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Chequered Flag: Dinner for two

Danny and Tracey had to wait until 8pm for a private booth to become available, that suited Danny because it gave him plenty of time to get ready. He wasn’t the sort that needed hours to get dudded up but with work and the race still weighing him down slow and easy was his aim. He didn’t look as dressed up as Tracey in her sleek black dress but his dress shirt and black jeans was more than enough and it was comfortable.

While Danny did admire how Tracey looked in the dress he’d also admired his own taste, he’d brought the sleek black dress and gray belt without Tracey being present and it was a favourite of hers as well as his. Because it wasn’t a cold night Danny got to admire the dress as she walked around the house before they were due to leave.

A few minutes after arriving at the restaurant they were seated and presented with the wine list. Danny wasn’t a big wine drinker, usually preferring to drink beer, he did have a bit of a taste for champagne given that bottles of champers were part of every winner’s podium at the race track, but a cold beer was always his choice, for that reason he let Tracey choose the wine which they would both share. When the wine was delivered to the table the couple had had enough time to choose their meals and relayed those choices to the waitress, they then sat in silence as they waited for their meals.

Danny sat in the booth looking into Tracey’s eyes, he could be lost in those eyes forever, however Tracey wasn’t looking at him, her eyes looked down at the table, Danny knew that was a sign that she was uncomfortable or nervous. He knew why she was in such a state, she’d promised to tell him why she’d been absent from his life for the past three months and why he should take her back. The longer she remained silent the harder it would be to break that silence but Danny had no intention of initiating the conversation, it was hers to lead and he planned to let her do it.

While Rick, and some of the other crew, knew Danny still loved Tracey and hadn’t given up on her during her three month absence it was what they didn’t know, what he had told no one else, that might have changed their minds about the situation. What they didn’t know was that once he worked out where she was staying he hired a private investigator to follow her, unfortunately for him while the PI could tell Danny where Tracey was he couldn’t tell him what she was thinking or why she’d left.

The private investigator had cost him a small fortune to follow her for two months, he’d actually set up a second bank account where a portion of his sponsorship money was placed primarily for paying the investigator, just in case Tracey was keeping an eye on their joint account. He wasn’t entirely sure how people would react to such a thing, he thought many of his friends would probably think using a PI was a fair thing to do on face value, however even he knew that once Tracey’s location was known the PI was doing little more than spying on her.

While there was guilt in Danny’s mind over the way he’d used the Private Investigator it was the other thing he’d done which really unsettled him and was a big reason why he was willing to give her the chance to explain herself. At the time he’d been able to justify his actions because his heart broken and pained mind continually told him he had to do everything possible to know what she was doing, understand why she was not with him and most of all if she was with someone else. But as time went on even he knew that was not a good excuse and one that if revealed could possibly see Tracey move further away from him, but he couldn’t bring himself to stop the investigator, his mind needed to know!

By the time their meals had arrived there had been words spoken but they were not the words Danny needed, or wanted to hear, it was just small talk. Again Danny wasn’t entirely blaming her for her silence, he thought she may have been waiting until after they’d eaten given that no one likes to have a deep and meaningful conversation with a mouthful of food. He did however hope that her speech wasn’t going to take all night, they were already eating late he didn’t really want to be sitting in a restaurant at midnight talking when he could be in bed asleep.

Danny enjoyed his surf and turf, (steak with garlic prawns on top for the uneducated), the meat was cooked beautifully and the garlic prawns were also perfectly prepared, as is usual at restaurants there was too many chips but they were still nice as was the accompanying salad. Tracey’s meal of crumbed chicken pieces with sweet chilli dipping sauce, salad and chips looked just as good but Danny wasn’t invited to try it and didn’t ask.

Neither wanted or needed desert after such a big meal but coffees were ordered and Danny sat patiently as the waitress poured their drinks hoping that Tracey would start talking as soon as the waitress left. His hopes were answered, after her first sip of coffee Tracey began to speak.

“I’ve been seeing Sharky!” Tracey said before quickly adding, “But I haven’t slept with him, I couldn’t do that to you.”

Danny instantly knew who she was referring too, Sharky was Peter Hanson, one of Danny’s rivals who retied from racing to concentrate on managing his team at the end of the previous year, his last race was the final race, three weeks before Tracey disappeared. What Danny also knew was that Tracey was not telling the truth, but of course he could not dispute her story without revealing his own.

He didn’t even try to put on a concerned or surprised face he just asked. “Why? What did I do that drove you to the arms of another man?”

Tracey continued her story. “I didn’t mean it to happen, you were just so busy with work, even the off season was not going to see you get any rest.” Danny couldn’t argue with that. “Peter was just there. You and the team were so caught up in celebrations after the season win it felt like you’d forgotten me and he was just there with.”

