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The Pirate Captain: Leviathan: Bring It On

The ancient pirate legend told of the beast Leviathan, unbeaten by any pirate crew in history.

The good captain’s dream had vividly told him the location of the mighty beast.

And the crew of the two big ships were eager for their names to go down in history.

The charges had been dropped, two barrels of gun powder with slow burning waterproof fuses that allowed the Revenge and the Privateer to flee the blast zone before detonation. It was hoped the massive underwater blasts would bring the beast to the surface. They were under no illusions, the blasts were not an attempt to kill the beast, only bring him to the surface. If the battle was to happen the two captains and the entire crew knew that battle would be close combat fighting not death by depth charge.

Before the two big ships had ridden out the waves of the first underwater blast the second barrel had detonated sending a blast wave of water vertical until it broke the surface and spouted high into the air. As the larger waves of the second blast chased the smaller dying waves from the first blast outward in a symmetrical circle neither captain was in a position to see what was surfacing in the blast zone.

More than three hundred feet apart both captains and their ships were riding the back of a wave down into a trough listing the big ships at such an angle their vision of the blast sight was blocked. It wasn’t until the big ships peaked at the top of a smaller wave and could see over the top of the bigger wave that followed that the captains and crew saw what was waiting for them.

It had travelled from the very depths of one of the deepest known ocean trenches to reach the surface, pushing it’s way through the mushroom like plume of water left behind from the massive underwater blast. From a distance the crews of both ships could see the big bulbous dome slowly rising, inch by inch out of the white water, every man, and one woman, looked on in stunned silence.

The white frothy water and the bluish purple translucent head of the beast almost glowed against the dark inky water that surrounded it, an image that only intensified as the water calmed. By the time the two ships had stopped rocking on the bow waves of the massive under water explosions, the top of the large bulbous dome was forty foot clear of the water’s surface.

“Look at th’ size ‘o that thin’!”

“’Tis massive.”

“Shiver me timbers!”

Were calls heard on the decks of both ships as they settled on the rolling ocean.

Because the beast had risen almost dead centre between the two ships both captains knew the effectiveness of their cannon fire would be dramatically reduced, although with a beast so large hitting the target was going to be less of an issue than causing it damage.

Before the charges had been dropped the two captains had agreed that should the beast rise they would approach it in a cylindrical fashion always keeping their port sides square to each other with the beast in between. With their sides always to the beast and the cannons firing continuously as their circle got tighter the effectiveness of each cannon ball would become greater.

“Fire th’ cannons!” came the call from each pirate captain almost at the exact same time despite being several hundred feet apart and unable to hear each other.

Cannonballs blasted their way out of the hulls of both ships, trailing flame and smoke for more than fifty feet. In the first round more than forty cannonballs shot forth at the beast from two directions. Had it not for the looming head of the beast being so large less than half the fired cannonballs would have hit their intended target.Even with the large number of cannonballs hitting the target the beast did not seem effected.

As the two ship closed in on their prey the water around the massive beast began to foam, there was no rolling waves just a mess of frothing white water spewing out from around the massive translucent head as if the ocean was boiling, at the same time the sky turned dark and filled with clouds. None of the pirates aboard either ship had ever seen the weather change so rapidly, what only seconds before was clear blue skies almost instantly turned to night.

Under the darkness of the black clouds and teaming rain the translucent bluish purple head glowed like a beacon in the water. A second, third and fourth round of cannonballs slammed into the massive beast, still not causing any visible damage.

On the decks of the ships the crew were being pounded by heavy sheeting rain but not one of them was abandoning their post. In the lower decks the crews were loading and firing cannonball after cannonball, while from the storage decks ammunition was being brought up by the armful to replace the already fired rounds.

With each passing second the two ships circled closer to the massive beast nearing their target and still firing cannonballs at random intervals but it wasn’t until the ships were within a hundred and fifty feet that the beast finally made it’s first strike.

Why the beast waited so long to strike was anyone’s guess but as a single large tentacle came out of the water on the starboard side of the Privateer and wrapped itself over the top of the hull it was clear to see both ships had been within the strike zone for longer than they knew.

While the crews below deck continued to fire cannons the crew on the top deck of the Privateer instantly began attacking the thick meaty tentacle wrapped around the ship. Swords were drawn and daggers were unsheathed as the crew defended their ship. When a second tentacle repeated the action of the first and dropped itself against the front deck between the first two sail masts the Privateer was lifted clear out of the water.

In the howling rain with no wind in the sails the crew attacked without repent, daggers piercing flesh, swords tearing off chunks of meat larger than the cannonballs being fired at the beasts head. A hundred and twenty men, and one woman, battled on the deck of the Privateer, side by side defending their ship and fighting for survival.

At the same time as the crew aboard the Privateer were airborne and fighting hard to be released from the grip of Leviathan’s massive tentacles the crew of the Revenge were…

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  1. Having problems with WP, can’t like. But loved this. Also liked the truck story. The clock was familiar? I’m reading, just can’t do everything. Shiver me timbers is right! Yikes! Maybe it is 300 miles after all

    • Like’s are handled by WP and never by the hosting server, but I bet if you asked a “hapless engineer” they’d still blame my server.

      The clock is familiar. No idea where it is but it’s not a clock.

      I have no idea what it is it’s been weeks since I wrote Leviathan

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