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The Day The Music Live: Take The Blame


“Going my way?” Würzel said as he opened the door of my car at the gates to Angel City.

“Nope, was about to turn around and go home!” I replied making a lame joke.

Würzel climbed in the car and immediately opened the window and rested his left arm on the window ledge. “What brings you back here so soon?”

“I brought the information Lemmy wanted.” I answered as I took off along the single lane road that lead to the Angel City mansion

“Shit, that’s quick, I’m sure he didn’t expect it that quickly.”

Well it was too late to be thinking that now. In all honestly I don’t remember asking Lemmy if there was a time frame on when he wanted the information, I do remember looking at my schedule and thinking this weekend suited me best, but did Lem put a time frame on it?

“I’ve got some stupid work commitments over the next few weeks I figured I’d get this stuff done before I went overseas.”

“Where ya headed?” Würzel asked

“Fucken L.A.” Würzel turned his head and looked at me with some confusion on his face. “Oops sorry I didn’t mean that.”

“Haha! Ya swearing don’t bother me man. Just surprised to hear you say that about L.A. People used to always seem so keen to get to L.A.”

I lit another smoke and took a deep drag, wishing there was a slug of bourbon to go with it then answered Würzel. “Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate L.A. there’s plenty of places that suck more than L.A. does but I’m almost flying in then flying out. I’m spending less time on the ground than I am in the fucking air!”

“They do that to you too?” Würzel laughed. “I remember many a time we had to fly one side of the Atlantic to the other just to do an interview. I thought it was only stupid band managers that organised such crap.”

“Nope dumb arse bosses are just as good at it.” I replied.

To be fair it’s not all the fault of dumb arse bosses and stupid managers, because of other commitments interviews get conducted when and where they fit into schedules. Not many bands or musos fit into the reporter’s schedule but they do fit in with the schedule their manager sets. Sometimes that schedule sees them sitting in a room talking to ten different journos for an hour a piece answering the same questions time and time again, sometimes it sees them rushing to multiple locations to do the same thing.

So, while us journos go wherever the story is, it’s not really any wonder that when the boss wants to send me on a sixteen hour flight to L.A. to spend less than twenty four hours on the ground, most of that time being couped up in a room waiting to interview someone, then fly another sixteen hours home that my reaction is “fucken L.A.” Just don’t take it personal you L.A. dwellers.

Also I’m not making excuses for pampered rock stars, who can’t sing a decent harmony and egotistical wankers who strap on instruments and think they are some how entitled to be treated like kings and queens but next time you see a muso, even a movie star, storm out of an interview consider that what you see them storm from is very rarely exactly what went on, there is always more to the story and it more than likely started with a stupid manager or dumb arse boss.

“Interviewing anyone interesting?” Würzel asked me as we continued on our way.

I rattled off the bands I was going to be talking to, both the local acts and the ones I was flying to the States for, as expected he hadn’t heard of them. He asked me if I had any demos or recordings of the bands so he could hear them but unfortunately for him all I had was the in car entertainment system which was filled with older stuff he’d already heard.

“Hey, if picking you up from the gate becomes a regular thing I’ll download some new bands onto the car system for my next trip.” I said.

“I shouldn’t need to ask!” he said with a smile.

“Are you ever going to tell me what it is you are doing at the gate when I arrive?” I asked wondering if I’d get an answer.


I guess if I was being honest I wasn’t surprised by the response. “What would you do if I didn’t come along to pick you up? Or do you actually know I am coming?”

“Ask me again next time!” Würzel responded, all I could was laugh.

We pulled up out the front of the mansion and got out of the car, like last time I left my bags in the back seat and the keys in the ignition, the only things I took with me was the print outs I had for Lemmy and the packet of Marlboros that had refilled itself sometime between my last smoke and reaching the mansion.

”What are you doing back here so soon?” Lemmy asked me as I walked in the door with Würzel.

“I asked him the same thing!” Würzel said before I had a chance to say anything.

I was beginning to think there was a rule book I hadn’t read bout how frequently I was allowed to visit when Lemmy piped up in that gravelly UK accent.

“I wasn’t asking him, he’s not the one who disappears into the wilderness for days on end.”

“I hardly think it’s wilderness!”

I listened to the two of them banter backwards and forward for a few minutes, each little dig getting funnier than the last, then just as I was wondering if it was ever going to stop Lemmy turned to me and spoke.

“Hi Phil. Good to see you. How’s things?”

“Yeah great Lemmy. Yourself?”

“Dead men smell toe nails!” Lemmy said. It was a reference to something he used to say on stage at times when introducing the song Dead Men Tell No Tales.

“I’ll leave you guys to it.” Würzel said as he turned and disappeared down the right hand corridor.

“Cya mate.” I said before turning to Lemmy and saying. “One day I’m going to figure out what it is he does out there and how he knows I’m coming to give him a ride.”

Lemmy laughed. “When you figure it out let us know too! So whatcha been up to since you left?”

I handed him the stack of paper I had in my hand from the research I’d been doing for him, it was only twenty three pages but it felt and looked like more.

“It’s the information you asked for.” I said proudly.

“Why didn’t you just stick it on a thumb drive or something old school like a CD?” The grin on his face as he said it was unmistakeably cheeky and I smiled.

“I didn’t thi…”

Lemmy interrupted me. “You didn’t think I could use a computer did you!”

It was more of a statement than a question and like many of the things Lemmy said I found myself wondering if he was serious or joking.

“No honestly that’s not what I thought!” I replied defending myself, even if the thought had crossed my mind once.

“Are you sure?” He asked smugly.

“I didn’t know if bringing something like a USB drive would survive the trip here. I knew paper would! And to be honest with you I rarely think of CD’s as a form of data transfer these days.”

“Sounds like an excuse to me!” Lemmy replied with a smile.

“It’s true, besides I didn’t even know if you had a computer here. I figured since you needed be to get the information you didn’t have a means of doing I yourself.”

I thought that seemed like a logical excuse, after all it was one of the reasons, as I explained to you in depth a the other day, as to why Lemmy needed me.

Lemmy stopped his laughter and smiles and went back to being serious. “Nah man, we’ve got computers just not the internet. Given our time in Angel City works independently to the rest of the world it would make the computers go all kinds of batshit crazy if they tried to communicate with the outside world.”

Lemmy had a somewhat of a valid point, I remember the Y2K bug and what a stupid joke that was when it came to computers but unlike that storm in a tea cup the link between Angel City and the rest of the world was real.

“Let’s go and have a look at what you’d got.” Lemmy said and we headed off to the bar.

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  1. Hmm I wonder what info Lemmy wanted? How’s my trickster coming? Any news of him coming back?

  2. You made me laugh first thing with your comment on my story.

  3. It supposed to read trucker.

  4. I’m fighting on Fishdom. I keep getting to 58 out of 59 to win level 125

  5. Just named my fish, Ben and Jerry, Larry, Curly and Moe

  6. Oh, forgot Groucho

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