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Later? Be buggered it’s earlier

Later? Not around here, everything is earlier.

I went to bed at 1:18am slept/lay there for 6 hours and I woke up at my usual time of 6:15am.

The kids don’t care what time it is, digits on a clock make no difference, it’s daylight so it’s time to get up. I really don’t look forward to the next few weeks until the sun realises it too can sleep in past 6am so the kids don’t have to wake up, during school holidays of course, at 5:30am.

Although one reason I don’t particularly want the darkness to last longer is because the house across the road has some strange comings and goings between 3am and 6am several days a week when it’s still a little bit dark. I’ve always thought it was a drug house, but serious what would dope growers and drug sellers need to be up at 3am for, they must be doing something totally legit and I have an over active imagination.

The sun now goes to bed earlier and the curtains don’t fade, the cows don’t forget to come in to get milked and stupid Queenslanders run out of dumb excuses related to them being closer to the equator. For six months they have to just accept the problem is them and not the rest of the country.

For six months when my wife’s family ring here at lunch time they aren’t eating breakfast, when they ring while they are eating lunch we aren’t preparing dinner. And when my wife wants to talk to people at home on Facebook she doesn’t have to sit up until 3am, 2am is a much more respectable hour.

As of tonight the prompt starts coming it at 10pm instead of 11pm like yesterday, or 12pm like a few weeks ago. That means the majority of my viewers will still be working while I try to sleep but most of them will be finished work not long after I get up for breakfast so that gives them NO EXCUSES not to read my ramblings and tell me how good I am so I can start my day on a high!

Because I haven’t changed the clock in the bedroom my wife will, for today at least, think that she’s scored herself an extra hour of sleep when the clock tells her she got up at 11am. And in six months when time goes the other way and she sleeps until 10am I just don’t remind her that it’s actually 9am. It’s a just polite service I provide. Given that it’s school holidays I might even leave the clock in the bedroom an hour fast, my wife is not stupid she will know it’s not right but when her blurry waking eyes read the time for the first time each day they wont be trying to subtract an hour so she’s get just a little kick along by thinking she slept that extra hour. I could go as far as changing the clock to the correct time at night then changing it again when I wake up but as I said my wife isn’t stupid!

Not working at the change of clock is a real bonus. Working night shift when the clocks change sucked. On a Sunday morning I used to start work at 1am, once a year I’d get to work, load the truck which took an hour, hit the road at 2am, then at 2:01, it would be 1:01am and I’d be an hour ahead of schedule. Alternatively at the other end I’d start at 1am, get in the truck at 2am and it would be 3am and I’d loose an hour of sleep. Thankfully the boss never knew how long I worked or slept for so he paid a 12 hour shift at double time even though I only spent 7 hours at work.

So when some idiot decided to be try and be funny with a later prompt because of April 1, I say the joke’s on you because everything here is early.

As for the not so amusing side not the prank, if it could be considered that, it only worked for a portion of the viewers given that pranks on April Fools day traditionally stop at midday. Ok we all know that some American’s think the world revolves around them, they know everything, they are always right and they are unequalled in everything but the world has these things called time zones and when the prompt came through there was a large portion of the world past the traditional pranking hour. So on behalf of all those people I’d just like to remind some people that their attempted prank just made them look sillier than usual!


  1. Ok, you had me laughing right up until the crack about Americans.

    • Oh a bit sensitive are we?

      • u should talk. you are a “no pleasing him” guy

        • I pleaseable in many ways. But I’m not the one reacting to a generalisation.

          • See what I mean? Generalization? So if I made a comment about Australia, you wouldn’t defend it?

            At the moment I can’t think of anything derogatory to say about it…..maybe one

            • Aussies come in two forms, those who look like Crocodile Dundee and wrestle crocodiles and bogans who wear flanno shirts and Ugg boats.

              I may defend the aussie ocker with wit and sarcasm but I wont get offended based on wise cracks and generalisations.

              If someone wrote about ‘some aussies’ the way I wrote about ‘some amercians’ I’d either respond in agreement or respond with something funny, not make a comment about not being able to see humour in another person’s silly point of view.

              • Oh and I’M the sensitive one? If I want to insult anyone, they’ll know it. I won’t generalize.
                I’m having leftovers from last night’s celebration dinner at Guadalajara restaurant. My grandson who I wrote about, made the first goal of the season yesterday in cold wind and snow. Picture in the paper. Woohoo. So you see, dearie, nothing, well almost nothing could make me blue.

