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The Day Music Lived: Overnight Sensation


Standing in a room full of computer gear that put our server room at work to shame I could only be in Angel City having a yarn with Lemmy Kilmister. According to Lemmy everything in the mansion, the entire life blood of Angel City was controlled by the computers in the room we were standing in. Everything from the lights to the heating, to the security was all operated by computer and the new custodian of all the computer power was apparently me.

When I told Lemmy I wasn’t sure if I was up for the job he didn’t even bat an eyelid, he simply told me that if I wasn’t prepared he wouldn’t have chosen me for the job. Now I know I explained the job to you in great detail not that long back but I obviously didn’t explain that part about me being the new BOFH and that is because at the time I didn’t know. Had I known this previously I might have tried to convince Lemmy I needed my own PFY.

From what Lemmy had told me they were all fairly computer literate around Angel City and they could do what was needed to make things work. It was for the occasional time when the computers went down, which anyone who has one knows happens more often than we like and usually at some crucial time, I was needed. I wasn’t so much needed for my technical knowledge I was needed for my ability to pull out an offending part and take it back to the ‘real’ world and have it replaced. Money was not an object only the item.

When Lemmy explained it to me I asked him the obvious question, “What games does these beast play?” Well I guess it’s only obvious to some people! One of the other questions I asked was also related to how they would cope if the computer went down and I wasn’t due to return for a few days, week, or even longer.

To that question Lemmy just shrugged his shoulders and in the deep gravely UK accent said “Dunno it’s never happened.”

So I guess I had my answer, I also had a new job title and a new job to go with it. I remember one time when I got administration rights on the server at work by mistake thinking how much fun it would be to spend my days being a true BOFH. I loved the idea of spending my day in a small dark room with everyone too scared to talk to me in case I wiped their digital footprint from the office, but of course it was only short lived because the mistake was quickly rectified. Yet there I sat being told I had finally progressed to GOD mode and I didn’t feel I deserved it. Don’t get me wrong I was quite chuffed to be given the job, I just had a few doubts about my abilities to do it. I also knew GOD mode in Angel City was going to be a lot different to GOD mode in an office where shit stirring and pay backs were the norm.

Anyway where was I? Actually I hadn’t got anywhere had I, I was just recapping a bit for the new comers.

Ok so I’d given Lemmy a stack of papers from the research I’d been doing, he’d of course told me off for not putting it on a USB stick, but at the time I didn’t know how much computing power Angel City really had. Thankfully for Lemmy my oversight wasn’t a major issue because there was some tools in Angel City that I hadn’t even seen in my world and the box he was standing in front of was one of them.

I watched as Lemmy fanned the pages in his hand, stepped up to the box and said, “Let’s see what we have here.”

He placed the papers on a tray on the left hand side of the box, pushed a few buttons and one by one the pages were fed into the machine and out the other side. Now I’ve seen some pretty good scanners in my time and reading text, even clearly printed text, has always a downfall of such items, they could do it, but they would often drop letters or words, leave blank spots or join spots that weren’t suppose to be joined. So imagine, go on just imagine it, I dare you too, my surprise when only milliseconds after the last page disappeared into the scanner up on the screen before us landed the entire document word for word, no errors and no blank spots.

I have to say it was damn impressive to see the scanner technology that Angel City had, it made me wonder how advanced some of the other stuff in the room might be and just how I was expected to operate and maintain what I couldn’t readily buy when I returned home. But I guess those were questions for another day, Lemmy figured whatever role I’d fallen into was achievable so why shouldn’t I just think along the same lines and worry about what might be when it is be.

I didn’t need to read the information I’d given Lemmy, for obvious reasons, and I definitely didn’t want it looking like I was reading over his shoulder, I hate it when people do that to me, so instead of reading I sat down at one of the other computer terminals. Although Lemmy had told me I was the custodian of the system I still felt hesitant touching it but when Lemmy said nothing as I moved the mouse and woke the screen up I decided it was ok for me to play around while he read the information I’d given him.

Of course the first thing I did was look for games, I don’t know what I expected to find but when I found the games folder on the server was packed with old games from the early days of computer, I was shocked. Some of the games I hadn’t seen since I was a teenager, many I didn’t even know worked on newer computer systems. I suddenly realised the computer room was going to need a lot more attention on subsequent visits.

I also noticed and was slightly surprised there was a large collection of newer war games. Lemmy’s love of the military was well known, he copped shit for years for his large collections of military memorabilia even being called a Nazi sympathiser because he chose to collect items from both sides of war. It was nothing more than naive, fuck wit reporters trying to convince people they should be offended about something that was not offensive but it gained momentum every few years and died out quickly. As Lemmy always said, “the bad side just has better gear”. So I guess what I meant to say there was that finding the collection of war games wasn’t entirely surprising, I guess I was more surprised that Lemmy actually played computer games.

I spent the next twenty minutes looking around the system, Lemmy was right from a software point of view things didn’t look too bad, I’d still want to sit down and play with a few things but the system didn’t look any harder to control than most systems, it was just a bit bigger than I’d seen before.

When Lemmy finished reading what was on his screen the silence of the room was broken by that gravely British voice. “This makes for some interesting reading, Phil.”

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