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Healing What Ails You

Welcome to episode 378 of Healing What Ails You.

Today we look at using laughter to heal.

If you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps and want to see something mildly humorous to turn your day around try this.

Turn email alerts on for “likes” on your blog and have WP email you whenever you get a like on a post.

For the most part it’s pretty boring and after a few emails you wont even read what’s sent, the Title of the email gives more than enough information, but if you can get over the boring bit there is one thing that email alerts do which give you an insight into how some people use WP.

For instance this afternoon I saw a person “like” fourteen posts on the one site. Not really that strange given that the WP system is based around people liking what they read.

However here is the bit I had to laugh at, the average word count of each of those posts is 1272 words and the likes all came in in under two minutes.

So not only did I find someone with an itchy “like” finger (you can get ointment for that) I found the world’s faster reader as well.

Ok so that’s not over humorous and it wont heal anything, in fact it’s actually kind of pathetic and shows how pointless the “Like” system can be when not used properly. But at the end of the day, which isn’t far away, I had a rant and needed to get the word heal in it.


  1. mumsthewordblog1

    And you will be praised to know I read from start to finish and THEN hit the like button

  2. I have had the same experience, annoying as hell!

  3. Now why would you think no one reads your posts and just clicks like? And if they do, as I’m sure they do mine, who cares? Look what they’re missing. Great stories and humor you write. It’s their loss. I’ve been “liked” when I haven’t even finished editing!

    • Of course people do it, just like they follow and never read your stuff in the hope of you following them. If you haven’t noticed WP interlopers who only participate in an effort to get their own following numbers raised then half your luck.

      I don’t care that people do it but that wont stop me having a little rant about it when I feel like it. Theses WP Interlopers know who they are and I think it’s fun letting them know I know who they are. Will it change anything? Nope but it entertains me like clicking like or follow in the hope the gaining another number entertains them. One day they will realise the number of followers does not indicate the number of people who read their crap.

      • I don’t pay attention to that. If I read posts I enjoy then I follow them in order to see their posts again. I don’t do the numbers thing. I like the comments to make sure I’m not offending anyone. I’ve met some very nice people here and I enjoy that. Including you , you old pita.

        • I admit I used to look at following numbers but it didn’t take long to realise many only do it to increase their own numbers, many don’t even read posts and at the end of the day a high follow count is depressing because having 1000 followers and only 100 likes on a post looks bad, having 100 followers and 10 likes is the same but looks better πŸ™‚

          And don’t call me old grandma!

          • Well I have no idea how old you are, or any personal info, so…

          • I think the numbers matter if you’re trying to make money with it, but doesn’t that really involve in getting “sponsored” by companies putting ads on your site?

            • Sponsorship and ads are two different things. Ads can be put on any site and you get paid every time someone clicks on an ad. Sponsorship usually means you get to review a product in return for an “unbiased” review.

              Both are helped by larger viewing numbers but when ads and reviews pay only a few cents per click/showing you really need a lot of viewers.

              Personally I never click on ads and I don’t read posts that are just reviews and I wont ever run an ad campaign on my site, but I’ve run plenty of them over the years on other sites. You need a good product, good readership and a good sales pitch to make them work, very few blog achieve that.

      • That is sort of a jaded look at the whole program, isn’t it, L?

        • Maybe maybe not.It’s not just WP it’s Facebook and the rest of them too. The whole system is based on how popular you can be for the least amount of effort. Like everyone on WP and throw a few comments around and your follow numbers will increase but it doesn’t mean there is any value in what you write. Similarly writing what you like and not liking for the sake of it doesn’t mean your writing isn’t worthy.

          It may be a low bow to draw but compare it to a voting system. People don’t read what the candidates stand for they vote by ticking a few boxes that they ticked last time. Makes no difference if the system is compulsory or voluntary the laziness of the voter shows through.

  4. Do you have lots of jelly beans this time of year? Just checking if you read my comments

  5. Sorry for the interruption, I just wanted to say hi before going to sleep. I like this story and I want you to know I really don’t want him to get back with “her.” Please, please, find him someone good to love. : )

    • Have you just woken up from one of ‘those” dreams? πŸ™‚

      Oh you are talking about the racing story. What if she’s a really nice person who just went a little wayward?

      An HI πŸ™‚

  6. She needs to go!

  7. Hi. You’re not writing her like she’s a nice person. She seems like a b…. bad person. : (
    I’m about to drift into one of “those” dreams. : )

    • OOOOHHHHHH Tell me about the dream tomorrow.

      I haven’t decided what she’s done yet but I’d be interested in discussing with you why you think that about her when you’re not rushing off to bed πŸ™‚

  8. Hi. You’re not writing her like she’s a nice person . She seems like a b…. bad person. : (
    I am drifting into one of “those” dreams and looking forward to it! : )

  9. I agree! Maybe you two can work it out while I sleep . Good night! : )

    • Maybe we can but I still think I need to get your perspective given comments you’ve previously said which I think contradict that.

      Good night have a good sleep and keep the dream recorder on πŸ™‚

  10. Rugby’s right. Don’t trust her. Hugs good night.

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