Where did I leave off last time?

Okay I’ll read back myself.

Aahhh ok I remember now.

I was heading back home, about to leave Angel City but my mind was not really on the job of driving it was caught up in a Twilight Zone like haze. Why this time when it didn’t last time? Well I guess part of that reason was because last time I was still a little too excited about things to think about it but the main reason was that the trip I was returning from had been longer.

It was only about twenty four hours longer but it was that twenty four hours that had me thinking. Because time in the real world stopped while I was in Angel City I was about to head back into the real world two days older than I was when I left. It’s a bit to get your head around isn’t it? I was about to cross over to the real world, only seconds would have passed since I was in the same spot yet my body was two days older.

Technically the same concerns should have crossed my mind the first time I changed worlds because there was still about twenty four hours difference in the before me and the after me. But I wasn’t thinking that way, just like I wasn’t thinking that all up the difference between before me and after me when I crossed the second time was actually going to be closer to thirty six hours rather than the twenty four my brain was stuck on.

Confused yet? I’m not surprised, but now you have a little insight as to how I felt as I got closer to that crossing point and I tried to keep so many thoughts at bay.

So what happened when my two day older body caught up with real world time? Not a bloody thing! Well at least nothing that I could pick, feel or see. I don’t know why you were so concerned!!

Like when I travel across time zones for work, which is pretty much every time I travel given that we are in the middle of nowhere, I try to get back on local time as quick as possible. So despite it only being about an hour and a half since I had breakfast I headed straight for the pub for another chicken parma, this time I was going to push my luck and ask for an improvement to be added.

I turned right as I came out of the trees, again there was no scratching of the limbs on the paint work, which I was glad of, and there was no traffic to see me. Within a few minutes was pulling up out the front of the pub. As a force of habit which I knew I was going to have to break in the real world I reached for the smokes in my pocket before realising my mistake. Letting the packet drop back into my pocket I locked the car and headed for the pub.

Because it was around lunch time in the real world, 1:09pm to be exact, Ross’ lunch crowd were in attendance, all two of them, no doubt travellers who had found the unnamed town as they roamed around Victoria. The old couple, no doubt grey nomads and driving the camper van parked out the front of the pub, sat at table near the TV that was relaying a city horse race, I don’t know if they were betting on the outcome or just watching it because it was on but it was a fairly regular sight in Aussie pubs.

I walked up to the bar. “G’day Ross.”

“Long time no see Phil.” he laughed as he said it. “Get you the usual?”

“Just make it a Coke, thanks,” I said assuming he was talking about my usual drink.

“No worries but I meant, did you want lunch?”

“Oh yeah, but this time how about a special order?”

“Oh yeah?” Ross replied.

As Ross poured my drink into a tall glass with ice in it I told him my request, he agreed to it and disappeared out the door to the kitchen. Fifteen minutes later I was sitting at the bar sipping my drink when Ross placed an Aussie Chicken Parma before me. Ross had told me he didn’t have any bacon because he was waiting on the delivery truck which was late but the parma with the BBQ sauce, thick cheese and runny egg on top was more than enough to satisfy my hunger.

Lunch was as good as it sounded and although Ross made a little small talk during my meal the pub remained mostly silent. I of course made the gesture to pay for lunch but Ross refused telling me it was organised. I still did know what that meant but accepted it like last time.

Like my previous trip home I didn’t want to leave it too late and when the clock on the wall of the pub flicked over to 2pm I decided to take my leave.

“See you again soon?” Ross said as I got off my stool at the counter.

“Yeah, maybe, not sure.” I stopped myself before telling him I had work to do for Lemmy again. “Work’s going to be a bitch to me over the next few weeks not sure when I’ll get back here, but I’ll definitely be back soon.”

We bid each other farewell and I headed out the door and into the cloud filled sky, I wasn’t sure if it was going to rain but it definitely looked gloomier in the real world than it did in Angel City. As I walked to my car an unlocked it I started to wonder if it ever rained in Angel City, it was however a thought that didn’t last long as I got back on the road and headed for home.

There was an accident on the M1 when I got closer to the ‘burbs which held me up and meant I didn’t pull into the garage at home until nearly 8:30pm but other than that the trip wasn’t too bad considering I’d made a few quick dunny stops, a fuel stop and a food stop.

I didn’t feel like starting anything too big when I got home, six hours on the road can do that to a person, and knowing I had all of Sunday available to me made that an easier choice. I did however jump online and order something I had seen a few weeks earlier.

At the time I had been tempted to buy one on the the company dollar and sit it on my desk but they were only in pre-order at the time and pre-order gives the bean counters time to see the order and change their minds so I waited. However now that I’d returned from my second trip to Angel City I was certain I was buying the items, not for me but for Lemmy as a bit of a piss take.

Once I’d hit ‘confirm’ on the order I waited for the email confirmation that the order was accepted and went about my usual routine of checking email, dumping useless crap and checking the news sites for anything that had happened in the past twenty four hours.

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