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The path to world peace

I’m going to have another rant today, isn’t this so much better than writing stories? 🙂

I was reading the letters to the editor in a free magazine that my car insurance company send out and like most letters to the editor of anything it was someone ranting about something. Let’s face it without rants the letters section to any magazine or newspaper is nothing. Some are good, some are funny and some are just people with nothing better to do…I could be one of the last group but I have a blog 🙂

People in general these days are just whingers, it’s easier to whinge about things than it is to make change. Then there is the whingers out there who actually think whinging brings change. Then there is the ones who whinge without even realising they do it. Then there is the ones who whinge about people whinging about something that is not worth whinging about. Well dammit I’m going to whinge now so if you don’t like it…stick it up ya jaxy!

Ok where was I going? Who cares I’m whinging!

Oh yeah, insurance magazine.

So the first letter I read was someone having a whinge about dual cab utes on our roads. These vehicles are a top seller in this country, I haven’t checked the figures for a while but I believe they outsell any other vehicle on the road. People buy them for all sorts of reasons, travel, bush bashing, trades and services, general cartage but generally for a reason. For a few years people were buying SUV’s and many of those were bought because of a perceived safety factor from the height of said vehicles but generally people don’t buy utes for that reason.

Should I add a disclaimer to this post now by saying I own a dual cab ute? No, fuck that, I don’t need to disclaim anything this is my rant.

Anyway the bottom line is a lot of people own dual cabs and they own them for lots of reasons. Just like hippy go lucky greenies have reasons for going to bed each night with their Prius people buy utes for their own reasons and telling someone those reasons are wrong is laughable.

So where was I? Oh yeah whingy bastard writing to magazine.

In the letter the author, here by known as Whingy Bastard, or WB for short, has done an extensive study of people on the road around him. He’s a city dweller, says he drives a Peugeot but is probably to embarrassed to admit he drives a Prius. He doesn’t say how many kilometres he drives but he drives the same roads most days and looks at those around him.

WB goes on to explain how ALL the dual cab utes he sees on the road contain only one passenger, not only that none of them he sees have tools, junk, boxes etc in the rear. WB then makes the claim that there is so much wasted space on the road because of these large vehicles with only one passenger in them. He admits to only ever having one person in his Prius Peugeot, but that’s acceptable because it’s only a small car.

Ok so lets look at this a bit more.

ALL Dual cabs only contain one passenger.
I call bullshit, not the number the thought itself. Sure there will be some, maybe even a majority that don’t have passengers but there is a shit load of reasons for this. 50% of my daily trips contain only me in the car. I suppose I could always drive the kids to school and just park out the front and wait for them to finish, or maybe I could pick up a hitch hiker every morning just to make sure WB doesn’t see me with no passengers wasting all that space.

No tools etc in the ute.
Again I call bullshit. Who’s to say the driver isn’t returning from a delivery? Who’s to say the ute is not used on the weekend to transport shit and it’s not viable to own a daily driver and something useful and practical for the weekend? What about the utes like mine with a canopy and dark windows? In your little battery eating shitbox Prius Mr WB you can’t see what’s in the back of my ute. It could be set up for camping, it could be full of boxes of computer equipment for me to build and sell, but no because you can’t immediately see something all dual cab utes are empty.

What about the space they take up on the road?
Well lets face it everything takes up space on the road and my ute is longer than your little shitbox but I also pay more to have it on the road. I pay more in road tolls, I pay more in fuel, but I also don’t have to hire a truck to move my ego from point A to point B. I also don’t have a need for two cars, one to make you happy in a weekday commute and one to serve a fucking purpose!

Don’t get me wrong this is not a bitchy rant because some Peugeot driving numpty who can’t even admit he drives a Prius doesn’t like my choice of vehicle it’s a bitchy rant because it’s close minded fuck wits like him that make driving the chore it is.

This idiot spends way too much time on the road worrying about a particular range of vehicles, he’s blind to the fact that there is reasons for the number of passengers, he’s blind to the reasoning as to why some don’t appear to have a load in them and he’s blind to anything other than his own point of view.

Obviously I’m not suggesting he can’t have a point of view we all have them but voicing such a naive point of view only proves the single mindedness of so many of our road users. Hate on trucks, hate on SUV’s, hate on cyclists, hate on road rules, there is hate on just about everything and the one thing all these haters have in common is that they all think their point of view is the only one to have and everyone else should adhere to their way of thinking.

So Mr. WB, (who I’m sure will read this because thousands upon thousands of people read my shit) wake up to yourself. It’s fine to have a dislike for those big bad dual cab utes that loom over your little matchbox car but to be so blind that you can’t even see the ridiculousness of your own claims is part of the reasons our roads are in the state they are.

Actually I suppose this could nearly relate to every aspect of life. Whingers whinging about things they don’t like, Whingers whinging about things that others do because it’s not what they would do. Whingers whinging about rules they don’t like. Whingers whinging about whinging.

Here’s an idea, lets all get along with each other by whinging about what those around us do. Let’s be friendly and nice by demanding others do things the way we do them. And lets win friends and influence people by telling them they are wrong because they don’t agree with you.

May you all wake up tomorrow and strive for unity by telling someone else they are wrong!


  1. Excellent rant.

    It’s your right to drive whatever you want that’s road legal (or not if you are brave enough). You are obviously paying more in fees — fuel, taxes, tolls, etc…

    But living where I do there’s a lot of farms and construction businesses. People drive trucks. S.O. has a truck. He lives on a farm (although not producing much) and his truck has come in handy so many times (like driving four hours to pick up a washer and dryer from my folks, helping me move a dozen times, hauling stuff). Also, I feel safer in his truck than I do in my little Chevy Cobalt. Also, the last time there was an eclipse we blew up an inflatable mattress in the cab, and watched the eclipse — very romantic.

    Also, living in the south means football aka tailgating. You can’t do that if you don’t have a tail gate….

    • I love ranting about road users. Down here if you can’t drive 5ks over the limit, remind yourself ever minute and a half that every other driver around you is doing something wrong and don’t have the dashcam footage to post on the internet you are a bad driver.

      I personally don’t care how other driver, we all make mistakes at some stage, we all have brain farts, martyring ourselves because a 10 second video shows 1 person in the million you share the road with on any day doing something wrong does not make anyone a good driver it makes them a fucking whinger.

      Like I say I don’t care how people drive but I will call them out for being closed minded numpties who think their way of doing something is the only way.

      The majority of our utes aren’t as big as your ‘trucks’ because a decent Ford F250 which I could happily own is in excess of $120K here where as a ute like mine (Nissan Frontier is about the closest in the US) is less than $50K. So Mr WB in his Pruis doesn’t even know what driving on the road with big vehicles even is. God help the whinger if he ever found himself within a 100 kilometres of a road train

      • Right. You haven’t seen jacked up truck until you’ve been to the redneck part of the US. Literally there are these huge jacked up trucks on the road where you need a ladder to get into them. And THEN they have the gall to add truck nuts.

        Dear god, truck nuts.

        • We can’t drive jacked up trucks on the road here. Depending on the vehicle about the best we can do is 5 or 6 inches and still be registered, some can’t get insured. To be honest that’s one road rule I don’t really mind, we have enough road registered shit boxes without home mechanics jacking shit up and making them 20 feet high.

          There is one guy at the kids school that has truck nuts on a ute similar to mine. I want to go and punch him and tell him he’s an embarrassment to all Nissan drivers.

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