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Good News

So last night I got some good news.

Not life changing good news, only one person could give me that.

Still it was good news.

Not hanging from the chandelier naked and cheering good news.

We don’t have a chandelier.

Not running around the backyard with my wife’s underwear on my head drying the washing good news.

I did the washing yesterday

Just some good news.

No I’m not going to tell you what it is.

So what’s the point of this post?

I guess it proves some people will read anything. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Well. I too fall in this category – reading whatever you write, and most of all clicking the like button. It costs me nothing.

  2. Good news is always awesome. Yea! The visuals were fun, and already occurred in my brain (you were quite sexy). However, you are a mischievous pirate to not confess. Argh! : )

    • I am sexy, I have a body like Buddha, that’s why we don’t have a chandalier!

      I actually don’t know why I posted this today, I wont ever tell the news on this blog. Guess I was just looking to say something to someone without saying it all.

      • But confession is good for the soul! *Giggle.”
        It’s okay, keep your secrets. I’m happy for you and will simply spend the next year guessing. No worries. : ).
        Good news guess #1… you’re having another baby?

        • I can’t have babies, but I’d be rich if I could (:

          Ok I confess!! I confess I wont publish it here (:

          If you are still guessing in a year then it will no longer be good news (:

          • Lol …. I’m very persistent, but I’ll limit it to one guess per day….. good news is always good news no matter the time! Enjoy! : )

            • Even if you guess it here I wouldn’t tell you you were right (: ….well not in as many words anyway. But as I said it’s not life changing, at least not yet, so it’s nothing about babies or the like.

  3. Your book is published? Yea! Now you can be independently wealthy, isn’t that what happens to everyone who gets published?

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