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Chequered Flag: Danny Reacts

After a long day at the workshop filled with press interviews and helping Rick with the suspension fault Danny was tired, truth be told it usually took him several days to get over one race day, and the last thing he expected when he got home was for his wife to be greeting him naked and throwing him on the couch.

A few years ago Danny might have expected, and been a willing participant in, such a game even after a long day at work, but with his wife only just returning from a three month leave of absence from their marriage, something she was yet to explain, he didn’t find himself that willing.

“What are you doing Tracy?” He protested.

He could easily have thrown her off him, his physical strength was well above hers and he worked out five to six days a week, but the way he was pinned there was no easy way to remove her without force and he didn’t want to hurt her.

“If you don’t know what I’m doing it really has been too long.” Tracey said as she pushed her lips to his and forced her hand downwards in search of something to hold on to. “Let me fix that!”

“No! Tracey.” he said forcefully still not wanting to push her off onto the floor.

“C’mon baby, you know you want to, I can feel it.”

Given where her hand was Danny could feel it too. “What I want? What I have always wanted is to talk to you!” Danny shuffled under her weight but still knew the only way he was going to be able to remove her was forcefully.

“We can talk later I promise. Now show me what I’ve been missing for the last three months.”

Danny felt Tracey shuffle her body on top of his, felt her moving slowly off him. She was dropping onto the floor on her knees, her hand hadn’t moved but she was definitely moving into a position that would make it easier for him to escape without hurting her. Kneeling on the floor Tracy used her spare hand to unbutton Danny’s pants giving herself more room to move. It had been a long time and
Danny wasn’t totally void of feelings, he was enjoying her touch and knew that it would be very easy to just succumb to her wants and have sex, he’d probably even enjoy himself, but there was more to life than just getting off and if he didn’t stick to his guns about Tracey talking chances are it would never happen.

Not giving her a chance to get any further Danny grabbed Tracey hand, (he didn’t want to cause himself pain either!), pulled himself free. He then kicked his legs up, half rolled arse over head until his legs were clear of Tracey’s head then barrel rolled off the couch and hit the floor on his knees. With his pants unbuttoned and loose his getaway was slightly harder but he he managed to crawl away, out of Tracey’s reach so that she had little chance too stop him.

“What the fuck?” Tracey called. “What’s wrong with you Danny? I’m seconds away from blo…”

Danny interrupted her speech cutting short the words he knew were coming. “Tracey I’ve already told you, until you are willing to talk this is not happening.”

Forgetting her last statement and climbing up onto the couch and sitting down a sullen Tracey then moaned. “Talk, talk, fucking talk, that’s all you want to do.”

Danny was sick of the same conversation but until Tracey decided to tell him why she had spent three months ignoring him he wasn’t going to let up. Standing up and buttoning his pants he looked directly at her and said. “Don’t you think you owe me something? An excuse? A reason? Three months you’ve been gone for and then you just waltz back into this house and expect me to fuck you and forget everything because it’s what you want!”

“It used to be what you wanted too.”

“I wanted a wife! I wanted someone I could love, someone I could rely on, someone I could trust. Someone I could hold at night.” He could feel his heart rate spiking.

”I am your wife.”

Danny could see the conversation was still going nowhere. “I’m going to have a shower. I’ll never kick you out of the house or even ask you to leave but you know what needs to happen before things can change. I’m not telling you what to do but I’ll be here when you’re ready to talk to me.”

With his speech done Danny walked off to the bed room, it was a little earlier than he’d normally have a shower but the shower was peaceful and the shower would give him time to think about things. Danny’s problem was that he didn’t really need to think, he knew he still loved Tracey, but there was no way he could just let her back into their life without knowing why she walked out.

It wasn’t until Danny got into the shower that he realised how hungry he was and how much out of whack having his shower would feel. For the last three months he’d been coming home from work and immediately cooking dinner, before that he’d arrive home and help Tracey cook, it was a small thing but that’s what his body clock was used to. Although his mind had been elsewhere since he came into the house he didn’t remember smelling any food cooking, that single thought made him even hungrier and his thoughts went from Tracey, which he couldn’t control, to food which he could.

When he came out of the bathroom, dressed in only his tracksuit pants, Tracey was standing on the opposite side of the bed. She was wearing a sleek black dress, the one Danny had bought her for her birthday two years earlier. Danny couldn’t help but look at her, five foot ten, short hair with streaks of natural grey, a face that got prettier the less make up it had on it and a body he’d dreamed about for more years than he cared to remember.

“Get dressed babe, I’m going to take you to dinner!” Tracey said as if nothing had happened before his shower.

“Tracey, I’m tired. I…” This time it was Danny’s turn to be interrupted.

“Please Danny. Anywhere you want to go, I’m paying.”

While Danny accepted that it was a nice gesture given that Tracey didn’t have an income he also knew that they were both paying for it. Even in her three month absence he’d never had the heart to cut her off and stop her from accessing their money, he might have controlled the bank account but he never stopped her from using it.

“I’m not sure I want to go anywhere Tracey, I’m tired.”

“But we both have to eat.”

“And we can find something it the freezer, there is plenty in there.” Danny replied still defending his stance.

“Please Danny, let me do this. Let me take you to dinner and we can talk about things!”

Suddenly Danny was interested. Although he wasn’t a paparazzi dream and wasn’t followed everywhere there was always the chance a rouge journo could see him and would be happy to listen in to what he was were taking about which made the idea less than appealing, but talking was what he wanted.

Taking her at her word Danny agreed to dinner and as he got dressed Tracey booked them a table at a restaurant they frequented before Tracey departure, one the always offered the couple a quiet booth and privacy.

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  1. Yea. I am sooo proud of him! Nicely thought through and written. Whew…. that was a close call.

  2. No cheating with those aces…. at least you didn’t say, “up my pants.” Giggle ….
    Tracey probably has a few of those aces too… yikes! You know, buying dinner with his money doesn’t make me like her any better. If you’re wanting me to like her, not happening yet. I do soooo like him, though. Can you arrange an introduction? : )

    • I’m much more refined than to say something that rude 😛 What’s up my pants I don’t plan to reveal on my blog 😛

      She’s not trying to win your heart yet, she’s trying to win his, I still maintain Danny’s not innocent.

      AAAANNNNNDDDD you don’t want an introduction, he’s not the one with beautiful in his vocab 😛

  3. You still don’t know do you?

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