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Ok so it’s taken me nine hours but I have finally worked out what the prompt means.

FRY: It’s Friday (for me, you overseas lot miss out)

WP had decided to be nice to me after so many problems and they are telling all you lot who read my ramblings to buy me Kentucky Fried Chicken for Fryday.

So get to it, show me you care, bugger it, show me you don’t care, just buy me KFC!

Thought for the day: Do fried eggs come from fried chickens, or do fried chicken grow from fried eggs?


  1. Well, if you weren’t completely across the ocean, and like a continent, I’d buy some KFC for you. And me. With honey mustard sauce and Texas Pete.

    • So not prepared to get on a plane and deliver?

      • pfft. I have like $15 to my name. Round trip fight just to deliver chicken is going to cost me roughly $2500. I cant turn $15 into $2500… I don’t have enough magic.

        • So it’s only money stopping you?

          Just rob a bank, they have lots of money πŸ™‚

          • But then jail happens. I’m not clever enough to get away with it. I will get caught. It’s in my DNA. I’m related to too many convicted felons. But then again, I think I’m the only one in my immediate family that hasn’t been to jail and/or prison for something or another.

            Too much risk just for fried chicken.

            • So you just break out of jail, I’ve seen movies, it’s fairly easy to do.

              It’s not just for chicken, you get a free trip to Australia and you get to have a picnic with me. Honestly that sort of thing can’t have a price put on it!

              I don’t mind harbouring a criminal who brings me KFC.

              • Now my weird tangential thoughts went from fried chicken to extradition between the US and Australia.

                And besides, some people think it’s this way in Florida because we have gators and snakes and bears, but if you get too far out past the city limits, will you become part of the food chain?

                • I think we do have an extradition law with the US but we live in the country and no one cares about us except for the greenies so I’ll keep you hidden from authorities.

                  It depends where you go here. up in Northern Territory if you kick a crocodile he might eat your but they don’t eat humans as a general rule. Snakes will bite anything that is a threat but I haven’t seen a live snake in 20 years, that’s not to say I couldn’t find one if I wanted to. And sure we have some very deadly spiders here but again I haven’t seen them for years. Honestly you’ll be safe for being eaten, but we still have people here.

                  • What exactly is a “greenie”?

                    • Someone who thinks trees and cute little possums are more important than humans. They spend their time protesting everything they possible can, hate all forms of government and line up every Friday for the unemployment cheques. In the bush around here they chain themselves to trees so the trees can’t be cut down, while holding signs made out of cardboard and paper. Oh and they only shower when they get caught in the rain.

                    • Ah! Snowflakes! Well, an interesting variety of snowflakes — those who think a human child doesn’t have any rights while trees should have standing in court. Biggest bunch of hypocrites that ever walked the face of the earth. I mean yeah, I’m all for protecting wildlife and such, and preserving our forests blah blah… but those people are patently ridiculous.

                    • Yeah I agree, we’ve lost more than 5000 jobs in this area in the last 10 years because greenies think trees are more important than humans.

                    • Man, that sucks. I know some places here, the government will give you subsidies if you have a good bit of land and plant a bunch of trees. That’s why you see large tracts of pine trees in perfect straight lines.

                    • Oh problem is that this area is rich in coal, enough to sustain this entire country for 300 years and it’s prime land for timber harvesting, two things greenies hate, therefore they come form the city with screams to shut down the life blood of the area. Sadly they are winning.

                      I can’t call them snowflakes either, to me Snowflake is the cute white polar bear in the christmas hat that sits on our bed πŸ™‚

                    • Aww…

                      Another good name for them is “assholes”.

                    • 10 or 15 years ago stickers saying “Fertilise the bush, doze in a greenie” were quite popular in this area.

                    • They have been very popular in this country for years, they are gaining ground with the bleeding hearts these days and we even have a political party named the Greens, but the stupid thing is 95% of their supporters live in the inner city where they barely have grass let alone trees.

                    • Kind of same here. We have a Green Party, but it’s a joke. I believe their candidate in the election got arrested protesting the pipeline thing up north.

                    • When the Greens first starter here people thought they were a bunch of dope smoking hippies. I kind of wish they went back to that, would give them an excuse for coming up with the wacky shit they do.

                    • Well, the great thing about dope smokers is they don’t care about much other than peace and love. As opposed to alcoholics and meth heads. And I can get behind that. I mean, if I didn’t work for the government, I would be all about that lifestyle.

                      I was so happy when they legalized medical weed in FL. Literally the first dispensary opened right down the road from my house.

                      Weed helped my nana recover from colon cancer, and subsequent ostomy, back in the 90’s.

                    • I’m no longer into weed, I used to do it when I was younger, but I used to smoke and drink a lot then too. I don’t have a problem with weed smokers in general although I do notice that more of them these days are problem addicts compared to back when I used to be around it.

                    • Me either. I smoked when I was in undergrad, and very rarely. I still drink, but not as much as I used to. I guess it kind of loses it’s appeal after a certain age… at least for me.

                    • I did a lot of ‘cliched’ things with the band, I’m not overly proud of it, but then I’m not ashamed either.

                      Being the only driver in this house having kids curbed my drinking quite a bit. Wasn’t that I needed too was just always in my mind that if I was over the limit I couldn’t take them to the hospital or something if they needed it. I was used to being alcohol free as a truck driver (all truck drivers have to blow 0.00 BAC) so it wasn’t hard to stay that way after the kids were born but my wife still doesn’t understand why I chose O.O rather than a few drinks every now and again.I like my bourbon, a few drinks isn’t really in my nature and with so few putting a person over the limit it’s easier not to drink than count drinks.

  2. KFC isn’t bad, it’s those biscuits I love! Haven’t had it in four years! Oh, and what’s with the fried egg in the middle of the regular story? Cheaters never win you know.

  3. Thank you for specifying chicken instead of some other white meat.

  4. mumsthewordblog1

    What an intriguing conversation!!! I’m down under too

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