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Is it Dinner time yet?

bad poetry

I’ve only just finished my cold breakfast
But now there’s a pig that must be harassed
Too tired to give the pig a good roasting
Too tired to spend my time a’boasting

Nine AM and I need to start prepping
To prepare this pig there is no side stepping
For eight hours she will be a’cooking
Damn it’s hard being this good looking

More herbs and spices than the colonel
This is no time to feel paternal
Slow cooked piggy a definite treat
Pulled apart tender and sweet

Might even try mixing in a sauce of bourbon
Some might say that’s a touch to urban
But I don’t care this piggy is not their beast
It’s mine and they ain’t invited to my feast

It wont be George he is to young
And Mummy is to high strung
It wont be Daddy he’s just a schlepper
Guess for dinner we’re having Peppa


  1. A very good post. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, poor Peppa! My four year old granddaughter wouldn’t like that! And just how good lookin is ghost, mister incognito?

  3. Yum. What time is dinner? Oh, I forgot, I’m not invited. : (. The good looking ones never invite you to dinner. This was delightful.

    • Peppa still has a few hours too cook yet.

      I don’t know about the good looking ones not inviting people to dinner, my wife invited me to dinner once…actually it was more like breakfast since I was just finishing night shift.

      and thank you, if only the block was off other writing endeavours. I punched one out for Danny this morning but thats as far as I got.

  4. She’s a smart woman. Enjoy!

    • Pulled pork rolls today, chicken and corn soup yesterday. Smart sure as hell doesn’t apply to the sucker who makes all this work for himself 🙂

      • I get the impression you love taking care of your family. Hugz! Yum! I love pulled pork. I’m going to have to make you an honorary Texan. : )

        • I get the impression you is delusional 😛

          I don’t smoke it like we here see traditional southerners do because I don’t have a smoker but I do have a slow cooker and it’s kind of a southern style recipe I use.

          But hey I like the idea of being Texan, I can even get hold of a genuine Texan hat (since our Aukubra’s are a bit different.)

  5. You sure seem to have some Texas spirit. : ) The hat just confirms it. You bring a smile.

    • Texas spirit? Bourbon? 🙂

      My grand parents bought the hat in Texas somewhere about 30 years ago for dad but even back then none of us could wear it because it was a too small. I guess us Aussie really do have big heads 🙂

      I’m glad there is a smile 🙂

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