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Desert Rescue: Driving Wheels

Well I’m following the broken lines
Living on my own time
Halls Creek Pub and Nick’s heart all left behind
I swear I couldn’t close my eyes
As I shift into overdrive
I’ve been up and down this road so many times

Like my singing? If not you can get off the ride now! Ok I know I’m not the world’s greatest singer but when the only audience you sing for is yourself who cares if that audience doesn’t like it. In all honesty I have never been told off for my dulcet tones whilst driving myself along the highway so I’ve never really worried about doing it.

Shall I start again? Ok thanks.

Well I’ve thought about settling down
A little diner on the edge of town
But in this world of push and shove
I’ve still got freedom in his blood

Oops I forgot to change the word in the last verse. Still I think Jimmy Barnes would be proud of my efforts at singing his iconic Aussie song, Driving Wheels. He’ll be even happier to know that I’m spreading it through out the world when my millions of followers read my adventures. You’re welcome Jimmy!

So what was I doing other than driving down the road exercising my wonderfully harmonic voice that you are now so in love with? I was on the way to another rescue of course.

I was heading south west out of Halls Creek along Duncan Road, which makes what I was singing a bit of a lie, because there is no broken lines to follow, even us clever Aussies haven’t figured out how to reliably paint white lines down the middle of a dirt road. Anyway I was heading south west out of Halls Creek along Duncan Road, did I already say that? Ok I’ll start again.

I was heading south west out of Halls Creek along Duncan Road, which makes what I was singing…only kidding.

I was far enough out of town that the bitumen had turned to dirt, thick red dirt, the kind that clings to everything. You might remember I’ve spoken about how the red dirt impregnates everything in a vehicle and even washing it doesn’t get rid of it, well this kind of road makes driving on the sand tracks a pleasure. Even on days after rain where the dust levels drop a little bit the red dirt is not a pleasant place because it becomes claggy and lumpy.

We hadn’t seen rain for a few days so Duncan Road was back to it’s dustiest best and my two biggest concerns were road trains, trucks with three trailers or more, and the pot holes in the road that are large enough for one of those road trains to disappear into. As I’ve told you before I don’t drive like a city driver, I drive to the conditions and therefore in parts along Duncan Road I could be driving at speeds as slow as thirty kilometres per hour. Such speeds obviously slowed me down but they also gave me plenty of time to react to things like road trains and pot holes.

In most cases, especially in the dry, the road was wide enough to safely pass a truck, if both drivers were sensible, and pretty much all of the truck drivers up here were. Because of the dust plumes left behind as vehicle, especially a large truck, drove such dry roads on coming vehicles were often easy to spot and be prepared for. The other thing which made passing trucks easier was that most of them relied on their CB radios as much as I did and as soon as they saw a dust plume that meant a vehicle was coming towards them they would get on the radio and make contact. With some of the tourists it was a bit harder to predict how they handled a passing car, some would move over some would expect the other person to do all the moving, but again the slow speeds helped make the right decisions.

So there you have it, I was heading south west along Duncan Road singing my little heart out to Jimmy Barnes and headed out to a rescue. It was mid morning, the morning after the small town of Halls Creek was visited by a Stormtrooper who was walking all the way around Australia for charity. We’d had dinner with the guy when he arrived in town and Gary and Jarrod, the boys I’d rescued after their Pajero got stuck on a rock, remained true to our word and donated the majority of the rescue fee they owed me to the Stormtrooper’s charity. While some of the town and the Stormtrooper might have had a late night I wouldn’t have known because I was home in bed by 10pm.

Like usual I was awake early and doing a few little things around the house, nothing maintenance like, just picking things up, moving things and generally pottering, as some folk might call it. When the call came in, it was a direct call so I’m not sure where they got my number from, I was actually a bit relieved to have a job I could go and do. I was even happier to find out the job was relatively local. The stranded party was only about forty kilometres from town.

I was headed south west…ok ok, I wont do that again!

What I was heading to was another river crossing failure. For such a dry area of the country you might be surprised by how many river crossing failures we have, but don’t be. I’m not one to get an entire history and back story from the parties I rescue whilst on the phone, I much prefer to get the relevant information as quick as possible in case phones or batteries fail mid conversation. Not asking for a life story also means I can get on the road quicker.

Because of how close the rescue was to town I was confident that if I had no problems I would be home by two maybe three o’clock in the afternoon, so once I got the information I needed I was a little bit lax with how much information I allowed the stranded party to offer before I got one the road.

I was heading towards a family of four, mum, and two kids, one of each flavour from what I could make out. They were on holiday from Norway, three weeks into an eight month vacation travelling around the country, half their luck I say! Anyway they were attempting a water crossing of the Elvire River and they’d got stuck. Not just stuck, bogged in the river, a little like Jarrod and Gary only they were bogged not stuck.

Given their location it was going to be an easy rescue and should pose me no real worries at all even without any collaboration. It was one of those rescues that makes this job easy. So I was headed south west…..

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  1. I like your singing! : )
    … and she’s off again!

    • My singing sounds brilliant in written form 🙂

      She’s off? Can you tell from there? Maybe I should make her shower more, to be honest I didn’t think I need to write shower scenes I thought it was a given she showered with the deadly kangaroos, snakes and crocodiles whenever it rained!

