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Explaining the parcel for us

Part 1 here.
Prelude here

The cursor on my screen blinked slowly waiting for the next message from Téa. I was logged onto the internet forum she’d set up hiding my identity through a VPN and several anonymous proxies, whatever it is she wanted to tell me about the parcel she’d sent me was something she didn’t want to risk being read by others.

As I have told you I’m not going to share the reasons why Téa set up the secret chat room function, it’s her story to tell but for some reason I wasn’t suspecting that she wanted to tell me any government sanctioned secrets, or reveal the proof that aliens walk among us. However that didn’t mean I knew why she used the secret code to get me onto the chat room.

I’d been waiting several minutes for a response to my last message but there was nothing on my screen under my last comment telling her to ‘quit it and tell me why I was there.’ I was just about to type another message to see of I could prompt her response when her name flashed up on the screen.

<***********> You obviously got the package

<******> Yeah I was a bit confused by the words you were using. You know it’s not what you described, right?

<**********> Of course I know it’s not.

<******> Then why did you go to the trouble of sending it on a world tour?

<***********> Do YOU know what it is?

<******> I’ve got a fair idea what it is, which is why I’m wondering why you sent it to me. It’s way too generic for me to tell where it came from or any history attached to it.

<***********> I didn’t send it to you for a history lesson.

<******> So why did you send it to me?

From that point on the conversation got a little strange. Téa explained to me where she found the strange clock like thing and about the old lady with the goose bump causing witchy grin. She explained how the old lady insisted she be the one to buy the clock. Insisted in some way that it was rightfully hers to begin with.

I had to read between the lines, we might have been hidden behind proxies and VPN’s on a chat room no one would expect us to be on but Téa was not taking any chances. Although she never mentioned words like magic, tricks, voodoo or the like I could tell from what she wasn’t saying that she had her questions about the item she had sent me.

As it turns out Téa had a reason for picking up the odd looking dial when she did. It’s not an overly glamorous, or even humorous story she was simply alerted to it’s existence by someone she knew. Although she’d told no one that she was looking for the item she had been doing it for several weeks. She knew where it was going to be she just didn’t know when it was going to be there.

When she finished explaining her story to me, or more to the point, when I finished decoding her novel length description into something that made sense to me I guess you could say I had a full run down and history of the item that was sitting on the bench next time me, but I still didn’t have any answers as to why I had it.

<***********> Still on 1000?

It took me a few seconds to realise what she was talking about but then I twigged.

<******> Yeah, no movements.

<***********> Move slightly, not a full step and you’re half way around the golf course.

I was getting quicker at the code, but still not sure why she as using it. What she was telling me was that if the dial arm was still on M she wanted me to move the arm but not to make a full step. Then I was looking for something to do with the number nine.

Sure enough when I moved the arm on the dial just a fraction I could see a pin sized hole which was previously hidden from view under the end of the arm. Whether it was sheer luck that dial was set at M or not I didn’t know but I also didn’t have time to think about it.

<******> I see a hole.

<***********> Stick a pin in the hole and move the arm to any number.

<******> Ok brb getting a pin.

Several seconds later I’d retrieved a paper click from my desk drawer and pushed it into the hole on the dial. I felt a slight pressure plate move below the pin. I then turned the dial.


  1. Ohhh…. that’s so fun! : )

  2. Love a mystery! Very cool.

    • Not sure how much of a mystery it will be, not sure if there will ever be an explanation, not even sure where the story will go. I might be thinking above my pay grade here.

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