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International Slayer Day

flamming drummer

Ok since I know no one reads my dribble I’m safe to post this without scaring anyone.

Today (6/6) is International Slayer Day.

For the uneducated that is the International day to celebrate the Californian thrash metal band Slayer. They have been around 36 years, influenced just about every metal band ever since and been embroiled in some of the stupidest media lead controversies ever, purely because they were Slayer. They’ve released 12 studio albums that the majority of the world probably haven’t heard and many are too scared to listen to and they have broken nearly every record for a heavy metal band.

Three and a half years ago after original guitarist Jeff Hanneman died a roundabout in Poland was named the Jeff Hanneman Circle Pit. While only last week and Ukrainian Zoo erected a statue of lead singer and bass player Tom Araya standing in front of the Slayer logo and some of the lyrics from their song Dead Skin Mask.

For 36 years Slayer has been at the forefront of heavy metal/thrash metal and there are few bands that can claim the success they can. In celebration here’s a few Slayer videos to annoy those game enough to play them.

Raining Blood.
(Just like I told my kids when I showed them the video earlier today. What you’re seeing is not real, there is no need to be scared.)

Angel Of Death.
(One of Slayer’s most controversial songs ever, mainly because of namby pamby whingers. However this song does hold a better record it’s got some of the most powerful drumming every recorded with Dave Lombardo reaching 210 beats per minute. Again it’s nothing to be sacred of.)

So in celebration of International Slayer day take the day off work and become educated in some first class thrash metal!!


  1. This is the greatest thing I’ve seen all week. Thanks!

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