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Pursue to peruse

I know the word is Pursue but I’m deliberately going to miss-spell it and make it peruse….because I can! Oh and because I can peruse a blog but I’m not going to pursue it.

It’s been a few months since it happened Jan 24 to be exact, because I still have copies of the emails from the powers that be claiming there to be no fault in the system, despite proof shown with dates, times and errors, but it’s happening again.

To a certain few out there in La-La-Land I’m unable to comment on your blogs, “liking” isn’t an issue because the like and comment systems work differently but comment is not happening.

This doesn’t effect 99.9% of the blogging world, because I don’t have a desire to comment on those blogs but the one or two I comment on every day who haven’t seen comments from me in the last 36 hours, it’s because of a non-existent fault in the system. The messages are there you just can’t see them.

This post is not a bitch post, it’s not a ‘please help me the system is fucked and they wont fix it so please give me your magic bullet that wont fix it either’, it’s simply a message to the few out there who I annoy the crap out of every day that I can’t do right now. I’m still happy to annoy you, I just can’t do it at them moment!


  1. Oh phew! I am not the only one with glitches then? I can’t use certain features from my laptop- I have to go to my phone in order to use my notifications and respond to comments and likes! It is driving me mad! I don’t want people to think I am ignoring them!

    • The notification system does have some weird arse behaviour. Showing alerts that have been viewed hours before, not showing ones that just happened. I only use one device for WP so I’m not sure how it behaves on different devices but it’s definitely got a mind of it’s own.

      I’ve emailed WP on the comment issue a number of times showing them full details of what is going on and they always tell me it’s it’s a self hosting issue because they don’t have to anything with self hosting and can just palm everything off. I’ve also had some Eddie-experts claim there is no errors on paid WP accounts and everyone should just move to paid accounts.

      At the end of the day the issues only effect some sites and last for 36-48 hours. I’m fairly sure I know what happens to the messages but WP claims that’s not what is happening, so there is little point bitching about it. But a little notice to people disguised as a rant gets the message to the right people πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve wondered. I keep getting messages that my comment must be approved. You seem to get through to me. I’m glad I can still annoy you.

    • Some people have their blogs set to await approval of all comments, some have them set to need approval only once. Some people don’t know such settings exists.

      It’s like many don’t know how to check their spam folders but Aksimet that handles span throws so many false positives that people should learn how to check such a folder.

      The problem is there is no rhyme or reason as to why one site allows a person to comment while another one doesn’t.

      I can comment on your site most of the time but I have had issues at times. And I’m thankful for your annoyance too πŸ™‚

  3. Aw man. I was worried you fell in a cave or got bit by a horrible deadly spider… or snake…or echidna. Something.

    The only thing I’ve noticed that’s glitchy is my doorbell being broke. It’ll say I have notifications… then I click and nothing’s there.

    So disappointing.

    • I’m afraid to go outside in case one of our deadly animals eats me πŸ™‚

      Yeah the doorbell is very glitchy. I’ve commented about 6 times on your site (they are probably in spam) and I emailed you at the address on your site. Although I admit I was a DH and forgot my email address doesn’t reveal who I am so it probably looked like spam too πŸ™‚

      • Well… I’m a bad person and don’t generally check that email *dodges thrown tomato*

        I’ll have to go through the spamy folders.


        • I might have ranted a bit, they may not be worthy comments or emails πŸ™‚

          I use the email to let me know when some people post or leave me a comment. It’s a lot more reliable than the doorbell and the reader put together.

          • Agreed. I really, really hate the mobile app. So much.

            Because of polter-phone (which will hopefully be remedied soon, because I’m going to try to get a new phone and carrier if my monies work out), my internet signal is really crappy which makes uploading pictures so completely ridiculous. Or post. I wrote something out on mobile and it wouldn’t post, then the next day it posed five times.

            I prefer the internet site on mobile, but it’s still slow as molasses in winter.

            • I’ve never used the mobile app, I type so much shit that it’s easier to just do everything on the computer. But there us so many random issues with WP that it’s bloody annoying. My server occasionally throws up errors but at least if I can’t fix it I know someone that will. Asking WP to look into something is like headbutting a brick wall.

              • Yep. But as with most millennials, we are experts at typing with our thumbs.

                I’m currently internetless and laptopless at my house. I did find out that my laptop is salvageable. The power button switch board is dead. Got to order the part and my friend will fix it.

                I’m generally pretty good with software issues (to the point where my family begs me to come and fix their malware ridden machines, which I usually have to reformat), but hardware issues are a bit over my head.

