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The Day The Music Lived: Damage Case


When I walked into that dinning room for breakfast and Lemmy’s comment was, “Phil, good to see you. We need to talk about your next job.” and the response was “Do ya own bloody work Lem, I’m not your slave!” I was as surprised as you were, the difference is I knew it wasn’t my voice that said it because I was laughing. It was Philthy Phil Taylor who replied hence the smart arse response.

“Don’t listen to him Phil, make the old bastard do his own dirty work!” Philthy said to me as we stepped up to put in our breakfast order.

With a hankering for an omelette, because I’m too lazy to cook them for myself at home, I ordered exactly that and of course a coffee, even in Angel City I couldn’t start my day properly without a coffee. As with the last time I was in Angel City breakfast arrived swiftly and piping hot.

“So what’s on the agenda for today?” I asked Lemmy forgetting that I hadn’t reacted to his previous statement.

“You and me are going to have some words.” Lemmy said reminding me of what he’d said as we entered.

“Oh yeah. Will they be specific words, or can we just make them up as we go?” I replied.

I was getting a little more sarcastic with my remarks the longer I stayed in Angel City and since no one seemed to mind I kept doing it.

“You do realise any talks you have with Phil are going to seriously hamper his Warcraft playing time.” Philthy said with a smile and a mouthful of food.

Isn’t it strange how in a situation where those around you are laughing you too find yourself laughing, even when you don’t find the situation that funny to begin with. That’s what was happening around the dinning room table. Lemmy and Philthy were laughing at Philthy’s comment, which was a bit of an attack on me. I wasn’t hurt or upset by the comment but I didn’t find it as funny as they did.

“Whatcha all laughing at?” Würzel said as he entered the room and made his way to order breakfast.

Even he laughed when Philthy recalled his little comment, maybe it was just me after all.

By the time the laughter had stopped Würzel had his breakfast and we all sat down and ate in silence. While eating I came to the conclusion that walking on egg shells wasn’t the way to live in Angel City. I was kind of looking forward to finding out what job Lemmy had lined up for me but at the same time that didn’t mean I couldn’t have my own fun before that job arrived.

I pushed my chair back away from the table and allowed myself the space to stand up, stepping clear of the chair and starting to walk away I said, “Well I haven’t got time to sit here and talk with you lot all day, I’ve got Orcs to kill,” and with that I headed for the door.

Although I heard laughter as I walked out the door none of them followed me. I didn’t really expect them to follow me but the fact they didn’t and the fact there was no comments made indicted to me that it wasn’t something that annoyed them.

Remaining true to my word I walked straight to the computer room, I figured as BOFH it was my duty to make sure the computer system worked and playing Warcraft was testing something I’m sure. Because time in Angel City didn’t mean anything in the outside world hanging around while I spent the day playing Warcraft really wasn’t an issue, although I didn’t intend to spend the whole day playing games.

I looked at the clock when Lemmy walked in, it was three minutes past eleven AM, I’d been playing Warcraft for nearly three hours and it barely felt like any time at all.

“Haven’t you beaten that game yet?”

“Have you played it?” I asked.

“Yeah of course, and the expansion set.”

“Smart Arse!” I replied.

“What’s that? Did I just hear you challenge me to a game of Quake?” Lemmy asked.

I have to admit while I knew that Lemmy played video poker games I’d never really taken him for a gamer, especially not a first player shooter, but I was up for a challenge.

“It’s been a while but I’m not one to step away from a challenge.” I said.

Lemmy and I played Quake for nearly four hours and when we finally stopped playing it was three PM, although we’d played right through lunch without thinking about food I was definitely thinking of food the second we stopped.

“Just order it on the computer.” Lemmy said as I suggested making a trip back to the dinning room. “You are the BOFH after all.”

I didn’t remember using the term BOFH in front of Lemmy so either he knew the term or some how he’d been reading my mind, obviously the first one! I didn’t have to worry about asking how to order lunch, Lemmy had also worked up an appetite playing Quake and took over the ordering before I even had a chance to look.

Just like in the dinning room our food appeared from a hole in the wall, it’s the strangest kind of dumb waiter system I’d very seen. Even before Lemmy started his food he got out of games mode and back into serious work mode.

“So are you ready to talk work now that I’ve kicked your arse at Quake?” he said in his gravelly British accent.

I considered making a joke about whose arse got kicked but decided against it. “Yeah, so what it is I can do for you?

“Well for starters you can get me some music. I want the latest you can get from Phil,” he obviously meant Phil Campbell, the surviving guitarist from Motorhead. “Whatever you can get, I’ve heard a little but I want the latest. I also want you to check out and get the latest from Barbed Wire Dolls, Others, Budderside and Desperate.”

I knew exactly who Lemmy was talking about, they were all bands on his own Motorhead Music label, bands he’d taken an interest in before he died. I hadn’t checked out the website for a while to see if anything was new but over lunch I assured him I’d look for him.

“I also want to know what Mickey is up too.” Again I knew what he was talking about Mickey Dee, drummer from Motorhead.

“He’s going on tour with the Scorpions and playing silly buggers on web videos.” I said have not long ago been caught up with some of his antics on the web.

Those two tasks seemed pretty easy, the biggest decision I would have to make was whether to get get Lemmy the music on a CD with something pretty to look at or just on a USB stick, or cover my arse both ways and get him both! However my thoughts of an easy task were short lived because after we had both finished eating Lemmy laid the big job on me!

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  1. And what could that be….? You like strings, don’t you?

  2. Your writing is so realistic and yet the scenes are in a fantasy land. It’s interesting. I like that he’s sassy, except in men, I think they call it smart-ass. I think this character is delightful. I like him. : )

  3. Why was it titled Damage Case?

    • Every chapter is a Motorhead song, some fit some don’t and some I kind of get lazy when I’m searching for a name 🙂 Kind of thought DC fitted with the game playing, I know Warcraft made me a Damaged Case and I couldn’t be bothered looking for something else 🙂

      • Oh, I didn’t realized the title thing. (Sorry) What a cool idea. You’re very creative. : )

        • It’s not my creativity they made the song names 🙂
          I wouldn’t have thought anyone but someone familiar with the music would realise the names but it’s one of the silly little things I have in my head. I may have no goal in mind but I can use song titles 😛

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