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Doing my bit to help!

Just doing my bit to help those who need it!


  1. Killer Ninja

    Me, but 3 am now got to go sleep

  2. My international clock says it’s 11:00 in Canberra, Australia. Y’all have a Christmas Island? How fun is that! Santa’s summer home?

  3. This is humorous!

  4. I see the party has continued without me, while I have been roaming the wilderness. I have a brief break in civilization and then it is back to the woods for me, with no connections to the outside world.

    • We waited as long as we could for you to arrive but in the end the party had to start. We kept a seat for you and save some party food just in case you turned up late. Make sure you get something to eat before you leave.

      I kind of envy you not being connected.

  5. Ok, now you’ve really lost it lost!

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