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The Pirate Captain: Leviathan: Set Sail

The good captain, the fair maiden and the entire crew of 400 men watched as the previous second mate shuffled off jetty and towards the paved walk way. He’d been called down the gang plank and presented with his wrapped parcel after being told that his position no longer existed. In the pirate world such a presentation was synonymous with being given ones marching orders. Each and every pirate standing there watching also knew the procedure and that there was more pride in walking away without arguing than standing in defence of the job that was no longer yours.

“Aye matey, whar be ye goin’?” called the pirate captain as his old second mate stepped off the jetty and onto the paved pathway.

The second mate stopped, turned to face his old captain and shrugged his shoulders. The look on his face was as to be expected from someone removed from his post without warning, sullen and questioning.

“Whar ye officially dismissed?” the good captain called. When the previous second mate shook his head the captain spoke again. “Then get back here ’til ye be asked.”

As the previous second mate shuffled his way back to the good captain the entire crew looked on in amazement. They’d never before seen the good captain fire anyone from their post let alone fire them and demand their continued attention in the way he was after they’d been given their matching orders.

“I ask ye again, whar be ye goin’?” the good captain asked but when the previous second mate only shrugged his shoulders and did not speak the captain spoke again. “I ain’t hearin’ ye!”

“I be goin’ home.” replied the previous second mate in a quiet sullen voice.

“Maybe ye be openin’ th’ parcel before ye be off pirate!” the good captain said without showing any emotion.

The previous second mate couldn’t believe what was happening not only had he never been fired before he’d worked under the good captain for so long he honestly felt they were friends. To be humiliated in such a way, in front of his friends and crew mates, was worse than being made to walk the plank.

The previous second mate held the package in his hands like it was a bomb with a short wick. Hesitantly he pulled the string that wrapped around the paper, the once tight knot gently slipped undone before his tear filled eyes. As the paper gently loosened itself from it’s tightly wrapped bundle the once second mate rolled the package over and the parcels contents began revelling itself.

Almost immediately as the wrapping opened the previous second mate could tell the contents were material of some kind. As the wrapping paper fell to the ground and all he was left with in his hands were the package contents he could further tell the package contents was a jacket.

His mind swam with thoughts in the brief seconds he stood there holding the jacket. “What sort of parting gift were they giving him?”, “Why was his parting gift different to what other pirates had reportedly been given?”, “What what going on?”

“Well, aren’t ye goin’ to show th’ crew?” The good captain said to the previous second mate.

He was still hesitant and some what embarrassed as he turned to the ship he’d just been removed from and began to unfold the jacket. It was at that point he realised exactly what he was holding in his hands. As soon as he turned the jacket front towards the ship the entire crew let out a roar and a tear formed in the previous second mate’s eye, but this time it was a tear of joy.

Standing before the crew the previous second mate was holding a captain’s jacket.

“Quiet men!” the good captain started, he waited until the men were quiet before continuing. “Please be welcomin’ ya’ new cap’n ‘o th’ Revenge, Cap’n Seawolf Bildgepoole.”

Every one of the men cheered for a solid three minutes as the emotional previous second mate put on his new jacket and came to terms with what had just happened.

After a few minutes the Captain Bildgpoole turned to the good captain and said. “Ye definitely got me sir. I had no idea ’tis was whar ye were goin’.”

“That was th’ idea cap’n.”

“I thank ye cap’n, I gunna not let ye down.” the new captain replied.

For the next ten minutes the good captain, his fair maiden and the new captain discussed the new role. Captain Bildgepoole would indeed captain the Revenge as he saw fit. The two ships would battle together, raid together and sail together but the new captain would command his own ship and crew at all times while working side by side with the good captain. From the outside the upgraded job was little more than a new title compared to what he’d been doing since they’d salvaged the Revenge but the title was more than he could ever wish for.

“Ok cap’n be off wit’ ye, we sail in less that three hours be sure to be makin’ ye new ship be ready to ride th’ waves by then.” the good captain said.

“She will be ready, Cap’n.” he replied.

Three hours later the two ships were heading out the past the heads of the bay, the Revenge sailed proudly half a dozen ship lengths in front of the Privateer. They’d waited until the turn of high tide before they set sail, the swell of the waves through the heads at high tide was always rougher than at low tide but the extra water under the ships was always preferred given the rocky outcrop of the heads. Once out in the deep oceans they knew the weather was calm and the swell would ease, they just need to clear the heads.

With sufficient water underneath them the ships turned left and headed east into the still rising sun. The good captain let Captain Bildgepoole lead the voyage with the Revenge however should they be spotted their large flapping ensigns flying from the rear decks would show unity and hopefully ward off any potential attackers.

Both captains knew the trip would be long, they knew they’d be at sea for the best part of two days and two nights before they even got close to Leviathan’s lair, but they were prepared and would sail really farrrrrce t.

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  1. Farrrce? ❤️❤️❤️❤️Loved this one, and I hoped that would be what was contained in the parcel. Ahhhh, made my day…

    • Farrrrce-t was suppose to be because I couldn’t fit the prompt word in but the stupid fucked up WP system that is controlled by dumb fucks who have no fucking desire to fix because they are braindead fucken monkeys didn’t allow it. I was going to delete it but I thought fuck it!

      On the upside the emojis came through!

      • Whoa, don’t be shy with your response!I thought it was intentional, liked it!

        • If only they’d read it. I’m sick of WP and their shitty system lately. The number of people I know (and I don’t read too many) who are suffering any number of problems WP claim aren’t there is ridiculous. I’m nearly about to piss the entire system off.

          Farrrrrce-t wasn’t really a great pirate word but it kind of fitted so I ran with it.

          • My phone and iPad both acting up. Maybe it’s the weather? Couldn’t be me, surely! I am impatient for sure.

            • My mouse is acting up but I don’t blame the weather, I blame WP…I know that’s unfair, they aren’t responsible for my mouse but they take no notice of other complains so me blaming them for the mouse is not going to worry them.

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