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Chequered Flag: Tracey Tries It On

“Tracey, what the hell are you doing here?” Danny asked surprised by her timely presence in the workshop.

While the rest of the team were off doing things like analysing data, rebuilding parts, researching, and all the other jobs involved in running a successful motorsport team Danny and Rick were setting up the race car on the diagnostic computer so they could pin point the error that Rick had found.

Although the workshop didn’t have security there was the usual Occupational Health and Safety barriers and bollards which usually stopped most people from entering the workshop. The only time the team really needed security to avoid the public was after a series win when some fans would turn up to congratulation the team, even they they allowed control entry and visitation.

It was because of those barriers and bollards that Tracey was able to enter the workshop without going through the main office first. She knew that going through the office she would be stopped and more than likely Danny would tell her he was too busy to see her, but stepping around the barriers and entering through the workshop she could find him and approach him directly because no one would stop her.

Because she’d been in the workshop many a time over the years finding Danny wasn’t ever going to be a difficult task for her, but it was made a lot easier given that from the large open roller door she could see him and Rick working around the car before she even stepped inside.

“I came to see you, I came to talk to you since we didn’t get to talk last night.” Tracey replied sweetly as if her tone alone was going to excuse the fact that she’d wandered into Danny’s place of work and interrupted what they were doing.

“Tracey we don’t have time, we need to get the car repaired so we can start the testing. You know how this works.” Danny answered.

“This has always been your problem Danny, the job always comes first.”

Rick looked at Danny, he really wanted to get on with the car but he also knew Tracey wasn’t going to just walk away. “Danny, mate, I’ve got this for a little while, go and talk to her get it over with now and then we can get into the car with no interruptions.”

“See even Rick says it’s okay, please Danny.”

In truth Rick didn’t think it was okay he just knew it was the best way to get Tracey out of the workshop so they could get down to work. Rick knew Danny and knew that if he took Tracey aside and chatted to her for ten minutes early in the day he could then get it over and done with rather than have it rest in the back of his mind all day interrupting work.

“Ok Tracey you’ve got ten minutes,” Danny put his hand on Tracey’s arm and lead her towards his office.

Danny led Tracey into his office and shut the door behind him. “Please make this quick. I really do need to get to work.”

Without saying a word Tracey stepped up to Danny, pushed him against the closed door and kissed him. Although they’d spent three months apart Danny still had extremely strong feelings for Tracey, he’d missed her and seeing her again brought all those feelings back so when her lips touched his he didn’t even try to resist. Despite the time apart, or perhaps because of it the two of them kissed deeply and Danny put his arms around her neck holding her against him.

Tracey lifted her right leg and rubbed her bare inner thigh against Danny’s pants. As Danny could feel himself growing below the belt as he pushed his tongue into her mouth. But it wasn’t until Tracey pushed her hand down into Danny’s pants and wrapped his hand around his growing member that Danny broke the kiss and gently pushed her away.

“We can’t do this!” he said.

“Of course we can Danny. I’ve missed you. I want you back and you obviously want me back!” Tracey said quietly as she pushed against Danny’s hand and tried to get closer to him.

Danny stepped around Tracey making sure she didn’t fall and walked to his desk chair. Tracey followed him and tried to sit on his lap but Danny again pushed her away again.

“Tracey, I came in here, against my better judgement because you wanted to talk, not so you could try and seduce me.” Danny said slightly angry.

“I didn’t have to try very hard, you were liking what was happening.”

Danny ignored the statement. “What is it you want to talk about? You’ve got ten minutes so I suggest you make it quick.”

Tracey sat down on the corner of Danny’s desk, ensuring that her tight skirt pulled up her leg and gave Danny a glance of more bare skin. “I think I just proved my point Danny. I want you, you want me, we both want each other. Lets stop fighting it!”

“Seriously Tracey is that all you’ve got? You know I have work to do.”

“Is that all I’ve got? Did you not feel what was between us just then? I know I felt something big between us!” the last part of her comment was added with a huge grin on her face.

“I told you to cut that out, this is my workplace and no matter what my feelings are it’s no place for that kind of talk or those actions.”

“So you admit you still have feelings! I knew it. I love you too! I knew we could sort this out!” Tracey replied with a huge smile.

“Sort what out Tracey? We’ve discussed nothing.”

“We don’t need to talk, we love each other.”

“Tracey, you walked out on me for three months, no talking, no calls, not even an email. Whether I still have feeling for you or not is beside the point. You need to explain to me why I should just take you back when you can’t even tell me why you left?” Tracey didn’t reply to his question she simply sat on the end of his desk and looked at him then after nearly a minute of silence Danny continued. “You still can’t tell me why, can you?”

“It’s complicated.” Tracey replied.

“Given you’ve had three months to think about it I would have thought you had more of an answer than, “it’s complicated.” Anyway I need to get back to work and you need to leave.” Danny wanted to tell Tracey that he’d be home after work and they could talk, but the truth was he wasn’t sure that he did want to talk until Tracey had more to say than “it’s complicated.”

After a few moments of contemplation he decided it didn’t really matter what he said she knew he’d be home after work anyway so instead he just got up from his chair walked to his door.

Tracey stood up knowing she had to leave because staying around was not going to fix anything. Stepping up to Danny who was holding the door open for her she leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. Danny didn’t react.

“I’ll see you at home!” Tracey said and again Danny didn’t react.

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  1. As I said before, she’s using him. He may like that type of using, but it doesn’t explain anything. She’s no Lorraine

  2. I don’t wear hats.

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