It was just as well Lemmy and I had a late lunch, after spending four hours playing Quake on the computer system, because after Lemmy left to go and prepare for the gig that night I went back to playing Warcraft and completely forgot about the time. I was also lucky that the alcohol in Angel City didn’t effect a person like it effected people in the real world because while playing Warcraft for another three hours I must have down half a dozen of the suckers.

I did find it some what interesting how different things worked in Angel City. I’m sure you remember me saying that when we were in the bar where Lemmy was playing his slot machine the drinks were automatically refilled each time we turned our backs to the bar. You might also remember me saying that even if I tried to watch the glass, or turn around quickly, there was no way to see the glass getting refilled. Well none of that happened in the computer room.

In the computer room as you know from my early account we had to order our meal and it turned up in a weird dumb waiter like system. I say weird because a dumb waiter can pretty much only go up and down, but in the mansion in Angel City this one had to go in all directions because it was available in every room I’d been in. Drinks were delivered in the same way but unlike the automatically refilling glasses of the bars in the computer room no matter how many times I turned my back on the glass it didn’t refill. I also tried putting the empty glass in the weird dumb water system and closing the door but all that happened was my glass would go missing.

It took me a few minutes to figure it out but weirdly enough all I had to do was order a new drink from the computer each time I wanted one and it would appear in the dumb waiter almost immediately. How bloody old school, drink glasses that didn’t refill themselves!

Anyway by the time I was finished playing Warcraft I was nearly running late for the gig and I was definitely running too late to grab something for dinner. I know I could have missed the gig, or even missed the start of the gig and had some dinner but the truth was with the late lunch and a belly full of Jack Daniels I really didn’t feel like anything too heavy. As I walked out of the computer room and headed towards the bar where the band would soon be taking the stage I decided I’d grab some chips or something from behind the bar which would suffice as dinner for the night.

When I walked into the bar I was hoping to see Randy again, this time I wouldn’t be too shy to go up to him and say hello but unfortunately the seats in the middle of the room were empty. I was a little disappointed by the vacant seats but at the same time I don’t think I was expecting to see Randy two nights in a row anyway.

I walked up to the bar to get myself a drink and some chips, unsure how I was going to go about the second one given there was never anyone serving at the bar and the chips were on the wall behind the bar. However as usual in Angel City I need not have worried about such small things because like everything else it was handled but some unseen power.

On the bar before me as I approached was a glass of Jack Daniels and coke and a packet of chicken flavoured potato chips, my favourite. I lit a smoke, leant on the bar, the band hadn’t taken the stage yet but the was a single spotlight on Lemmy’s microphone. I looked at my watch, it was past the time the two previous gigs I’d seen had started, it was like they were waiting for me to arrive before they took the stage.

By the time I’d finished my smoke and opened the packet of chips the band had taken the stage and the massive Bomber lighting rig was lit up in full glory.

For the third time the band put on a solid and flawless set, there was no extra bodies on stage and the set list was the same as the first time I saw them but it was still impressive. As I might have told you before I had seen Motorhead live before Lemmy’s death and they always put on a good show, but for some reason the shows in Angel City were always better. I don’t know maybe it was a case of seeing something no one else was seeing that made them so good, either way I wasn’t going to leave the room unhappy.

The following morning before I got out of bed I decided I would go home and start working on Lemmy’s request. It wasn’t that I was in a hurry to do his stuff, and he told me there was no hurry, but work was going to get in the way of things over the next few weeks and since work paid the bills I figured I should put some effort into it.

Over breakfast I told Lem I was headed home and that I would take his notes and organise what I could before my next visit. We discussed my time table and although I don’t think real world time meant a lot to Lemmy in Angel City he nodded and agreed with me in all the right places which gave me the indication he was listening. In actual fact I have no idea how Lemmy and the boys filled their time when I wasn’t here, did time even move? I just didn’t know.

When it was time to leave my car was once again parked at the front doors with my bags in the back seat, it had been washed and was sitting with the keys in the ignition. Throughout the drive back to the real world I couldn’t help but wonder what was going to happen when I ‘crossed over’. Sure I had done it before without any issues but this time I’d stayed in Angel City for two nights and in my mind that made a difference, at least I was thinking it did.

Maybe it’s a technicality but my previous visit was only an over night visit where as this visit was two nights and in my mind that meant I was returning to the real world two days older than I left. Two days might not be that much, but if time waited for me while I was in Angel City what would happen if I spent a week, a month, a year in Angel City? Would my body age prematurely and things start happening that were irreversible?

There is hundreds of movies and stories that talk about travel between two worlds like I was doing yet as I drove through the big gates, the gates I’d began to call “Würzel’s gates”, none of those stories seemed relevant. The closer I got to the trees that separated the two worlds the more those feelings filled my mind an as the front of the car began passing through I nearly stopped and turned around.

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