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The Pirate Captain: Wenches and Mead P2

The good captain and his fair maiden walked through the streets, hand in hand, pushing their bodies closer to each other with each step. The sky was dark, not only shrouded by cloud but dark because the moon had well and truly gone over the western horizon, following the sun closely. The hour was early, barely a scratch after 2am but for the good captain it was a good time to be heading home. The crew would be partying and drinking as long as Nancy allowed them, which knowing Nancy as he did the good captain assumed would be about the time the sun began to rise.

While he knew that some of his crew would be staggering home, no doubt some would even require being propped up by their mates the good captain and his fair maiden were neither drunk or unable to walk straight. They held on to each other through love and devotion not because they needed it to walk.

As the happy couple approached the castle in the air they could see the sea fog rolling in over the water, before the crew made it home both ships, the Revenge and the Privateer, would be surrounded in a sea fog that wouldn’t disappear until the sun got warm enough to burn it off. The captain stopped at the edge of the paved walk way, his fair maiden stopped with him, nestling into his side for both warmth and to let him know she was with him.

“What are you thinking my darling?” the fair maiden asked after several minutes of silence.

“Nothin’ me dear, lets be off inside!”

The fair maiden knew there was something on his mind and that when it was time he would tell her so instead of pushing for him to talk she let him lead her inside.

In their bedroom the good pirate was barely out of his breechers when the fair maiden began her seduction. She remembered being told that having an intimate session of love making, no matter how sweet, on the poop deck was a no no and thought surely the bedroom and under the blanket was a more appropriate place for such a liaison.

She started with the sweet talk, telling him how much she enjoyed the night, then quickly moved on to complimenting him and telling him how much she was attracted to him. Things were simple in the pirate world and before either of them could count to ten they were naked under the sheets. Kissing, cuddling, hands gently and slowly caressing each others skin.

“Take me, take me now my wild and heroic buccaneer.” whispered the fair maiden as she broke the kiss.

“Not yet.” The good captain replied as he squirmed under the sheets and began kissing his way up her legs.

Moans of pleasure filled the room as the fair maiden placed her hand on the good captain’s head and controlled him like a puppet, gently pushing and pulling his head so as to guide his tongue exactly where she wanted it, where she needed it. Each time the good captain paused to take a breath she begged him to keep going, it was encouragement he didn’t need, his only goal was to please her.

“Oh please! Don’t stop!” the fair maiden’s moans were loud and laboured as the good captain continued to concentrate on pleasing his fair maiden.

When she finally let go in a loud exhausted flurry of moans, groans and pants the good captain slowly kissed his way up the fair maiden’s stomach. When their lips finally met the kissing was hot, passionate and sensual, but it didn’t last long before the fair maiden was again begging for her good captain to take her.

Take her he did.

They joined almost as one, her arms wrapped around his neck holding their lips together, her legs wrapped around his waist holding him inside her. Every thrust and grind creating moans of joy which were muffled in the wet passionate kisses. It wasn’t until the good captain moved his lips to her neck and began to let his tongue work it’s way around the sensitive skin below her left ear that her moans became audible and filled the room.

The moans turned into screams the screams turned into pleading and the passion lit up the room as the two of them writhed together under the sheets. How long it took neither were counting the seconds but it wasn’t until after the moans had stopped and the screams had been silenced that the captain and his fair maiden finally took the time to regain their breath. They lay arm in arm in the dark room, both breathing fast and looking at the ceiling they couldn’t really see.

An hour later the pirate captain was still awake and standing at the window looking out towards the sea. It was still too early for his crew to be returning from Nancy’s and the fog had nearly covered by his large ships as they sat floating at the jetty.

“What is wrong my dear?” The fair maiden asked from the bed as she rolled over and realised her good captain was not in bed with her.

“Thoughts, me dear, they never seem to be off away.”

“What thoughts?” She asked climbing out of bed.

He said nothing as the fair maiden made her way towards the window herself and she wondered if she’d get an answer from her good captain. It wasn’t until he felt her presence immediately behind her that he began to speak.

