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The Bunny Leaves Brown Pellets

bad poetry

The bunny left little brown pellets everywhere
Who’d eat brown pellets left behind by a hare
Watch what you step in, have some good footwear
You might be safer sitting in your deck chair

Eating bunny dung just don’t seem right
Doesn’t even seem like it’s very bright
This is where I could rhyme the word shite
I do like my bunny pellets in white.

There weren’t no bunny sizzling on the BBQ
For lunch we had pork ribs on which to chew
I promise this poem wont divert towards poo
But honestly who’d get themselves locked in the loo?

We also had chicken, lamb and dim sim
We don’t do no silly shit like singin’ a hymn
But apparently someone thought we needed more vim
Because before lunch there was a cracking of a tree limb.

The crack did see a dropping of the crown
The dry bark on the branch it was brown
That brown bark also went all around
It fucked up our day cause it had to come down

With ropes around the broken branch
At first all we managed was just a cranch
We wanted the limb down, but not in an avalanche
Of twigs, limbs, branches and a loud scranch

We fought that bitch all afternoon
With a cherry picker the limb could have been hewn
But it’s a public holiday because of the full moon
So brute force would see the bitch grounded and strewn

The climbing ropes were braced tightly to the ute
And from the driver’s seat we sunk in the boot
The large tree she did have a bit of a dispute
But for brute force there is no substitute.

The broken limb did come and hit the deck
There was not a single thing we did wreck.
Branches broken and there was the odd fleck
But we cleaned it up not leaving a speck

The bastard came down because of the burls
And because it had more than a few curls
At times it might have looked like we were working in whirls
But the bloody tree stopped me spending Easter with my three girls


  1. Bunny poop not my fave but I liked the tree adventure. Feast extraordinaire!

  2. Sounds like an eventful day and that you helped someone who needed it, at the expense of time with your girlies. Still a hero, even though you seemed to relish the challenge with plenty of testosterone to spare. All in all not a bad bunny day. I hope it was fun. : )

    • TBH it could easily have become one of those Youtube moments if things had changed slightly. Dad wanted to hire the professionals to do the job but we’d been drinking so we were just as good as the pros 🙂

      We often aren’t a good advertisement for safety but my brother is a Health and Safety Officer so we were led by his bad example 🙂

      • Lol …. I did enjoy the humorous side of the post. It made me laugh…. probably the other women folk too… : )

        • The female folk at our place were mixed, the twins and our kids were outside playing What’s the time Mr Wolf, Mrs LP hid inside and mum kept coming out to make sure we weren’t going to drop the tree on the house. If there was any laughter it was at us not for us 🙂

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