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Jolted Awake

bad poetry

Jolted awake, a shoulder tap by a wee hand,
beside the bed Miss 4 she does stand.

“It’s 7:01 on the clock near the telly.
Pull back the doona, I’m coming over your belly.”

“Turn on the TV and pull up the blanket,
don’t make it too loud, Mum says not to crank it.”

Thomas the Tank, Peppa Pig and the Wiggles,
TV’s not too loud it’s MIss 4’s noisy giggles.

“You’re now awake, there is no more sleep.
Leave mum to rest and you can get me something to eat.”

Jolted to life by a big mug of Nescafe,
hoping like hell the caffeine will keep sleep at bay.

More kids shows are blaring on the kitchen TV.
Caffeine not yet working time for another coffee

Breakfast is ready, oh shit it’s Corn Flakes,
instead of more cereal why can’t I have cakes?

Now it is time to make the kid’s sangas,
if only we had snags, they could have banga sangas

TV is now screaming like a dying Banshee,
damn it must be time for coffee number three

Jolted from a daze by the car radio,
it’s that time of day and it’s off to school we do go.

Dickheads in cars who ignore the road rules,
I want a rocket launcher to kill all the fools

Parents at school park like they’re pulling cool stunts,
they really are nothing more than dumb .unts

Kids all dropped off it’s time to head home,
more driver’s in cars with dumb arse syndrome

Finally get home and pull in the garage,
how I wish I could just get a massage.

Jolted awake….fuck that I’m going back to sleep


  1. ❤️❤️❤️. You get special hugs for this post …and all you do.
    I love when you post about your life, sweet, entertaining, delightful! : )

    • Maybe it’s not my life, maybe I get all my inspiration from other bloggers 😛
      Maybe I really am a hermit in a dark cave.
      Maybe this is all a fantasy.
      Maybe it’s an alternative reality.
      Maybe it’s life Jim but not as we know it!

  2. A winner! Yes, first prize, definitely. Loved it, laughed more at the end. A parent’s life requires coffee at all stages.

  3. The kid invasion. These are the good old days.

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