                • Millennials = snowflakes? πŸ™‚

                  My computer is on about 18 hours a day and my phone usually only spends about an hour a day on me so the computer is a logical choice.

                  Oh I remember you having the laptop issue, that seems like ages ago though. As much as laptops are really convenient I really hate fixing them (partly because I don’t have tiny fingers) but after 23 years in the business I guess I chose the wrong business πŸ™‚

                  • I mean, I have my tablet, but it’s just kind of weird and awkward.

                    I’m definitely getting a desktop for my next computer. I’m not in college anymore and I don’t need to lug a computer around. When the HGJVBN keys on my laptop started going out, I just HDMI’d it to my TV and got a wireless keyboard.

                    The most amazing decision I ever made.

                    So when I get a desktop, I want to do the same. Plus it saves from having to buy a monitor and speakers.

                    • Our tablet is a really old one and I’ve exhausted all the options I have to fix it so I gave up on it. It worked alright are a reader before the power circuits gave up though.

                      I have three desktops out in the office but if I am in the office I’m not part of the family.

                    • Is that the “man cave”?

                    • Nah it’s a home office because I’ve worked from home on and off for the last 15 years. I used to use the spare room but since this is only a four bedroom house when kids turned up Dad had to move out to an office in the garage. The office stores the computers, all the electronics stuff, 7 bookshelves a second fridge and a freezer. Because it’s part of the garage it removed me from the family and they tended to forget I existed, which was convenient for them for way too long.

                    • At least it lets you get some work done with minimal distraction.

                      I did my grad work online, and hindsight, I wish I’d done it in a class room. I get way too distracted at home.

                    • Yeah the problem was it also let me play games for too long because no one was watching. I spent too many hours catching up on things because I spent too long playing my truck simulator and farming simulator (sad I know πŸ™‚ ) At least in the house everyone might interrupt but I’m working without games.

                    • I kind of like those games — my mom got me into The Sims, and she’s a dyed in the wool addict. I like the mods and got to dabble into some recoloring and designing of objects and clothing. But then it occurred to me that I’m investing a lot of time in something that’s not very important in the long run.

                      I say that now… after I’ve clocked almost 100 hours in Oblivion.

                      I keep dying in Skyrim, though. And I get frustrated and have to put it down.

                    • My problem was that they were too easy to kill hours on. They weren’t the kind of games you loaded up for 10 mins and had a quick game. When I expanded the truck game from just the original to most of Scandinavia, Russia and Iceland single trips took 5 and 6 hours to complete. It was a massive time killer and for a while I didn’t realise it.

                    • That’s how I feel about Oblivion. I’ll just be playing in the afternoon, and suddenly it’s dark and I’m just like what the hell happened to the rest of the day.

                      So, what does this truck game entail, exactly?

                    • Driving a truck and making deliveries around Europe. Going from hiring a truck to buying it, then buying a garage and buying a fleet. It’s basically just a driving game where you have to follow real rules. It’s a genuine simulator and in Europe you can even get a discount on your truck license for completing hours playing the game because they believe it’s realistic enough to give the experience that someone whose never driven a truck needs to get a license.

                    • On my first profile before I replaced computers I was up to 400+ hours…not so sweet πŸ™‚

                    • I feel like I replied to this last night…. meh. Polterphone.

                      Yeah…. 400 hours is a bit excessive.

                    • You really need a new phone πŸ™‚

                      Lash out and by yourself one next week, forget about everything else just buy a phone πŸ™‚

                    • Lol. I also need water and power and car insurance.

                      Oooo! I did make it to walmart this morning to pick up things before the other thing, and I looked at the stuffed animals. All they had was My Little Pony. What a let down. See…. MLP is “trendy”… and I want something with the creep factor.

                    • Go and talk to an environmentalist they have obviously figured out how to make their own power since they don’t need the same sources anyone else does πŸ™‚

                      Even if MLP wasn’t trendy I’m not sure it’s desk worthy (we nearly bought Miss 4 pair of MLP slippers today). You either need something super cute or really ugly you can’t go in between.

                    • Exactly! Just didnt feel right.

                    • I took Miss 8 shopping for mothers day this afternoon and one of the things she wanted to do was buy some hand puppets that looked like the male and female versions of Guy Smiley. I understand how some things just don’t feel right πŸ™‚

                    • Kids dont seem to get the weird creepiness. Like clowns. I hate clowns so much. But they think they’re cool.

                      Clowns **shudders**

                    • My wife doesn’t like clowns either, but I’ve always liked Pennywise.

                    • … I kind of like him too, because he is legit and intentional scary…. but regular clowns. So much nope.