Because Tracey was away from the house for nearly a month before Danny hired the private investigator he actually found himself wondering if what Tracey was saying had actually happened and by the time he’d order her to be followed she’d stopped seeing him.

“So you feel into his arms because I wasn’t home? You didn’t think about talking to me, or god forbid being apart of our celebrations?”

“Nothing happened,” Tracey defended herself. “Honestly we just spent time together, we didn’t even kiss, he tried it but then I found out that the double crossing bastard wasn’t interested in me he only wanted information.”

“Information?” Danny had to admit he was intrigued.

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  1. I have to admit, I’m intrigued…

  2. Yup, rotten to the core….love or no love, that’s not a thing to do. No excuses. And look how it ended up?..she deserves whatever she doesn’t get.

    • I get the impression it doesn’t matter what Danny’s done you wont ever change your mind that Tracey is not a lone wolf in this situation.

      Seems like I could make Danny a mass murderer with Tracey the only one who knows and he’s black mailing her to keep his secret and you’d still think the sun shone out of Danny’s arse.

      • You’re probably right. I like men over women most of the time. Characters at least.

      • But if you’re married, you’re married. If you’re tired of it, get out. Otherwise, mind your ps and qs.

        • What if Danny tried to get out first it at least puts him on an even pedestal with her. Danny can’t even reveal his truth to her, what if he’s hiding even more than one thing.

          • You love women don’t you, they can do no wrong?

            • No some women are down right horrible, I’ve met women who out do men in the bastardry stakes and are downright proud they do, but that doesn’t make Tracey more innocent or more guilty than Danny, especially not until the whole truth is revealed.

          • You can’t go back and rewrite. He didn’t try to get out first. Or are you changing the whole concept? If she was lonely, deal with it. She married a driver, they’re all about cars first.

            • I don’t need to re-write it, I can go back in time at any point without changing anything. There is nothing difficult about that it happens in lots of stories.

              Married to a driver deal with it? That’s garbage and you know it. Anyone who’s married to a job more than their spouse is never going to make a good partner.

              • Dont be shy. Tell me what you really think

                • This comi g from you?

                • Well it was a stupid statement and it deserved to be pulled apart.

                  Just like the previous one about women. My second novel was based around a woman so bad killing her was one of the nicest things I could do.

                  • Well if you think what I say is stupid, maybe I should quit talking

                    • I said it was a stupid statement and it was, how offended you are by that and how personal you take that is up to you.

                      I’m not saying that there aren’t people out there who are married to the job more than they are their partner I know they exist but it’s a stupid statement. No job is worth more than a relationship. Even if Danny’s only problem was that he cared more about the car than his wife he’s still cop my writing wrath because that’s a dumbarse attitude to have and still want to be in relationship.

                    • It’s not a stupid statement, it’s often true, but the concept is. No one wants to be second best, or second fiddle as they used to say. But the fact is, there are plenty examples of this type of marriage. I’m not saying it’s right, just that it exists, and if someone goes into it knowing that, they’re the stupid one.

                    • What if Tracey didn’t know that was the case when they were married? What if it’s only happened since Danny first started winning and winning in a job became more important than everything else. I haven’t written Danny’s role yet but there are many many things he could have done without changing the back story that are worse than what Tracey has done on face value.

                  • Women characters, I think, are far more capable of visciousness than men. Partly because of the fact they are considered to be just the opposite, the mother, the nurturer, etc. That’s why a woman makes a great antagonist.

  3. Dress shirt and black jeans is always sexy. Perfect! You sure you can’t set me up? He is such a cool character.

    • Seriously I wouldn’t know. I have zero fashion sense and the only tie I ever bought myself was bright orange with a Flying V guitar on it and my mum wouldn’t let me wear it. I hate wearing any shirt without a pattern and I hate dressing up. If I can’t wear shorts or jeans and a flaming skull shirt I don’t feel comfortable. (Now tell me I’m a good person :P)

      I still maintain he’s got a secret that makes him unworthy of someone like you….besides he’s married 😛

  4. Secret… huh? Hhhmmm ……
    if you turn him bad after making him so awesome, I’m gonna be upset! Your story… I’m just pre-warning you.
    Okay, I know he’s married, so I’ll just look. No touching….. : )

    • How did I make him awesome? Ok he drivers a racing car but he really hasn’t done anything ‘awesome’ has he?

      What if he’s a cross dresser and Tracey left him because he looked better in her clothes than she did? Is that still awesome?

      Maybe I need a yard stick on what ‘bad’ is 😛

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