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Don’t Be Cranky!

bad poetry

If you’re going to get cranky
You can borrow my hanky
It’s clean and it’s not manky
It wasn’t used for hanky panky

I was once told what you could do with a handkerchief
In the throes of passion be it long or be it brief
Apparently it does not cause one any grief
But it may impinge on some people’s belief

A connection between hankies and religion?
It must be small, no more than a smidgen
Fuck, next I’ll be talking in bloody pidgin
Or saying you’ve got some callipygian

Oh gawd, now I’m talking about a bum
It could be slapped like a bongo drum
Until each buttock does become numb
Have you ever tasted a chocolate plumb?

Hey tonight is the night of the bunny
Too much bunny and things might get runny
Oh damn that wouldn’t be very funny
Imagine being locked and stuck in the dunny

I have no idea where this is going
So these are just words I am throwing
But this poem she is a growing
And the wonderful prose she is a flowing

Bet you’re glad you’re not in my mind
Listening to these cogs just bump and grind
Maybe it’s true I should just be confined
In a padded room away from mankind

In my padded room I shall be fed
It shall be my own private homestead
I wonder if they serve garlic bread
Maybe I should just go off to bed.

But then falling asleep is but a chore
Because sleeping is such a bore
I’ll lay there until just before
Sunirise and listen to your snore.


  1. Interesting and amusing poem.

  2. Im not sure the like button was actually what I meant, I must be cranky.

  3. You is being vewy vewy cheeky, there maybe punishment 😛

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