                    • We don’t have a lot to do with clowns. There is one here locally that raises a lot of money for local charities but that about it. Other than that I don’t really remember clowns being too prominent in my life since I was about 8.

                    • Maybe its a US thing where clowns are so loathed.

                    • There does seem to be a lot of adults that loathe them here but it’s kind of like out of sight out of mind. We don’t (at least not around here) see them often so they don’t get talked about.

                    • Still can’t comment on your website but I’m glad to see you are home, even if you got drenched πŸ™‚

                    • Balls…. dunno what’s going on with WP.

                    • It’s finally worked out I’m just a spam bot and it’s dumping me in your spam folder to save you πŸ™‚

                    • lol. I just checked settings and you aren’t blacklisted or anything… weirdness. Maybe WP has it out for you? Hows commenting on others’ posts?

                    • I only comment on a few people’s sites but no problems with those I do. That’s why the powers that be refuse to look into it, because it only happens on random sites. I’ve seen a few people complaining about issues with likes, issues with comments and issues with the dashboard.
                      It sucks but it usually fixes itself eventually.

                    • Well that’s (not) reassuring. I’d thought maybe polter phone had screwed something up and BL’d you.

                    • The thing is if I repost exactly the same message it tells me there is a duplicate message so the system knows it’s there but wont show it. Last time it happened it was reported that the messages were going to the spam folder, which would go along with the duplicate message error and I was reading someone else saying the same thing the other day too.

                    • So… you were in my spam box. I just had to go through and mass approve. WTF

                    • Yeah it’s ridiculous. All WP sites use the same Akismet spam system by default, yet on random sites every now and again people report that their messages are getting dumped in spam but on other sites they go through no problems. It’s a weird system.

                      Oh, now you’ve see how much I waffled crap when I thought I wasn’t getting through πŸ™‚

                    • yep. Also, it was weird to see how much ACTUAL spam I get. Whoa.

                    • I’ve been getting a little bit lately. Silly comments that say one polite thing that makes little sense. Obviously they are hoping their web addresses in the username are getting them traffic because they rarely have links in the comments.

                    • That’s weird. Now I feel pretty bad because there were a lot of other people who also got spammed, and now I can’t find their comments. I’m going to have to go back and search on the main site to find them and reply. Ugggh…

                      So how’s your weekend going?

                    • Yeah it sucks, I’ve never had it happen on my site but I have had it happen to my comments on about 4 peoples sites in 6 months

                      MY weekend is slow and easy, kids, washing, writing, PS2, evening of Mrs Brown’s Boys and trying not to laugh too loud to wake the kids and now watching Areosmith sing Love in an elevator. It’s nearly bed time, gotta get up and wrap mothers day pressies in the morning.

                      Are you going to have an easy weekend?

                    • Well, it’s only 10 am here. So far so good. I was going to mail cards to my mom and my grandmas, but I didn’t get paid until yesterday, and… that was an interesting day. I’ll probably have to make a trip to some random parking lot where I have actual phone service and I’ll call and give my well wishes.

                      I have loved Aerosmith since I was a kid. Back in the 90’s, when cassettes were still a thing, when we’d go on a road trip that was one of my family’s go to bands — I remember it was “The Big Ones” collection with Love in an Elevator, Ragdoll, Living on the Edge….

                      Massive nostalgia now.

                      So I’m getting interneting done on my tablet at a coffee shop then I’ll head home and watch Daria and crochet my afghan. S.O. and I were supposed to have our come to Jesus meeting this weekend, but he’s got bronchitis and doesn’t want to give it to me. I don’t think he’s avoiding being chewed out. I’m much more scathing in writing than in person.

                      If Besty and Motorhead don’t have family plans tomorrow, we were talking about going to the beach. If they do, I might take myself to the beach.

                    • We’ll go and see my mum today but I got told off by my wife yesterday for not ringing and asking if it was ok. Dunno why, it’s not like I wasn’t planning on going and Mum doesn’t expect a call to ask if she’s going to be home, she’s old she’ll be home.

                      I only own one or two Aerosmith albums but they have always been there like most of the 70’s and 80’s cock rock bands have been. Not sure about the current revival of some of them but they were good in their day.

                      It’s funny how some people think writing means less, or can’t be trusted like the spoken word but a lot can be said without interruption in written form. Perhaps that’s the problem people have with it, they can’t interrupt.

                      Enjoy the beach, we are loosing our beach weather for a while now. Now very warm here and everyday has a chance of rain.

      • OH! Found it. I went ahead and just forwarded that address to my main gmail account.

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