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Whoddathunkit would Unravel
Sliding the car sideways on the gravel
Out from the tyres the stones did spit
Driving like a maniac I was hot shit
When the vehicle left the road
I probably should have slowed
Hitting the tree I knew I’d fucked up
Thank god for me that I woke up

At least I didn’t scream
When I woke up from that dream
Cause If I woke you from your slumber
You’d have beaten me with a cucumber
A fruity clip up under the left ear
I would not have the time veer
I’d be an awake an sorry spouse
Cause I’d be kicked to the dog house

I know this sounds kinda silly
As the weathers getting chilly
But it’s the stupid things I think
But it’s a good thing I don’t stink
Please don’t make sleep out with the dog
In the morning there might be fog
I might get bitten by a bug
When all I want is just a hug.


  1. Ever been woken by a fart? Jesus, it’s horrible.

  2. Poor thing. Getting cold there? We are having some wonderful warm spring days. Sleeping out sounds very appealing, but screened windows open are a definite can do!

    • Not really, I’m still in short and short sleeves, the nights are a little cooler though. Because of the cyclones up north we’ve had some wet and windy weather but it’s only those around me that are complaining it’s cold 🙂

  3. They said it was seventy degrees F so I just took a light jacket to the soccer game. Wind never quits!! I had just away all my winter accessories this morning, scarves, gloves, etc. So much for optimism, I froze at the game! Forty three degrees now.

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