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Chequered Flag: Some Days It Just Aint Worth Going To Work

“What the fuck are you talking about Dave?” Danny said standing in Dave’s office, Dave might have been his boss but Danny wasn’t going to sit, or stand idly by and put up with that tone of voice.

Danny had been at work less than ten minutes when Dave called him out in front of his work mates and told him to report to his office. Although Dave’s tone when he interrupted Danny and Rick indicated he wasn’t happy it wasn’t until the two of them where inside Dave’s office and behind the closed door that Dave let go.

It wasn’t so much the raised voice that annoyed Danny, it wasn’t even the way Dave thought he needed to educate Danny on how the media worked, it was all to do with the accusation that Dave seemed to be throwing at him.

“This was waiting for me this morning when I got in.” Dave growled dropping a cream coloured folder on the side of the desk Danny was standing on. “What the fuck possessed you to take things so far?”

“I still don’t understand what the hell you are talking about.” Danny responded as he bent over and picked up the folder.

“She’s a fucking tabloid reporter Danny. Of course she’s going to try and drag your personal life through the shit to make her articles sound good.” Dave’s temper wasn’t simmering at all.

“Then why the fuck was she authorised to do the interview.” Danny was managing to keep his cool but figured if Dave wanted to make things colourful then he would too. “We’re a fucking racing team Dave, we don’t need to pamper to the fucking tabloid press.”

“Whether we do or not doesn’t mean you can abuse the woman for doing her fucking job!”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Danny said as he opened the folder in his hand and looked at the paperwork inside it. Instantly Danny’s voice changed, he was still somewhat angry but after reading the leading page in the folder his voice changed to one of concern and worry. “What the fucking hell is this?”

“You tell me Danny! As you can see it’s got your name written all over it!”

Danny looked at the paperwork in amazement. Dave’s comments wasn’t quite right, his name wasn’t all over it but it was in the important parts. What he was looking at was a letter written by a legal department, not unlike the one he ordered be written by the team’s legal department the day before. The difference between the two was that the letter he asked for was to stop the reporter printing lies and falsehoods about Danny’s private life. The letter in the folder was in response to that but was a letter threatening to take Danny to court for both verbal and physical abuse against a reporter just trying to do her job.

“This is bullshit!” Danny said throwing the folder back on Dave’s desk not worried that some of the paperwork spewed forth before it landed.

“Is it Danny? You have a record of loosing your fucking temper!”

“By the look of it I’m not the only one.” Danny bit back quickly!

“This isn’t about me Danny.”

“No it’s about a steaming pile of horse shit that stinks to high heaven.”

Dave’s temper may have been dipping slightly and the words that were coming out less colourful but he was still angry as he spoke. “Stink or not. What were you thinking. You know you can’t lay a hand on a woman no matter how fucking stupid she’s being.”

“But I didn’t touch her!” Danny defended himself, he knew he’d lost his cool, he’d even pushed a chair out of his way as he stormed off. But he knew without a shadow of doubt that he hadn’t touched the woman.

“That’s not what the law suit says Danny!”

Danny took a deep calming breath and in an even tone said to his boss. “I don’t fucking care what that paper says. I did not lay a hand on that annoying bitch. I admit to losing my cool and storming out but I didn’t touch her, I didn’t even throw a chair.”

“Well that would be a first, maybe you’re finally learning!” It was a harsh comment and Dave knew it but he had no intention of apologising for it, at least not at that moment.

“Fuck off Dave, that’s unfair and you know it.” Dave nodded but said nothing in response. “Nothing happening in that room.” Danny was back on the defensive. “I don’t even think I swore at the bitch. Fuck knows I wanted to. I wanted to tell her exactly where she could stick her lies and bullshit and I would happily have paid someone to help her do it but that’s as far as it went. Even if she took it as verbal abuse there was definitely no physical abuse.”

“So you’re admitting that there was abuse?” Dave asked.

Whether it was his old school upbringing and training that led Dave to think that getting Danny angry would some how reveal the truth Danny wasn’t sure but he was sure that his boss and team manger was just playing devils advocate to get him to talk. It didn’t make him feel any better but it was a game he’d been forced to play before.

“I’m admitting nothing.” Danny replied.

“Well that’s not a good defence!”

“ I don’t need a fucking defence Dave, nothing happened, now get off whatever fucking high horse you are on and come down and talk to me instead of just accusing me to see if I’ll crack.” While Danny knew the game he didn’t always play by the same rules.

“So nothing happened?”

“That’s what I’m trying to tell you. Nothing happened. I stood up and raised my voice at her. Told her not to print anything. She made some other comment and then I told her if she printed anything I’ve have legal onto her. I no doubt raised my voice but I don’t remember swearing and I know for certain there was no physical abuse!” Danny’s voice was again calm and collected as he spoke.

“Let’s just say I believe your side of the story,” playing devil’s advocate again Danny hoped. “Why the hell has she gone to these lengths to make such a point?”

“I don’t know? Pissed off she didn’t get her tabloid rag the story they hoped for and she’d actually have to work to get a story instead of just printing bullshit?” Danny replied.

“So instead of writing a story she goes to the trouble of suing you and the team? Doesn’t sound logical.” Even Dave knew his next statement was bullshit but he said it anyway. “Courts, wasted time, wasted money, doesn’t seem like a very method of replacing a story to me.”

“Yeah because a shitty tabloid rag wouldn’t relish in publicising an abuse case against one of their reporters. Come on Dave you know how this shit works better than any of us. This will get held up in the courts for weeks, they’ll make sure of it. It will be our word against theirs, her own rag and other women’s mags will keep it in the news and it wont matter what the truth is. Fittzy went through something similar a few years ago and he didn’t even have anger issues but he couldn’t shake the bullshit monkey off his back that they media put there. I’m not going through that shit, even with witnesses it…” Danny trailed off.

“Even with witnesses what?” Dave asked.

“Fuck the witnesses, we don’t need them.” Danny said as he turned, opened the door to Dave’s office and walked out.

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  1. Wow, that’s a lot of F words.

  2. Witnesses? Hmm. Ok, I’m piqued. How’s it going? Runny eggs, don’t you eat anything else? I know it’s in the other story, but I have a hard time leaving any comments do I’ll do both here. And the time difference? Knew Lemmy was up to no good…or is he?☺️ The f doesn’t bother me. I tend to use it often when using this app!

    • It would have to be a witness or something, it’s not like there is an honest reporter out there 🙂

      I must admit the runny eggs are only because you claimed not to like them. I’ve forgotten how many places I’ve dropped runny eggs into stories now.

      Lemmy is god (cited from movie Airheads)

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