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Chequered Flag: Tracey speaks

Danny and Tracey sat in the booth at the restaurant, he could still smell her
perfume, there was still a few dinners at other tables but the crowds were definitely thinning out as the evening got later. Danny and Tracey sat with only coffee having finished their meals nearly thirty minutes prior.

Tracey had promised Danny that over dinner she would finally tell him where she had been the past three months, tell him why she had broken all contact only to reappear at the first race meet of the season expecting Danny to just forgive her. Having asked her for reasoning more than once since her return Danny was of course sceptical how much she’d tell him just because they were at dinner but he agreed nonetheless because he wanted answers. Being true to her word Tracey had spoken, she waited until after they’d eaten and the coffee had arrived but she spoke none the less.

She’d told Danny how she’s started to spend time with Peter “Sharky” Hanson, a rival of Danny’s who retired at the end of the previous season to focus on managing his own team, because Danny didn’t pay her enough attention. It had started out as two people talking, then when Tracey thought she wanted more she moved out and went looking for it but after several months she realised that Peter wasn’t interested in her he was interested in getting her to spy on Danny and the team. When she finally worked it out she got rid of him and spent some time wondering how to win back Danny’s trust.

“Information?” Danny had to admit he was intrigued.

“Peter wanted to me to spy on you. I thought he wanted me, he came on strong, told me how much I meant to him, took me to dinner. In nearly two months he didn’t touch me once, I mean we kissed once but that’s it Danny. I promise you!”

“So he wanted you to spy on the team and pass secrets on, yet you got nothing in return for this favour? Not only that you moved out and weren’t even involved in the team.”

Tracey drained her coffee cup and called the passing waiter to refill the cups then spoke. “When he found out I have moved out of the house is when he told me of his plan. He actually told me he wanted information, told me he wanted me to spy. When I asked him if that’s all I was to him he said yes. That’s when I cracked it and stopped talking to him. I then spent the next month figuring out how I could make it up to you.”

Danny was listening intently to everything Tracey had to say and while it was intriguing the problem he was having was that he knew it wasn’t true. Whether or not her initial plans had been to move out and pursue a relationship with Sharky he didn’t know for sure but what he did know was that for the at least two months she had not been seeing anyone, let alone Sharky. He knew this because he’d being paying a Private Investigator to follow her and report her every move and not once had she been seen with Sharky.

The problem of course was that Danny couldn’t call Tracey on her lie because calling her out would mean admitting that he’d had her followed. If having her followed was the worst he’d done maybe he could throw around the excuse that he was desperate for answers and since she wasn’t talking to him or even answering his texts that a PI was the only option to find the woman he loved. He may even be able to make it sound like he was so distraught at his loss that he’d do anything he possible could to find her.

The chances were good that Tracey would accept his reasoning for hiring a PI, she was after all making the first move of returning home. She’d no doubt throw up something about trust issues but would no doubt change her mind when she realised that he did it because he loved her and wanted her to come home.

“So Sharky wanted you to report on what we were doing to our car so he could what? Beat us? Take our testing data and use it? It doesn’t make sense Tracey, we run different cars, different set ups. Sure some of the data would transfer between models but much of it, especially the stuff you’d be able to get access too, is model specific.”

“He thought I could get access to the computers,” Tracey said. “He took me to dinner every night for an entire week and told me how I could get what he wanted. He even gave me a USB stick and said it had some kind of program on it, he called it “moleware” or something like that.”

Danny knew she meant malware. “Where is the stick? I’d like to see what’s on it.” he asked knowing she couldn’t produce anything.

“I gave it back to him. He claimed it would run a program and unknown to you or the team it would send all your data back to him via the internet.” She took a deep breath and sipped her coffee. “As soon as he told me what it was I said no and asked him if he had any interest in me or just wanted to use me.”

“And what did he say?” Danny asked interested to see just how far Tracey could take the story.

“As soon as he hesitated with the answer I knew he was lying. He then had the nerve to say that if I did the one favour for him, got him access to your computers, he’d sleep with me. It was like sex with him was some kind of prize.”

There was only one other couple left in the restaurant as Danny drained the last of his coffee, he knew they would have to get themselves moving because it was unfair on the restaurant staff to keep them for their evening clean up.

“How were you suppose to get access to the workshop when you’d left me and weren’t talking to me?” Danny asked.

“Peter didn’t know I’d left the house, he thought I still had access to the workshop. But please Danny you have to believe me by the time he hit me up with his ridiculous idea I hadn’t slept with him and I knew I had to return home because I love you.”

“Then why did you go to dinner with him that last time if you knew you were returning to me?”

From the look on her face Danny knew she was struggling to keep the pieces of her story together.

“Please Danny, that’s not the point. The point is I love you, I would never have done what he asked and although my mind was wandering for a very short time it didn’t wander for long and I did nothing with Peter.”

“You were gone for three months Tracey. You ignored my calls, ignored my texts and ignored my emails. Whether you did anything with Peter or not that is still a lot to take in.”

“I’m sorry Danny.”

“If only that was all it took Tracey!” Danny heard himself say as sat there thinking about Tracey’s lie and wondering if he’d ever get the truth from her.

“Ok well I’m going to pay the bill like I promised and we can head home. You can chose what happens when we get home.”

While Tracey paid the money that was owing for dinner Danny stood next to her. He knew that he could expose Tracey’s lie and force the real truth, a truth he knew did not involved another man, but in doing so he not only had to admit he’d hired someone to spy on her he’d have to admit his other lie, a double banger that was potentially worse than anything she had done!

They left the restaurant together both in deep thoughts about what they would do next.

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