                • I wasn’t trying to insult ANYONE. I was making a comical generalisation based on the way some people act. If I had been trying for an insult I’d have said ALL Amercian’s have those traits. Although lets face it given the reaction to what I did write I can obviously offend with a generalisation so there is little point being direct.

                  • I can’t even remember what I was talking about in the first place, oh, the crack. Guess I’ll have to reread. I was being what I thought was funny. The line is from Jerry MacGuire. I could have said “you had me at….”. But I didn’t want you to think I was being off color…..from now on take everything I comment on with a grain of salt, or in a facetious manner, or with an unseen smiley.

                  • Now if we are talking generally, America deserves to be ridiculed because how we stupidly, not my vote, btw, voted in a cartoonish figure, now a world leader. So no comments really bother me.

              • I always see humor, it’s my way of looking at things. I suppose I will have to put a smiley face on every comment so you know I’m kidding?

                • If I had made the comment that Trump thinks the world revolves around him and thinks he’s always right the reaction would have been completely different.

                  FWIW I have written very similar words, about Sydneysides. There is a large portion of them who are arrogant stuck up wankers that think the world revolves around them and that everyone else in the country should bow to them. I have even compared them to Amercians because they are beginning to talk and act like American’s so I’m not just picking on pig headed Yanks, I pick on everyone. I’m an equal opportunity piss taker everyone gets a dose if I think they deserve it, if people react they no doubt get another spray just for the fun of it.

    • Haha It’s a bit late I’ve been up for hours and it’s lunch time 😛

      • Enjoy. I liked the post. Funny. : )

        • Yes I am funny, thank you for recognising my true talent (:

          You owe me a few days worth of posts so I can see your true talent

          • If I wasn’t so mature, I would say something like, “you’re not the boss of me.” Good thing I’m so grown-up. : )
            I miss it, life happens….
            I also missed seeing your first post of the word prompt. I noticed it was later, or earlier, or whatever the he’ll it was. I’ve grown fond of reading you’re stuff. That’s all. : )

            • Your maturity and your ability to ignore it is one of the things I find most endearing about you (:

              What is this life thing you speak of?

              I have kind of had the shits with WP the last few days and once I figured the late prompt was their way of trying to be funny I gave up and went off to write something else. I nearly didn’t add to the prompt this morning but daylight savings, or lack there of was annoying me.

              • I’m glad you posted, or I would have worried about you, or worse yet, sent you a comment about you not posting for one day, and that I need to see your talent. Good thing…..
                …. it’s nice to know I’m endearing in any way! : )

                • Are you drunk? (:

                  I’m sure it happens in other ways too, I mean lets face it not too many people would appreciate a toilet poem in their honour (:

                  • Lol … it was quite endearing. I was honored. : )

                    • Hopefully you have a door key now so there wont need to be a sequel (:

                    • Yes, and a superhero as an angel. : )

                    • Angel is part of one of my internet alias (:

                      Actually I am a bit worried about how easily that toilet poem came together given I hadn’t written and poem for weeks. The last one I wrote was about Facebook and it went together too easy as well. I think I should take that as a sign telling me not to publish (:

                    • Why is that a sign? I don’t understand?
                      …. you have aliases? Only the coolest dudes have aliases. : )

                    • If it comes together that easy it’s probably going to offend or upset someone (: I haven’t posted the FB poem because it might offend the wrong people. I don’t mind offended most people but there is some I like to keep on side (:

                      I have different names for everything. My real name does appear on the net if people know where to look but I use different names for just about everything from forums, to FB, WP. Sometimes it’s because I’m hiding, other times it’s because I don’t want things associated with each other.

                      Only the good people get told important information. (:

                    • Superhero and angel work for me. Sleepy girlie…, night, night hugs! : )

                    • Damn this going to bed early thing, it’s not even afternoon tea time here (:

                      One of my alias does have wings too so I could be a superhero 🙂

                      Have a goo sleepy sleep and enjoy Sunday! Hugz

  2. Hey! I just saw you on the Reader! Congrats!

  3. the world is according to the American point of view…how’s that for being an April fool prank…

  4. Is it school holidays? I work nights as well – we call it the “love hour” when it’s turn on to DL saving. Fuck that.

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