring the company who handled the alarms and security on the building.

“What about the cameras? Can we get them to send us the footage?”

“Depends on the camera’s. External cameras are all theirs but the internal cameras are controlled from here and linked into their system. What do you need Danny? Just tell me what you’re after and I’ll tell you what I can do.”

“Cameras in the conference room, we have them there don’t we?” Danny inquired.

“Yeah. Three. Sound as well. They were put in to record meetings as a back up to you silly buggers forgetting what you talked about after three hours of earbashing each other. The multimedia screens record all inputs too. We keep the recording on file for 18 months.What do you need? How far back do you need to go?”

“Yesterday!” Danny replied excitedly. “I want to see yesterday morning’s tapes. I was in there doing interviews.”

“Shit that’s easy mate, just gimmie a second to get it up on the screen.”

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  1. Great! Hope it goes well. Like that character.

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