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The Pirate Captain: Leviathan: In training

After telling his fair maiden about a quest to kill the mighty creature Leviathan the good captain plodded his way to bed. He hadn’t revealed a great plan to undertake the quest, because he didn’t have one, but for some reason just voicing the idea that he was thinking about the mighty beast was enough to put his mind at rest. He hoped it would be enough to allow himself to rest, and sleep, for at least a few hours before the dawning day got too old.

It took a few minutes after he laid his head on the pillow but he did eventually close his eyes and fall asleep. Unfortunately for him however his sleep was not dream free. Images of a massive, gleaming, blue and silver beast rising out of the frothing sea filled his head. Because no one alive had ever seen the beast even in the good captain’s dream he could not picture enough detail to make a clean image all he knew was that the beast was large, angry and the trashing in the water had turned the calm dark blue sea into white froth.

How they were going to defeat the massive beast was not revealed to him in his dream but the one thing he did know was that if his crew were successful in removing the beast’s head there would not be a pirate crew in the entire world brave enough to knowingly take them on in battle again. The head would be their booty, the head would be their prize and the head would be a trophy that made the pirate world fear them.

The one thing that the dream did reveal to the good captain was a location, a single place within the ocean where Leviathan had surfaced. He might not have known how to battle the massive sea beast but he knew where to find it.

When he woke he’d been thrashing under the sheets, the fair maiden had been on the verge of making the decision to wake him but he’d done it himself naturally. “Are you alright my dear?” she asked him as his eyes opened.

“I’m tired,” Was all he said at first but then after a few moments he opened up and told her about his dream, about what he saw and that he knew where to find the beast Leviathan.

“Is it really worth it?” Although the good captain would never berate his fair maiden for her comments she knew it was the wrong words that she had spoken.

Of course battling the beast was worth it not just because victory would mean so much but because it was the pirate lifestyle. The fair maiden also knew that in her good captain eyes he would not be focusing on defeat, he would not be ignoring it, and would have considered it a possibility but he definitely would not be focusing on it.

Once breakfast was over the pirate captain called his crew to order in the massive ballroom of the castle. Despite the late night, or more accurately the very early morning, many of the crew had suffered through they were mostly chirpy and alert. There was a few weary faces, blood shot eyes and staggering souls but the majority of the 400 men were in good shape, maybe not immediately ready to hit the rolling seas but in good shape none the less.

The good captain stood at the head of the room, a silence fell over the large crowd as they waited for him to speak. No one knew why they’d been summoned to the large ball room but they knew that such a summoning didn’t come light heartedly and that the good captain had something important he wanted to say.

For neigh on an hour the crew stood dead still and silent listening to their good captain speak. He didn’t need to describe the beast, the legend was well known among the pirating community. He didn’t have to speak of the battle, they all knew it would be a hard fight. And he didn’t have to speak of the prize when they were successful in battle, everyone knew what that prize would be. When he stopped and gave the opportunity for questions there was only one question from the entire crowd.

“When do we sail!” It was asked by the second mate who’d recently been promoted to captain of the Revenge but it was met with cheers and hollers from the entire ball room.

“Th’ attack needs a plannin’. We need to train. We need to be prepared. We need to be ready!” the good captain called.

“How do we prepare to fight such an unknown beast?” The voice came from Two Toed Byrd.

“We prepare as we would prepare fer any other battle, wit’ hard work ‘n dedication.” The good captain said.

“When do we start?” The voice came from the very back of the room, the good captain couldn’t see the owner of the voice but it sounded like Stinky Cackle Jones.

“Immediately.” The good captain called.

As soon as the good pirate finished his words the ballroom was filled with cheering and hollering once again. The good captain turned and looked at his fair maiden and smiled. Knowing he’d done the right thing of bringing it to the vote of the crew the fair maiden smiled back, weary of the fight ahead but satisfied in knowing it was one that was undertaken unanimously.

As the crew dispersed from the large ballroom and went about their daily jobs the captain and the second mate captain moved towards the strategy room. Every good castle has a strategy room!

The good captain laid out a large map. Land masses were not graced with names as a precaution if the map was stolen but in various locations on the map there was descriptions and warnings of hazards like reefs, shallow water and rocky out crops. The good captain pointed out the landmarks, verbalising their location to the second mate and giving him the exact location his dream had revealed as the Leviathan’s hellish hide out.

From discussions of the map and Leviathan’s location the conversation turned to talk about how they could fight the beast. To the best of their knowledge no pirate crew in history had ever taken on the beast with two ships. Would it provide them the element of surprise? They did not know but they certainly hoped so.

Before lunch was served it was decided that the two crews would train for week. Training would happen on the open sea, both hand to hand combat and open cannon warfare would be practised. Where possibly they would use the dead hulls that littered the surrounding coast line for target practise, but both captains knew that long range battlement would not be their most successful, or mostly like form of fighting. When the fighting happened it would be close, so close that inaccuracies of the cannons may render them useless, or worse, dangerous.

Would they be prepared on time?

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  1. I don’t always remember to hit the like button, but I am enjoying this story!

    • No worries half the time I don’t remember to hit the like button on peoples posts, especially when make one of my silly comments 🙂

      Thanks for reading and liking though 🙂

  2. I repeat, two ships, 300 mile long Beast, sure, no problem.

  3. Are you liking this no praise? Should I continue?

  4. Nice chapter. Since you love specific comments, here are a couple of my favorite points. I loved the pirate names, Two Toed Byrd, and Stinky Cackled Jones. Those are fun names that added to the story for me. I also liked that he dreamed the location of the monster. That was a cool point, implying it was destined or a calling. I liked the scenario and his comment about being tired. It felt like a real comment and scene that could happen in real life. Interesting progression chapter. : ). How’s that for feedback?

  5. Okay, I would do it for a ham and cheese roll! : )

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