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The Pirate Captain: Leviathan: In Training P3

“Well me dear, gunna ye be joinin’ us on th’ voyage to battle th’ might beast?” The good captain asked his fair maiden as they walked towards the jetty where their two large ships were moored.

It was several hours before they were due to leave and just after the sun had begun to rise. The good captain and the fair maiden were wandering down towards the jetty, the captain held a large wrapped parcel in his arms. Despite the early hour of the morning the jetty and the boats were both a hive of activity.

“Of course I will be joining you, I love your hospitality!”

“Ye sure? Thar be no embarrassment in wantin’ to stay behind. We be knowin’ ’tis be no normal battle.”

“My dear,” she began, “When I joined you on your voyage of the seven seas I joined you for better or worse. I joined to be by your side be it in battle or in bed. I will not be remaining behind on shore!”

“Then me dear I gunna be happy to have ye on th’ voyage.”

The good captain knew that the fair maiden had been training along side his men, along side him. During the training there was no mercy shown because of her gender, they trained with her as if she was any other pirate and just like any other pirate she was ready for battle. For the most part of the battle she would be by her good captain’s side, the opposite side to his second mate, but when it came to battle everyone on that ship knew she would fight to the death, if need be, for her captain and her ship.

As they walked along the jetty the second mate of the Privateer walked down the gang plank.

“Me laddie, how be th’ preparations goin’? Will we be ready to sail at th’ high ‘o th’ tide?” the good captain said before the second mate had stepped onto the jetty.

“Yarr cap’n, we gunna be ready!” Grifter O’Scurvey said in a loud and proud voice.

Having been promoted to second mate when the good captain needed a second captain to lead the Revenge Grifter O’Scurvey was still learning his job, but it was a job he took on with gusto and eagerness. He had the respect of the crew and he knew what it took to prepare a ship for sail having worked immediately under the second mate in his previous role.

“And where are you at with the preparation?” The fair maiden asked.

Knowing that a question from the fair maiden was as good as a question from the captain himself Grifter didn’t hesitate with his answer. “Th’ hulls be stocked, th’ galleys be bein’ stocked as we talk. Th’ decks have be swabbed ‘n th’ sails be ready.”

“Extra jolly me scurvy pirate! Continue.” The good captain replied.

The good captain had put his faith in Grifter O’Scurvey and Grifter planned not to let the captain down. Even before the captain and his fair maiden moved off towards the Revenge Grifter was bidding them farewell and heading off in the opposite direction not wanting to waste time or slow down preparation for the big voyage.

The preparation for battling the mighty beast Leviathan had been progressing nicely. In the fifteen hours since the good captain had made his final announcement that they would be leaving port the 400 strong crew had organised the ships for the long journey.

There had been a slight hold up on the cannonballs but only because the good captain had ordered so many. When they finally set sail there would be more than 35,000 cannonballs stored in the hulls of his two huge ships. Part of the good captain’s reasoning for ordering so many cannonballs was because he knew the threat of meeting other ships on the open sea was present whenever they were at sail. Should they meet another pirate crew they needed to be prepared for battle. Swift and unrelenting cannon fire from two ships, he hoped would be enough to drive away any potential battlers, scaring away any potential problem before it became close combat war..

There was also a large cache of weapons stored in the hulls, pistols, swords, knives, all manner of weapons which had to be made or sourced before the voyage began. The saving grace with the trip to battle Leviathan was that the booty at the end of a successful trip was not measured in how full of jewels or gold the hulls would be and therefore space did not have to be saved.

The good captain and the fair maiden slowly stepped along the jetty towards the Revenge. The good captain shuffled the package in his hand.

“Whar be that scruvy stand in cap’n ‘o mine? Th’ one in charge ‘o ’tis here ship?” The good captain called standing at the end of the gang plank and and calling in his loudest voice.

The entire crew of the Revenge stopped and turned toward the loud voice wondering what was going on.

“Aye Matey I be ‘ere.” Called the second mate as he walked towards the opposite end of the gang plank. “What do ye want?”

“Be here now!” As the second mate walked down the gang plank towards his captain.”Listen up me band o’ pirates!” he called to the rest of the crew to ensure their attention was upon him.

By the time the second mate was at the bottom of the gang plank the crew were standing at attention wondering what they were waiting to see.

“Cap’n,” the second mate nodded at his captain, then turned to the fair maiden and nodded, “Ma’am.”

“How be th’ preparations comin’ along?” the good captain asked.

“On schedule captain.” was all the the second mate replied, still wondering why the entire crew had been called to attention to hear such news.

“Good.” there was a pause before he continued. “We thank ye fer ye effort in preparin’ th’ Revenge fer sail ‘n fer preparin’ th’ crew. We thank ye fer ye lead wit’ th’ trainin’, ye efforts gunna not be forgotten. However ye be ‘n fer a long time the second mate ‘n these be th’ jobs ‘o a cap’n not a second mate.”

“It’s be ’n me honour to serve ye cap’n.” the second mate said.

“Yarr but unfortunately some jolly thin’s must come to an end. Ye have been replaced.”

The entire crew let out a collective and audible gasp as the good captain paused.

“As ye be knowin’ I now have a second mate aboard the Privateer which also means ye previous position has be taken.”

Another collective gasp from the crew.

“We’re sorry but thar be nothin’ else left. We must let ye be off as second matey.”

Having seen many a crew member get their marching orders over their years of piracy every crew member knew that the handing over of the package from the good captain’s hand to the second mate was the final words that would be said on the matter. The second mate would have no recourse and neither would he ask for it, he’d receive his package and take his leave.

The good captain handed the package over, the paper ruffled as it swapped hands. Once in the second mate’s hands he stepped off the gang plank turned for one last look at the ship then began his walk along the jetty.

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