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Desert Rescue: Heading Home

When we arrived back in Halls my first stop was of course the Police station to let Nick know I’d returned safely and was being pursued by Jarrod and Gary who I had successfully pulled out of the Ponton River. I could easily have rung Nick as soon as either the satellite phone or the mobile got signal, I could even have radioed him given that he monitors the radio when he’s at the station, but I chose the personal approach, it’s just the kind of girl I am!

I did however radio Gary and Jarrod and tell them of my plans and was not entirely surprised when they followed me and parked out the front of the station. Because the boys chose to follow me into town rather than go on their own I happily allowed them to pay me from the cash point at the Halls pub rather than deplete their cash reserves, again just the kind of girl I am! However don’t think I’m silly, I had their credit card details and if they were dishonest enough to do a runner I would still have got my money. Because they weren’t dishonest I treated them with the respect they offered me.

Inside the station I introduced the boys to Nick and we had a short discussion about how they managed to get trapped on the rock and how the rescue went, for Nick’s benefit. Thankfully neither Gary or Jarrod were too embarrassed to admit they’d made an error in judgement, even if it was something a thousand other people would also have done, and while we talked they never got shirty or upset when we laughed. Nick asked the boys where headed at which point they showed him their itinerary and we gave them a few pointers for the roads and tracks they were planning to travel, as much as they were nice blokes I was hoping not to see them again.

When the boys disappeared over to the pub to get some cash for their rescue I remained at the station and talked to Nick, things obviously hadn’t changed much in the twenty four hours I was absent but it was still nice to catch up. When Nick offered to buy me lunch at the pub I could hardly say no, well I could have but I was always taught never to look a gift horse in the mouth, especially when that gift horse was a good bloke like Nick.

When we walked into the pub Gary and Jarrod were sitting at the bar looking a bit sheepish.

“We were coming back! Honest! It was his idea we stop for a beer first.” Gary said pushing Jarrod under the fast moving bus before he had a chance to do the same.

“It’s ok I brought the law with me!” I joked.

As Nick stepped up to the bar and ordered two of the ‘usual’, two Dean’s Special parmas, Jarrod offered to buy us a drink.

“Three beers and,” he looked at Nick, “do you want an OJ or something since you’re on duty?”

Nick, Sandy, the barmaid, and myself laughed at the question. Nick nodded and several moments later four beers were placed on the bar.

Even before I took up the bar stool beside Jarrod, and Nick took up the stool beside me, Jarrod was pulling a small wad of cash out of his pocket. Jarrod began counting the fifty dollar notes and placing them on the bar as he did so. From the pile Jarrod left on the bar I removed four plastic notes, which I knew would cover my expenses for the previous twenty four hours and put them in my shirt pocket. As I buttoned up the pocket securing the cash I could see Jarrod and Gary looking at me wondering why I hadn’t taken the entire amount.

“There is a guy who will be walking into town later on this arvo, not only is he going to need a cold beer but he’ll be more than happy to take the rest of that.” I said as I nodded toward the extra cash sitting on the bar.

“Are you sure?” Gary asked. “I’m more than happy to donate to the guy as well as pay you, you deserve it.”

“The poor selfless bastard is walking around Australia in a Stormtropper suit for charity, him and his charity deserve it more than I need it, trust me!”

It didn’t take that long for our lunches to arrive and when Barry stepped up from behind the bar with our ‘usual’ I once again realised how much I like returning to town just for food. In case you are wondering or in case you’re ever visiting town and want a decent meal the Dean’s special parma is an invention of mine that has become a permanent feature on the menu at the pub. It’s a chicken breast covered in seasoned bread crumbs, like the Colonel’s secret eleven herbs and spices mine too remain a secret only known by myself and Barry. The chicken is then covered in a spicy barbecue sauce, a sweet chilli sauce, a fried egg, ham and melted cheese, none of that fancy stuff, supermarket cheddar only. You’re welcome for the taste sensation, but the trick is to make sure the egg is not over done and still runny when you cut into it, a trick not easily mastered when it has to be placed under the cheese before it’s melted.

Dammit, how did you do that? You came here to read about my rescue stories and the things I get up to in the Aussie outback and some how you are now getting cooking tips, and not just any cooking tips, the recipe for my secret chicken parma. Well do me a favour and don’t tell anyone, Barry still claims people come to Halls just for the parma and I wouldn’t him thinking the tourist numbers are down because I gave away my own recipe!

After lunch I headed home to do some paperwork, even though I’d given Gary and Jarrod such a big discount for their recovery and I’d be able to write some of it off as a donation I still had paperwork that needed to be done to keep the tax man happy. However my main reason for heading home was to get a little quiet time. I might have spent a few hours earlier in the day confined to the cabin of the Beast by myself but I wasn’t truly alone. At home Nick was about the only person to ever call in and short of packing up and heading into the bush home was the best alone time I was going to get.

I bid the boys farewell and told them I would return around dinner time to see the wandering Stormtropper. Nick the cheeky bastard asked me as I was walking towards the door if I needed an escort home in case I got lost, I decided to chalk it up as one I owed him instead of biting back and kept walking.

