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The Day The Music Lived: The Time Is Right


So I was back in Angel City for my second visit, although the boss was fairly adamant that I spend all Friday night at a pub reviewing some band I didn’t really want to see I felt is rather good spirits after my five hour drive. My trip of course finished with Ross giving me a meal at the pub in the little town I wont name, it was a nice end to a longish drive in the country.

The drive into Angel City again saw me picking up Würzel at the front gate and like the last time he wouldn’t even give me a hint as to what he was doing there or how he knew I’d be there to pick him up. Going by the conversation I’d had with Lemmy at the front door when I arrived he’d given up asking Würzel why he did it or what he did, but I wasn’t ready to let it go, especially not if he kept asking me for a ride whenever I arrived at the gate.

With my greetings over at the front door, it might be worth noting that this time I didn’t peak out the closed door too see if my car was still there, I just assumed it was gone, I handed Lemmy the paper work I’d been researching. Lemmy of course had a little dig at me for not having the foresight to think that Angel City had computers and use something like a USB or thumb drive and being the mature and easy going bloke I am I took it in my stride I didn’t even make a cheeky remark…I did think of one though.

Anyway after Würzel went off to do whatever it is he does Lemmy and I walked through the mansion. We were headed towards the cinema I watched the Manowar concert in on my last visit and just as we passed the door my mind wandered and remember how good that screen really was. I was actually busy thinking about what movie or concert I’d like to watch in there next time I had the chance and I was so lost in thought I missed Lemmy entering a doorway on my right.

“Oi, you coming with me?”

I heard the gravely English accent from behind me and it broke me out of my little trance about concerts and big screens.

“Huh? What?” I said as I turned around.

Lemmy was standing in the doorway leaning outward slightly looking at me. “You following me or just wandering the place looking for something else to do?”

“Figured I’d go yam hunting and just wait for someone to come alone and give me a ride like Würzel does.” I said turning around and heading for the door Lemmy was standing in.

“Well you’ve got the hairdo for it!” Lemmy hit back referring to my unkempt shaggy blonde hair with dark roots just like Würzel was once known for.

Stepping through the door I decided not to reply, partly because I didn’t have a come back but also because I when I stepped through that door I was in awe of what I saw before me. I’d always been a bit of a computer geek, I didn’t play Dungeon and Dragons and I didn’t water cool my computer just too see if I could run it faster than someone else but I’d been building computers for more than twenty years, even before it was fashionable, so I knew my way around a computer, but what I saw in that room still had me blinking too see if my eyes were playing tricks on me.

The first thing I saw, because it was the most prominent thing in the room, was the screen, it was huge. My TV at home is 110 inches (I went silly when I got my Christmas last year) but this screen was bigger than that.

“Fuck me! Mario must be knackered by the time he gets from one side of the screen to the other on that thing!” I said gazing at the screen.

Lemmy laughed he must have understood my joke regarding the little character from Mario Brothers having to run further on a large screen than the tiny 28 inch screen we used to play Nintendo on. Either that or he laughed because he didn’t want me to feel bad after making such a silly joke.

“If the little shit stopped dying on me I wouldn’t make him run so far!” Lemmy replied, obviously understanding the silly joke and playing along.

I laughed at Lemmy’s addition to my joke and continued looking around the room. Most of the computer gear was enclosed in cases, as it should be, and those cases were enclosed in server cabinets. I looked at the gear from a distance there was at least fifteen rack mounted switches, cables neatly run and tied together and flashing LED’s everywhere. On the benches around the room there was multiple smaller monitors of around the 27 inch size and multiple keyboards and mice.

“What’s with all the processing power Lem?” I asked somewhat surprised. Only a few hours before I’d been thinking there wasn’t even a computer in Angel City yet there I was standing in a room that had more computer gear in it than our server room at work.

“Everything in this place is controlled by computer from the lights and sound, to the cinema, even the stage lights are controlled from this room.”

“So you can change the stage show each night from here rather than on stage?” I asked still surprised.

“Yep, we have some control at the stage but generally we set it here and forget it. “The Bomber”,” he was referring to the replica lighting rig hanging over the stage, the same as the one Motorhead used on stage for more than thirty years, “doesn’t change so we don’t.”

“So one wrong click with the mouse and you could have strobbing dunny lights and stage lighting that turns off each time you step to one side of the stage?” I asked jokingly.

“Yeah, or even better we can strobe the security lights and make the whole place look liked it’s having a party.”

“You’ve got security?” I asked wondering why such a thing was needed given that it appeared no unauthorised people seemed to be able to get in.”

“Yep, it came with the house!” Replied Lemmy with a huge smile.

I laughed and watched as Lemmy shuffled some stuff around one of the smaller screens with a mouse.

“So who keeps all this stuff running?” I asked curiously.

“You do!” Lemmy replied before adding, “now.”

“Huh? I do? I’m not sure my computer skills are that advanced.”

“Of course they are, we wouldn’t have chosen you if they weren’t.”

I did wonder about Lemmy’s “chosen” comment and maybe one day I’d ask him about it but at that time I was more wondering if my computer skills were up to the task, I wasn’t entirely sure they were.

“Ok so lets see what we have here.” Lemmy said fanning through the stack of printed paper I have given him when I arrived.

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