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R.I.P. Good People

I know I regularly cull my list of followers and followed sites to weed out the smelly ones but sheesh where are all avid bloggers lately?

10 new posts in my reader overnight I think all the good people are dead.

R.I.P. good people, now my Monday morning breakfast will have to be filled with cat videos from Facebook!

You people should be ashamed of yourself dying like that and leaving me only the crappy sites to read and cat videos!


  1. Hmmm… please explain why 10 posts are not avid, and possibly smelling. Please clarify so that the daily blogging American can understand…

    • Well it was tongue in cheek but ok I’ll explain.

      12 months ago with less followers (even on a weekend) my reader would easily get 30+ posts over night. Therefore less posts = less avid bloggers. Less avid bloggers = good people dead. R.I.P. dead people.

      Smelling: what one does with their nose. Smell: odour stinky people omit. One does smell smelly people, have scratch and sniff monitors not made it to the ‘daily blogging American’ yet?

      Therefore in summary, not as any posts and people smell.

      Rest In Pieces, many many pieces so that the wormies don’t have chew as much.

      • Very well explained my brother from down under. I think this ol Yank Doodle dandy, can now say, “I have full understanding”. Carry on…

  2. Egan, cat videos? You ARE desperate! Was disappointed not to find Dean when I saw desert.

  3. Okay, sweet Mate, I just posted the longest fiction piece I’ve submitted for awhile. So, I’m not smelly, or rotting, so don’t drop me yet. : ). Whew … that was close.

  4. I do not live with stench. Dirty girlie is squeaky clean. : )

    • Atleast some are clean, Miss 4 just came home from kinder covered in mud. Apparently playing in the rain doesn’t cause colds and playing in the mud is educational!!

      • Lol … how fun is that!!! I want to go to her school. Btw…. she’s right. : )

        • I don’t disagree with the kids playing in the rain and getting muddy we used to do it but I am getting sick of these kinders that palm more and more shit off on the parents.

          Today they had a government road safety thing teaching kids to cross the road with an adult and they have this bear thing as a mascot, instead of bringing someone with the bear suit they ask parents to fill it at every kinder they go to.

          Every day because I’m about the only male that turns up they ask me to do stuff like stand on chairs and pull down tree branches etc.

          It’s ridiculous, I don’t mind doing some things but it shouldn’t be expected and given the kinder is council owned they should be doing the maintenance not me because I turn up there to pick up my kid!

          *rant over*

  5. But, but… cat videos are awesome.

    I generally don’t post a great deal on the weekend. I know your weekend and mine aren’t the same because you’re all in the future and stuff.

    I’ll see if I can wrack my brain and churn something out this week.

    Not gonna lie, it may be cat videos πŸ˜›

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