Although Danny himself had cooled down in relation to the annoying reporter trying to get information about his private life his mind obviously hadn’t cooled and when he went to bed it was all his brain wanted to think about. Because he’d kept himself active for most of the day and constantly told his mind to stop think about it the first thing that happened when his head hit the pillow was that his mind wanted to rehash the days events.

He didn’t get angry but because his brain wouldn’t shut down he tossed and turned for nearly two hours before he finally nodded off. At one point, in the dead quiet of night Tracey asked him if he was ok or if he wanted to talk, he wasn’t sure if he’d woken her up or if she had been laying there listening to him roll restlessly since he came to bed. He told her he as ok and that he was just having trouble sleeping. It was true he was having trouble sleeping but despite Tracey actually reaching out to him and offering to talk he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He tried to kid himself that it was because of the hour she was reaching out but even he knew there was more to refusing her warm offer than that.

While Danny eventually nodded off Tracey didn’t, she lay next to him for forty minutes listening to him breath and feeling a mixture of sadness and annoyance. She knew she done wrong, she knew things wouldn’t automatically repair themselves after a few days but after ten years lying next to him every night she could tell something was upsetting him. She just wished he would have told her instead of rolling around uncomfortable and awake for the whole time since he’d come to bed.

When Danny woke the following morning he felt tired and worn out, not a great way to start the day, but he was getting used to it. He rolled out of bed and stumbled into the shower trying not to wake Tracey, his hazy mind was uncontrollably singing a Hoodoo Guru’s classic.

Oh, the nights are long
And I’m so tired of waking up tired,
Man, they just drag on and on
And I’m so tired of waking up tired.
The company I’m keeping
Won’t let me get my sleep in.

He turned the taps of the shower on and waited for the warm water to come down the pipes, when it finally did he stepped into the shower still singing.

Oh, I have to go
But I’m so tired of waking up tired.
The lights are on but there is no-one home
‘Cause I´m so wired from waking up tired.
I need a month of Sundays
To help me cope with Mondays,
I just want to stay right here, safe and sound.
Blankets pulled up to my ears, safe and sound.

“Shit! Given I spend on average two out of four Sundays on the track during the racing year a month of them would kill me!”

I need a month of Wednesdays
To help me cope every day

“Nope doesn’t have the right ring to it!” Danny said to himself.

“Want to have lunch with me today?” Tracey asked while Danny sat at the table eating breakfast.

“I don’t know. I have a busy day.” Danny said absently knowing that his day wasn’t that hectic but not thinking enough to commit to any answer.

“Ok, if you change you’re mind give me a call. I’ll pick you up and we’ll go down to Sonya’s.”

Soyna’s was a cafe owned by Tracey’s sister, it was five minutes drive from the team workshop and one of the first places Danny went when Tracey pulled her disappearing act. Danny didn’t have anything against Tracey’s family, he liked them despite at times feeling like they were pushing him away, but when Tracey disappeared without telling them they did become closer. Danny wasn’t against eating at Sonya’s either, the fact that Tracey was suggesting it indicated she was trying to reconnect with her family as well, Danny’s biggest problem was that he was tired and eating breakfast, so lunch was the furthest thing from his mind.

“If things settle down I’ll call you.” It was only a little white lie covering another little white lie and Danny was able to convince himself it was ok.

When he left for work he even stepped up to Tracy, who was sitting at the table eating her breakfast, and kissed her on the cheek. It was an action done without thinking and too late to pull away from when his brain did kick in, but he didn’t entirely regret it. They parted ways with a goodbye and Danny again telling her he’d call for lunch it things changed.

Danny was only ten minutes late when he arrived at the team workshop but he was one of the last ones to arrive. Instead of wandering through the foyer and office Danny went straight for the workshop, passing Rick and the rest of the crew who were busily staring their work day. Like most peoples workday the crew’s day started around the coffee machine for most of them and Danny was able to meet and greet in a large group.

Danny and Rick had a brief discussion about the car and the suspension components, it was a bit of a rehash of the conversation they’d had on the phone the previous night but neither seemed to care. As friends do the conversation eventually turned to personal lives and while Danny didn’t have much else he wanted to tell Rick he was still happy for someone to talk to.

Danny wasn’t even half way through his coffee when Dave walked past and interrupted the two friends.

“My office now Danny!”

While Dave walked off in the direction in his office Danny turned to Rick and said, “Sound like someone’s pissed off!”

“Looks like it’s only level three though, you might survive another day!” Rick replied.

The two friends parted ways promising to catch up during the day and Danny headed to the team managers office.

No sooner had he stepped into the office that Dave said. “What the hell happened yesterday?”

Danny didn’t hold back, Dave might have been his boss Danny wasn’t being walked over. “I told you yesterday!”

“No you told me to get the woman out of here and get legal to deal with it.”

“Yeah and that’s what happened.”

“Well that’s part of it. What else happened?” Dave was obviously trying to get information about something but Danny didn’t know what it was.

“What are you talking about Dave? The woman was pushing a lot of private shit. She was trying to get me to make up shit against Tracey. She wasn’t interested in the team or the racing, just tabloid shit.”

“You know better than I do that some people in the media push shit for their own benefits. They have their own agendas, and like it or not you know someone out there is going to be interested in your private life no matter how much you and Tracey want to fuck things up.”

“Yeah I understand that Dave, but this woman crossed the line.”

“And that gave you the right to both verbally and psychically assault her did it?”

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