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It’s strange

Ok so here’s something strange.

Those of you (lucky lucky people) who I talk to regularly know I write a lot, some stuff gets published here, some in other places, some doesn’t get published at all but the fact is I write a lot.

Inspiration comes from everywhere and for different reasons but I write about a wide variety of topics and themes. However the last few months I have been noticing something I find strange.

I’ve been noticing that quite often the things I write about appear elsewhere. Now I’m not talking plagiarism, I’m not even talking about a coincidence, I don’t even know what I’m talking about.

It’s not a case of me writing a story about pirates and then in a day or so some else pops up with a pirate story, that sort of coincidence is to be expected with some topics. What I’m talking about is that I’ll write about a character today and then in a short time I’ll find another character in a completely different story by someone else doing exactly the same thing, nearly word for word.

Some times it’s the same scene and nothing else is the same, or the same action in a different location but more often it’s not the scene but the details.

Not so much the action, like a character driving a car and talking to themselves but the discussion itself in a completely different setting. Or character of mine has trouble sleeping and the explanation of those thoughts turns up in someone else character as a conversation that is in a completely different context to mine.

Sometimes the other story is written before mine, sometimes after and sometime almost as if being written at the same time

I tells ya all it’s bloody strange!

I guess some people could happily pass it off as some strange spiritual guiding light, or me being connected to someone on some weird astral plain that doesn’t exist or even that God is interfering with my writing but I don’t care for that shit.

Nope I believe in none of that I have narrowed it down two things.

  1. Either I have an alias even I don’t know about and I do it all unconsciously or
  2.  There is another person stuck in my head.

The first one is possible, I have a memory like a gold fish when it comes to some things and that stops me functioning like a normal person at times.

As for the second one I did stick my fingers in each ear and shake the shit out my head and nothing rattled, but I’m not sure that’s enough to disprove the second one.

I’m going to walk around for the next week with my fingers stuck in my ears, if there is another writer stuck in there they wont be able to get out and write for themselves and I’ll be able to keep all the good ideas to myself!!

If the similarities keep occurring while my fingers are in my ears I’ll revisit number 1.

Wish me luck!


  1. Check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infinite_monkey_theorem.

    Essentially given enough time and enough people and enough variance, nothing is original. Everything is the same. People come up with the same ideas and so forth. Notice how sometimes similar movies come out at the same time — like “Deep Impact” and “Armageddon.”

    I don’t think it was intentional, but it happened.

    • Yeah I understand that and I agree with it, that sort of thing has to happen what I’m seeing is weirder than that though.

      Mine is kind of like if I wrote an addition to the pirate story today and one of the characters decided he wanted to go on a diet and kill his boss for over looking him for the right job.

      In my story he’s probably go on a sea weed diet and drink lots of rum and the job would have been dunny cleaner, but the conversations would read almost the same.

      Like I say not a coinkydink and not copying but almost like there is another person in my head and we are writing about the same things in different scenarios every few days.

  2. Hilarious post, but the image of you, since I have no idea what you look like, going around with fingers in your ears will surely amuse the girls!

  3. Coinkydink?

  4. I think it is all of those parallel universes rubbing up against each other. Sometimes there is a bleed through. All the writers are really you.

  5. Aidin

    Interesting, I’ve had similar experiences. I’ll be thinking about something then scroll through blogs and find someone has written about what I was thinking.

    • Yeah it’s a weird feeling. For me it would be less weird if someone else had the same plot line, or idea. But having scenes or conversations that are nearly word for word what I wrote is just weird.
      For me it only happens with one maybe two other people but it’s always there.

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