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You women have no idea!

bad poetry

It aint no chuckling matter
When you’re trying just to flatter
And the targets become attackers
And the little one kicks you in the knackers

It started out as a gentle little tickle
I honestly wasn’t trying to cause a prickle
It was just intended to be a little scratch
Because your laughter I wanted to catch

It was all going quite well and I was just about to stop
When a swift kick from the little one nearly made me drop
Honestly I know, she didn’t truly aim
But any friggen harder and I could have been left lame

It was a simple reflex action
By a little one trying to get traction
Under the guise of protecting mum
She wasn’t trying to make me numb

She doesn’t think of me as slime
But it happens all the time
Sometimes it’s in the guts
But this time ‘twas in the nuts

Rather than collapsing from above
And wrapping you’s like a glove
I ran away from you’s in shock
Instead of using my girls as a chock

You women may have child birth
Which often gives you a wider girth
But it really does not compare
To a pain that you just couldn’t bare

A pain you could not comprehend
A pain you would only condescend
A pain you just couldn’t hack
A swift kick in the happy sack


  1. Very funny, but I have to disagree on your comparison to childbirth!

  2. Aidin

    Ha! That was a good one

  3. Adorable writing, I could visualize it as it was happening. Terrific. : )

    • You can visualise kicking someone in the nuts? You are a sadist 😛

      • Nooo… it brought a smile as I was visualizing the scene. You did great writing it. My favorite line was about catching the laughter. That was beautiful.
        It seems to me, you’re training the young ladies well. Good practice. : )

        • Oh yeah now you back peddle 😛

          Next you’ll add the cliched “child birth is worse that anything so take your man flu and crawl back in your cave” 😛

          • Nope… you need to get know me a little better. Painful is painful no matter the gender.

            • I seriously don’t know.

              My wife told me after we’d been waiting nearly 24 hours waiting for Miss 8 to arrive that she’d never make light of my back pain ever again, but she’s never been kicked in the nuts (as far as I know).

              I just love making the comparison because some women love to tell guys they don’t know what real pain is and never will because they can’t give birth. They fail to comprehend that they also haven’t been kicked in the nuts and therefore they are making an unfair comparison. There is very few people in this world qualified to grade the pain levels of both actions.

              Now Women’s flu, that’s a whole different beast, compared to man flu it’s like pricking your finger with a desert spoon.

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