“We’ve returned from lands across th’ sea wit’ many a plundered lovely booty in our hulls. ” He started. “But thar be many other lands yet to feel th’ wrath ‘o our cannon fire, yet to hear our battle cry.”

“You want to go on another quest?” she asked as she pushed her right arm into the crook of his left arm.

“Endless oceans. Ragin’ seven seas. We be band ‘o pirates ‘o th’ seven seven seas th’ quest be never endin’, ‘n each quest leads us to our destiny. ”

“What if the last quest lead you to your destiny? What if this, all this we look out upon, is your destiny?” The fair maiden asked.

“What if it’s not?” The maiden didn’t reply, so the pirate captain continued. “Wit’ th’ jolly roger sailin’ thar gunna always be another quest. ‘Tis th’ scurvy pirate’ life. Whether th’ mountain be shakin’ or th’ seven seas be a boilin’ a scurvy pirate can not ignore a quest.”

“What are you saying my dear? You have another quest planned? Are we not prepared? Are the crew not ready? What is the problem?”

The fair maiden knew what a pirate’s life entailed, she knew that even though they were rich beyond their wildest dreams the pirate captain would never retire. She’d long ago come to the conclusion that it was not only the life that had chosen her love, but a life that had chosen her. She might not have been prepared for another quest but she was always ready.

“To be honest me dear, I be not sure any ‘o us be prepared fer th’ next quest. ”

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  1. Very nice. I like this couple and theblove scene was good, just right in fact, imho.☃️

    • Thanks but I’m still not reading the dirty stuff 😛

      • That was very sweet, not dirty at all. Besides, you can’t read with your eyes closed. I liked it. : )

        • People drive with their eyes closed 🙂

          Thanks, now to make Danny evil 🙂

            • TBH I still don’t know if he is evil.

              In my mind I haven’t given either character enough details to be good or bad so the fact that two people have decided he can do no wrong has taken me by surprise. I do know he’s going for a bit of a ride, both emotionally and physically soon but I don’t know what he has done.

              I’ve been handed another writing challenge by an eight year old today. She was given the challenge by her teacher and wants me to do it as well. Problem I’m having is I can do it from an adults perspective but not sure I can do it in a way that it’s readable to her.

              • Sounds wonderfully challenging, perfect for you. And an excellent project for you to do with Miss 8. Yea!

                It’s your story, but you have written him as a genuine, intelligent, hard working, sexy man.

                • Nah not with her. I believe she’s been asked to do it in class she just wanted to challenge me the same way the teacher challenged her. Thing is she told me how she’s going to do it so now I can’t use the same idea.

                  It’s not my story, you lot took over 😛

                  Nah, it might be my story but I do listen to the readers (well some of them) but no one has explained to me how I have made him those things. I guess I can see genuine but I’m not sure how I’ve made him intelligent hard working or sexy. I can see why Tracey is not liked because she walked out, but I actually thought people would wait for her reasons before judging her. However I don’t remember building Danny with any of the above either and struggle to figure out where people are getting it from.

                  • Sounds like you’ve a smart Miss 8 there….
                    I could explain the detail if you really want to know, but the reality is you wrote him that way.

                    • She is smart, don’t know where she got it from. I’m going to talk to the milkman in the hope he can tell me how to write this story.

                      Reality is actually that you lot read him and see something I either don’t or can’t see. I can accept that happens but reasoning helps build better characters.

                      The problem is that if I had written Danny as evil I’ve failed dramatically. If I wrote him as a mediocre go with the flow lad, I’ve failed. I’m not saying I wrote him either way, but I also can’t see how I wrote him the way you people are seeing him and that is frustrating

                    • That really does surprise me.
                      *yawning*. Too sleepy for details but I’m telling you, you wrote him as a good guy. You did, you did, *yawning*

                    • I’m starting to think no one reads anything because they can’t describe things they claim are happening, thoughts they have, or reasoning for why they come to conclusions.

  2. The sea is a temptress. No woman (or man) can compete. I liked this a lot.

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