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Internet Outlier


I just wrote 500 words about the “Internet Outlier” and when I re-read it I realised if I posted it I’d probably offend every reader in one way or another.

It’s an interesting thought offending all three people in one single post.

In the end I decided not to post what I had written, some things are definitely better kept to oneself and not shared with the world of “Internet Outliers”, maybe one day others will realise the same.


  1. mumsthewordblog1

    You can never please everyone so aim to please yourself

  2. Pita, yup, exactly. All three, eh? You are a funny guy.

  3. Aidin

    Curious now as to what you wrote

    • That would pretty much defeat the purpose of deleting it and writing something else in frustration.

      If you’ve had much contact, especially email contact where people tend to open up more when they don’t know someone personally, you will no doubt be able to make you’re own conclusion as to what an Internet Outlier is.

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