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  1. I like this one. It felt relational and I enjoyed the food part. I think it was a fun addition. Dean is a generous, special lady. You’ve written her well! : )

    • Thank you. I’m thinking of replacing Dean with the stormtropper 😛

      • Hhhmmm …. interesting thought….
        Anyone who will do that for charity must be an interesting person. Hhhmmm ….

        • That guy is real, we came across him walking across the Nullarbor in 2011. It was 43 degrees and about 3pm in the afternoon, we were about 80ks from the nearest town and he was still walking. I didn’t know about him until we came up behind him.

          • Funny. I would not have thought that part of the story was true. Can be deadly scary if not careful in the heat.
            It is interesting that this morning I was thinking about suggesting stories around a chef or cooking to you. That was before I read your post. Kinda weirdly fun. : )

            • The guy had a good support crew and it took him 18 months or something to walk the distance. But it was a hell of an effort.

              Oh suggest away, a cooking story could be something different 🙂

              • Do you remember why he was doing it? 18 mo. is very dedicated.

                Cooking story ….. hmmmm ….. I guess you could do a horror story pretty easy. Eeekkk ….
                Someone poisoning people?
                Okay …. this sounds strange, but have you ever thought about children’s stories? Your detail and rhyming skill could be the next green eggs and ham.. : )
                You could write a series of people who come in to eat. Maybe the chef can magically choose peoples fav food? Just some short stories where the only thing in common is the restaurant.
                ….. I don’t know? Does any of that spark anything? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. We need a fire!

                • Was actually 2013 he completed it. He was raising money for the Monash Childrens hospital. We have quiet a few people do things like that, after him an actor rode a unicycle around Aust for Breast Cancer and him and his sister’s foundation raised over 2 Mill in 5c pieces this year for Breast Cancer in a separate event. Every Good Friday the Children’s hospital raises money in a telethon that in one day raises more than $18Mill. Cancer and kids in 90% charity money in this country.

                  I wrote one story for Miss 8 once and I wrote a couple of stories for a website once but they weren’t accepted. I’m not sure my rhyming skill is over an above what others can do.

                  I can’t write a horror story you wouldn’t read it 😛 Make the chef like Gordon Ramsay and it writes itself 🙂

  2. Why ruin the chicken dish with a runny egg on top? Runny eggs give me the willies. I only cooked eggs over easy for my husband, but couldn’t watch him eat them! Dean is my girl! Now Gordon Ramsey is a great character.

    • If you’ve never tried it don’t knock it.

      I’m killing Dean off and putting the stormtrooper in the seat

      • Wrong side again I see! you need a new bed!

        • You thought that was grumpy? Wow of all the things I’ve typed that was probably the most placid.

          • Nah I was kidding, but don’t mess with Dean

            • Stormtroopers are notorious for not hitting anything and killing it, but this guy was special, he hit many a target so he might be a good shot.

              • I didn’t know he was shooting anything I thought he was walking for charity

                • All stormtroppers had guns that they fired really badly.

                    • Not really, but I do like all the memes the poor shooting stromtroopers cop now.

                      I saw the first three when they came out, then after than I gave up. When George cam out with the claim that of sequels and prequels being written early and all that I gave up. Now Disney own it I wont even bother to catch up on the cash grab that is Star Wars

                    • I agree. I liked the first one best have not seen the prequelsequelcrap

                    • I’m a cynic but I never believed George about writing them and only being able to start at number 3.

                      I liked the first three as a kid and as an adult I like all the parodies and jokes about it. I even liked the mash up for the 50th anniversary of Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club and Star Wars that was released last week. But I’m not buying into the other crap.

                    • I haven’t watched that sort of thing in a while. I did see the two part interview reunion of The Godfather actors. I never enjoyed those movies but the inside stories of the main actors was fun to see.

                    • Yeah I wasn’t overly impressed with the Godfather.

                      I saw yesterday that they are making a sequel to Twins. I actually thought it was a joke when I saw the announcement. I think I’m going to keep treating it as a joke and never see it too.

                    • I liked the first one. I like Danny Devito

                    • I wouldn’t call it a favourite, I didn’t mind it but there is no way I’m rushing out to see Triplets.

                    • Sometimes it’s better undone. However one of the ones I liked was Lethal weapon with Joe Pesci. I liked him in My Cousin Vinny

                    • Mel Gibson does good sequels (except for Mad Max 3)

                    • I agree the whole Tina Turner thunderdome not for me. Did you like the new one? I didn’t.

                    • I haven’t seen the new one yet. I admit it doesn’t have the same appeal as the first two but I’ll probably watch it when it comes on TV.

                    • I like originals mostly, some sequels are good. I enjoyed all the Beverly Hills Cop movies but I like him in most everything.

                    • Bloody hell, it’s do dishes, put bins out get newspaper and cook dinner time. Why does this happen so often?

                    • I’m getting tired too. See you later. No runny eggs please!

                    • I’m going to put them in every story 😛

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