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The Pirate Captain: Set Sail And Conquer

“We sail at first light.” called the good captain as he stood before his crew on the deck of the Privateer, there was no denial in his thoughts.

His entire crew, enough to fill two large ships, lined the dock below him listening intently to his every word as he spoke.

In the past three weeks they’d sent ex Captain Morgan’s body to it’s watery grave and they’d burned his severed head in the pit of coal and embers, each crew member watching as the skull burned. They’d commandeered Morgan’s ship as their own and renamed it the Revenge. They’d found out from Morgan’s own ledgers that he’d tried to put them to death for his own benefit and they’d trained a bunch of new cut throats and lowlifes, all of which had been found down at Nancy’s Tavern.

The crew numbered more than 400, enough to fully man two ships and although the captain had a bit of a soft spot for his own ship, the Privateer, because both ships were identical changing crew between ships as needed would never be an issue.

The good Captain’s biggest decision since returning home with two ships was not how to man them or the costs involved in manning them it was whether to promote his second mate to be a captain of his own vessel or to have him steer the ship and be a captain in all ways but in name. There was advantages and disadvantages to both, and the second mate knew that. As captain all decisions and outcomes, good or bad, would fall on him he would be responsible for everything on the Revenge. As captain in all but name his responsibilities would be very few. It didn’t matter a great deal to the good captain, for it was his ship, his booty and his crew, but promoting a second mate, and thus creating two more second mate positions, showed an enormous amount of good will.

After several days of discussion it was decided that a compromise of the two options would be made. The second mate of the Privateer would be given his own ship. The ships, their booty, their battles and their crew would all be shared equally. It was a win for the captain, but most of all it was a win for his crew who quickly came to realise they were all a part of the good captains crew and not just bodies able to be sacrificed in battle.

When it came to choosing a second mate for each ship it was widely expected that the fair maiden was going to become the second mate of the Privateer. It was a job the fair maiden neither wanted or would be offered, in her own mind her job was not to run the ship it was to stand beside her good captain. She would fight beside him, she would defend him but she would never take the job of another man.

The two ships left the dock side by side, the waters were calm and they were sailing into a rising tide. The sun was barely poking it’s nose over the eastern horizon as they followed the darkness but it was still bright enough for them to see their way and it would only get lighter as the hours passed.

On the open seas the two ships kept their distance. They were close enough to be a force of one if required but far enough apart to keep out of each others way. In between readying the ships, feeding the crew and keeping the ships sailing the men trained on the main decks. They did it for practice, they did it for skill but most of all they did it out of respect for their captain.

Their quest was laid out before them, the good captain, his fair maiden, the newly promoted captain and the two second mates, planned their trip well, they knew to where they would sail and they knew what was awaiting them when they arrived.

Their voyage would take them across the seas, the would be battling the waves and the winds for several days in all. There was coral reefs to avoid, rocky outcrops in uncharted waters and the weather was always an unknown factor, but the rewards promised to be worth it. For across the sea, the good captain was told, laid a village of wealth, a village just ripe for the picking. It’s defences were low, it’s numbers were low and there was no way a good pirate captain could ignore such easy pickings. Pillage and plunder it was the pirate way!

The good captain remembered the village well, it was a broken down old sea side town, buildings so close to rubble that the place looked abandon. Even a well trained eye could not easily pick out the cannon turrets amongst the half ruined buildings that protected the shore line and many a pirate captain had sailed by the small island not giving it a second glance. That was not the case for the good captain aboard the Privateer, he’d been watching the island for years.

He first noticed the turrets when he was sailing under Captain Morgan, he of course mentioned it to Morgan but was quickly shot down, Morgan saw nothing therefore there was nothing there to see. The good captain knew what he saw and knew that waiting was his greatest asset. Even as a young second mate he knew that he’d one day captain his own ship and when that day came he’d take the village. The good captain kept an eye on the small island village, every time they sailed past aboard the Bountiful he’d look out upon the island, looking for any changes, trying to spot any upgrades in their defence and noting everything down.

It wasn’t until the good pirate captain took over the Revenge and had two ships at his beckon call that he knew he had the power, knew that he had the force to take the small island and it’s wealths.

With two pirate ships fighting side by side and the attacking power of more than forty cannons all able to fire on cue at land targets the pirate captain knew he could take out the cannon turrets and knew he could take out the seaborne defences, it was the land defences that were unknown.

They would attack hard and they would attack fast as the sun rose behind them blinding the small village and hiding the ships cannon fire, the major damage would be done before they even knew what was happening. When the gun fire was over they would storm the ruined walls, pistols loaded and swords drawn, they would show no mercy.

There was no doubt in the good captain’s mind that his crews were ready for the fight, he’d trained them hard and trained the well with this attack in mind. He’d spent countless hours planning the attack there was no way they would fail and as his two mighty ships sailed towards the little island village in the ocean he knew when the attack was over the skies would be burning red with blood.

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  1. Aye, he is a smart Captain. : )

  2. *snicker* … indeed… : )

    • Sometimes I can blow my own trumpet (:

      How’s things is your week settling down yet?

      • Yes, it sounds beautiful.
        Your maiden sounds smart too….

        • From a tone deaf failed Heavy Metal singer I doubt it sounds that good 🙂

          The maiden should post more 🙂

          • A maiden always leaves them wanting…. just a little more. ???? Singer???? You were a singer?

            • Yes she does 🙂 But she’s worth waiting for.

              About 25 years ago I was singing in a band then by about ’95 we were running a youth group that put on free gigs for any ‘garage band’. We provided the stage and the venue and gave local kids a drug and alcohol free environment to enjoy local bands. It was all about giving the kids experience, by that stage it was nearly a full time (unpaid) job and I didn’t get on stage as often as I wanted to because I was the sound tech/light tech/security bouncer and from their I started organising bands paid gigs and trying to get some signed.

  3. You are such an interesting fella. : ). You never stopped loving metal?

    • I never stopped loving music. When I was really young it was 60’s and 70’s rock and roll, but then as teenager I rebelled and early metal was music rebellion. Because there was more gigs locally I got into aussie pub rock and went to many different gigs and worked with many big Aussie bands. Then after I met my wife I started listen to more range, we went to see Chris Issac together, which was the first time I saw a non metal gig in nearly 15 years. Then when I was driving the truck all night I had two choices on the radio, top 40 crap or country so I started listening to country 10 hours a night. These days I listen to just about everything but rap.

  4. That is such a cool thing to learn about you. You try to be the tough guy, but you definitely are not. Verrrry interesting….don’t bother looking it up, you’re too young

  5. https://youtu.be/krD4hdGvGHM. Rowan and Martins Laugh In show back when they invented the wheel……Arte always hid behind the bushes and after the skit , pop up and say that.

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