  2. Got it, headed southwest, I’m not deaf!Love Dean!

    • Sometimes because of the time delay between when I write these and when you comment on them I have no idea what you are talking about, but I do remember the southwest thing. The other problem is that because of the time delay I don’t even remember the mind set I was in at the time of writing. I could have been in a stupid mood and written something a sane person wouldn’t write, or more likely I could have been tired and what was written was the kind of stuff my awake brain a week later can’t figure out.

      • Sounds like you need more rest in either case! Story went fine, enjoyed both.

        • I always need more rest I don’t always get it though. I not long ago woke up from a nap out the front of the school and now I feel like shit.

          • Because you fell asleep or that you can’t get to sleep at night because of it?

            • I feel like shit because my shoulder has gone out on me and I’m guessing a large part of why it went out on me was because I feel asleep in the car waiting at the school and wasn’t comfortable. Things will go one of two ways now, my body will either shut down because of the aching and pain and for an hour or so I’ll be useless or the ache will ease soon and I’ll be my normal screwball self. it could go either way.

              • Sorry about the pain. I lived with pain for many years. Not now. Now I just have the ordinary old lady stuff! Take care of yourself!

                • I’ll be ok in a little while 🙂

                  There isn’t much I can do, I refuse to go back under the knife and pain killers don’t work so I just grin and bear it when it happens.

                  • Have you tried any of those new patches they advertise that contain lidocaine? I’m severely allergic to it, but if you’re not, it might be worth trying.

                    • I have no about any patches. I can get a prescription for morphine tablets but even they don’t work when the pain reaches the point of shutting me down and because it happens so fast I can’t even take them and hope they work in time. It’s easier just to ride it out.

                    • The patches are over the counter and advertised by Shaquille ONeill the BB player. Tried acupuncture? I never did cause I hate needles.

                    • Problem is because the medical profession claim there is nothing wrong no else can figure out what to do. I can report a sore shoulder, show them what was done but unless it’s hurting at the time they can’t be sure they are doing anything. I’ve had all sorts of treatments and the pain comes back, and because I can’t ring any medical professional right now and get an appointment while it’s hurting by the time I can get in it’s not hurting. It’s a never ending catch 22.

                    • Very frustrating. Sorry. I wouldn’t recommend Fentanyl. That’s what I was put on. Addictive. Tried marijuana?

                    • I use to smoke it but not for that reason 😛

                      It’s still not legal here, they are working on it but typical governments there is too much red tape to get through before they make their decisions. I suppose it’s a positive that they are working towards we might see it in a few years but no government here wants to be saying yes and later have a death attributed to it. I can understand their point but it’s not helping those who claim it works.

                      Providing I don’t abuse the system I could get just about anything from a doctor but I’m not one that takes drugs…well not any more.

                    • I know what you mean. Especially with kids around. I had the opportunity to try it after the Fentanyl was outlawed busy the doctors in my area, but couldn’t do it, considering grandchildren always around. Some things are not worth the consequences. But the docs who hooked me on more and stronger Fentanyl didn’t give me other choices. One guy said I could take methodone. I could picture me in a line of addicts with my paper cup. No thanks!

                    • I don’t so much have a problem with the kids because medical weed wont get me high, and the kids don’t find my stash of pain killers which would be too strong for them. I just tend to give up trying to fight pain with mind numbing tablets and lets face it pain killers are exactly that, they alter the brain’s perception of pain, they no more know that you’ve got a sore toe than they do a sore bum.

                      Back when I first did my shoulder I had a really good doctor and he wouldn’t recommend me anything he wouldn’t take himself. If he hadn’t turned out to be such a shit friend he’d still be my doctor.

                    • That’s another story, I’m sure. Sorry again.

                    • Age old story, never mix business with pleasure. ta!

                    • Hmm, of course you’re not going to write it, but it is intriguing.

                    • The nitty gritty details aren’t all there but I’m sure I’ve touched on the subject before. We worked with the doctor on the farms, he gave over the fence consults, he did a lot of the money work and we did the hard work, but he turned into a shit when he massively over capitalised and his missus blamed everyone else by him so she absolved all of his farm business relations and bought everyone out. At 70 years old he now has over $2mill in debt, farms that wont turn a profit for at least 10 years, asbestos leaking into the creek and no time to do anything because he’s spending 80+ hours a week running his doctors clinics so they can finance the farms.

                    • Now that is a good story. Sure you can’t rearrange a bit and put it out here?

                    • Yeah I’d love to put it out there, in the local paper. “Prominent local doctor with 8 clinics caught burying asbestos in water course feeding local river used by hundreds for drinking!” Unfortunately it would be deemed sour grapes story and even the environment authority here wouldn’t touch it. Works the same if you get injured at work and try to dob the employer in after they’ve sacked you. It’s a bullshit system but one that’s hard to fight.

                    • What do you have like our EPA

                    • EPA, but they are pretty gutless and only act on stupid shit like people throwing cigarette butts out the window of their cars and things that make them known in the media. I fined a power station last week for putting toxins in the creek but it’s only because coal fire power stations are so hated now that they chase them. they’ve ignored so many other issues

                    • There’s probably plenty. Whereas here, our new leader is going in the opposite direction. I think it may not be long before he’s removed from office.

                    • The EPA here is government run but it doesn’t make any difference which flavour of government we have they are spineless.

                    • Such good news. Goodnight buddy.

                    • Yeah it’s all good news here 😛


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