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Want another root?

bad poetry

A root is a root, of course of course
And in this poem there wont be a horse
Because while a root is to burrow deep down
There’s no room for a horse, but that’s no reason to frown

In this country a root can be really quite different
Because in this country he might have a stiff front
That really was a bad thing to rhyme
But how ‘bout we try for another good time

Over here we don’t go and root for a player
But you might pick the guy because he’s a good layer
He might get you cheering while out on the field
But a root for him here might need his clothes peeled

Another thing we don’t do is root for a whole team
Although it might be fun and might make you scream
Doing the whole team with see you quiet tuckered
By the end of the day you’ll be very fuckered

Maybe I could introduce you my mate Wombat
He’s not much of a looker but he’s also not fat
But he’s happy for all that he receives
Because all he does is eats, roots and leaves

Then there is my old mate called Bulldozer
The guy is in no way a fancy arse poser
Like Wombat he’s thankful for all he receives
He goes to a dance, digs up a root and then leaves

I better stop before I mention Dozer’s dog
A crazy little mutt would hide all day in a log.
It’s got nothing to do with root and he’s a dog that would never steal
But they named the thing Herpes because he just wont fucking heel

Ok now I know I have gone way off track
You’ll soon start thinking that I am on crack
But if you’re really nice then please come my way
We’ll go off for a root and a roll in the hay.


  1. I wonder how many people “sang” that poem.

    Also, I pretty much lost it when you rhymed tuckered with fuckered.

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